Report: Michigan DT Maurice Hurst has heart condition

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Doctors at the combine have diagnosed Michigan defensive tackle Maurice Hurst with a heart condition, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

Hurst will not participate in combine drills and will undergo further testing this week.

Hurst was projected as a possible first-round pick.

He was a unanimous first-team All-Big Ten selection and an All-American last season when he made 60 tackles, including 13.5 for loss, and five sacks.

14 responses to “Report: Michigan DT Maurice Hurst has heart condition

  1. This stinks. I officiated a few of the kids games at Xaverian Brothers High School in MA. He was an absolute beast back then who completely dominated and never said one word. I know Dallas loved him and maybe this is something which can be corrected. But if not he got an education ! Good luck kid

  2. That is just heart breaking (no pun intended) for the kid. Think, you work your whole life to follow the dream of being an NFL player and you are right at the cusp of achieving that goal and this falls on you.

    I feel sorry for the dude!

  3. That is awful news. Good to see the NCAA looking out for its athletes. He could have died on the field.

  4. Why would Michigan NOT surface this issue?

    conduct detrimental to the B10 and NFL farm system– dock Michigan 2 picks asap !

  5. Nick Fairley and Star Lotulelei both was red flagged with a heart condition as well, Fairley was able to have a decent career before being flagged again by the Saints and Lotulelei is in line for a decent pay day this year. Hopefully the same will be for Hurst.

  6. There are lots of different heart conditions. All are serious, but some can be successfully treated and the person can resume the activities that they wish to. Let’s hope for this player’s sake that whatever the condition is that he has falls into this category.

  7. For all the money the NCAA rakes in, I don’t understand how some of this stuff isn’t uncovered well before the combine rolls around.

  8. Hopefully it works out so he can take care of his mom, who’s sacrificed everything for him, while his deadbeat dad took his NFL earnings & ran away from his responsibility

  9. Hopefully it can be medicated. God speed Mr. Hurst

    if it can be ablated it’ll be even better. send him to us.

  10. I’m glad the doctors caught it. I thought the Univ. of Michigan had a good medical center. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, so I’m not going to blame anybody. I’m just glad these doctors caught it. Hopefully it’s not as bad as it sounds.

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