Lamar Jackson will only throw at the Scouting Combine

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Lamar Jackson will work out at the Scouting Combine. But he’ll participate in only one workout.

Kim Jones of NFL Media reported from the field level at Lucas Oil Stadium that former Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson will throw during Saturday’s workout, but nothing more.

So there will be no 40-yard dash or broad jump or high jump or any of the other stuff quarterbacks are asked to do.

It’s unclear why Jackson won’t be doing these other things, but that’s his decision. And if it’s his agent’s decision, the decision also was made by Lamar Jackson.

Mike Mayock of NFL Network suggested that Jackson is sending a statement by not doing anything but the quarterback-only drills. And Mayock didn’t criticize Jackson’s decision not to run (or jump), even though it could be said (and has been said, by Mayock only minutes earlier regarding Sam Darnold‘s decision not to throw) that these guys should want to “compete.”

7 responses to “Lamar Jackson will only throw at the Scouting Combine

  1. He should run pass routes will Polian throwing him the ball…See, how ridiculous that sounds?

  2. The intelligent football people think all this workout stuff is a complete waste of time. Mike Mayock is not a member of that group. The medical exams are good, and interviews are a good way for coaches to meet the players that are highly rated. But all the ratings and grades on players are already done. The tape will show you which guys want to compete. I’m not talking about the Browns and some of the other teams that are always picking early. I’m sure they have a front row seat at the weigh ins. That’s why they’re picking early again.

  3. Good for him. The combine is pretty ridiculous. Other than medical checks, interviews, and learning about smaller school guys you didn’t scout, it is pointless. It’s like testing Steve Jobs how many words he can type per minute. Just watch the film.

  4. What is it with the self entitlement of these players not willing to show what they can and can’t do. Look at the money invested and they want to sit on their back sides. If they don’t work out then let them automatically drop to the last round and get money for such. Total arrogance on the players part.

  5. Mayock and inconsistency in his statements wouldn’t likely go unnoticed if not made so close together. I would argue that feelings of “competing” shouldn’t trump the business side of this combine/draft. If it’s better to not “compete” and wait for the school’s pro day, or not participate and risk injury, then they should make the business decision. It amazes me that anyone in a top 20 ranking does participate at all. No fiscal safety net from injury. The rest need to show up in order to get drafted.

  6. I agree with “The combine is pretty ridiculous”. The game tape tells you everything and the combine measurables don’t predict a lot.
    Being a Bear fan I remember Dave Wannstedt asked what he liked about their 1st round pick John Thierry in 1994. Wannstedt responded with “he is 6’4″, 260, runs a 4.6, and has 6% body fat”. Thierry was stiff and uninstinctual, and had a forgettable career. A gifted talent evaluator’s eyes are much more important than a stop watch and fat caliper.

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