Jarvis Landry: “Franchise tag is not a good deal for me”

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Jarvis Landry is willing to hold out if he doesn’t get a long-term deal.

“The team decides to exercise the franchise tag. I’m considering not playing on it,” Landry said in a 10-minute teaser of a documentary called Juice, via Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel. “The franchise tag is not a good deal for me.”

The Dolphins franchised Landry last week, with the receiver tag expected to cost $16.2 million on a one-year deal. They have offered Landry a long-term deal with an average of $13 million per season, according to Kelly.

Landry wants a Davante Adams‘ type deal, which paid Adams an $18 million signing bonus and is worth $32 million in the first two seasons. Adams’ average of $14.5 million per season makes him the fourth-highest paid at his position.

Players, of course, love to use the threat of a holdout, but it rarely happens, or if so, not for long. Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald held out until the week of the season opener before reporting last season.

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  1. Jarvis is overvaluing himself—-he is not worth the $ and the headaches—he should be happy with the tag this year and go to free agency next year when he would have the ultimate bargaining power if he is the player that he thinks he is—-sign the tag

  2. I love Jarvis. He’s been one of my favorite Dolphins players but if it’s true that the team offered him $13 mil a year and he turned it down, I’d have to say go get your money from another team. I’m all for a player getting paid, but this team has too many holes to invest 20+ mil in two receivers (Landry, Stills). Especially with Parker’s contract coming up and the fact that they have invested now $60+ mil in the defensive line now that Quinn is coming over. I’d like the team to give Caroo/Grant a shot instead of paying Landry what he wants.

  3. I think Landry is a solid receiver, but nowhere near top 5 at his position. He should be thrilled with $16M for one year.

  4. Once he signs the tag he can be traded to any team, right now Jarvis is in full control. To say he’s not worth the money giving up on a second round pick in the prime of his career that is one of the best players on the team and has set the NFL record for receptions in his first 4 seasons passing Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin.

  5. Landry will regret turning down the Dolphins offer when he is playing in minuss 10 degree weather in Cleveland or Chicago.

  6. The only people a franchise tag is not good for………are the ones looking to cash in on the bonus and stop putting in ‘the work’. Because if you workin, the money be there again for you next March.

  7. Jarvis wants to be paid what he thinks he’s worth. The Miami Dolphins are in ‘Cap Hell’ and coming off a losing season. Perhaps posters and readers of this site can now see why the Dolphins would like to trade Jarvis as quickly as possible. I’m sure that Brandin Cooks of the New England Patriots believes he’s worth more than the $8.5 million that he is getting. The Dolphins offering Landry an average of $13m per year even though they are in ‘Cap Hell’ isn’t bad! The Dolphins are going to have to get needed position players and turn their fortunes around through a similar deal to the Robert Quinn trade with the Rams. Moreover through drafting certain position needs.

  8. Parker has been a big disappointment especially last year Caroo has done nothing since we drafted him and we tried Grant in the slot he’s not a slot wr he could never take those hits coming over the middle and he’s not a great route runner like Jarvis

  9. I think Landry is a little high….on himself. He isn’t that good, and certainly can’t command top dollar. The lack of interested suitors should tell him that he needs to spend less time selling himself on himself and more on understanding he can catch…but he isn’t much of a value after he does so. League pays for both.

  10. Let him not play. The way of the new players is no loyalty and want to break the bank in pay and then threaten won’t play, let them walk see how far they get.

  11. Let him walk!! If 13 million tax free isn’t enough then good luck in Ohio or Chicago. Hold out, sit out or whatever. But you are not worth even 13 million a season. I hope Miami gets a few picks for him and he ends up in Ohio.

  12. When a player with a lot of issues, no matter how good, complains about getting paid 16 mil for a single season that’s pretty disgusting to me.

    Shut, sign your tag and be grateful

  13. Explain to me how making $16M in one year is a bad thing? If this guy thinks he’s going to get a multi-year deal making around $16M then he’s clueless. He’s not going to get anywhere near that. If I were the Dolphins I’d pull the offer and just let him go. He would be an addition by subtraction. Then when Landry hits the open market and find teams don’t value him as much as he values himself he’ll whine about how the Dolphins pulled the $16M offer from the table. I’m so sick and tired of people like this who have bad attitudes and whine about EVERYTHING. Good riddance.

  14. Fins didn’t offer 13 mill x 4 they offered 13.5 x 4. 54 million over 4 years and Landry said no. Now this BS I’ll sit because 16.2 is not good enough. O.K. sit then.

  15. Sit on your greed and find a way to pay for your lavish and wasteful lifestyle. You haven’t saved a penny of what you’ve made to date and you will find hunger to be a motivating force.

    Hopefully the Miami Dead Fish won’t cave to his demands.

  16. Let me get this straight……16.2 MILLION DOLLARS $$$$$$ is not a good deal for you??? It’s for 1 year moron. Didn’t you make like $800 THOUSAND last season? Getting bad advice. Take the money.

  17. Landry said, “I’m considering not playing on it” So now Jarvis is on the 50th floor of a tall building threatening to jump or hurt his career to get what he wants (analogy). Good luck Jarvis Mike Tannenbaum and the Dolphin’s brain trust will not be watching!

  18. He and his buddy, Odell are like two seven year old’s whining about not being paid enough money.

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