Shaquem Griffin does 20 reps in the bench

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University of Central Florida linebacker Shaquem Griffin is giving scouts who doubted him reason to reconsider. Griffin threw up 20 reps in the 225-pound bench press while using a prosthetic hand.

It was three more reps than his twin brother, Seahawks cornerback Shaquill Griffin, had last year and was three more than Oklahoma tight end Mark Andrews, six more than Oklahoma offensive lineman Orlando Brown and only three less than South Dakota State tight end Dallas Goedert and Michigan offensive lineman Mason Cole.

Born with amniotic band syndrome, a disease that prevented the fingers on his left hand from fully developing, he required amputation of his left hand when he was 4.

Griffin’s reps tied for 16th among participating linebackers.

25 responses to “Shaquem Griffin does 20 reps in the bench

  1. Good for him! It is people like him that give other people with limitations hope. Continue fighting kid. If someone doesn’t draft you, I hope you ask Bill Bellichek for a chance. Draft position means nothing to him and he loves high effort guys.

  2. Freaking awesome. God I hope this kid gets to come play with his brother in Seattle. He would be such a good fit but his ability, his drive, his heart, his intangibles all those things make him into the person he is. I want to see the person succeed in living his dream with his brother.

  3. will be interestign to see if more draft prospects follow suit and start self amputating. if im a marginal pick maybe i think about cutting off both hands to one up the guy.

  4. You do your thing Shaquem! I hope to see this kid playing on Sundays, and playing well. What a great story.

  5. Dude is a monster on the field and a great guy off of it. He loves football so much he was back to playing the day after having his fingers removed. A huge reason UCF went undefeated this year. He’s definitely worth the draft pick. At best starting linebacker, at worst a demon gunner on special teams a la Steve Tasker.

  6. No way this kid goes undrafted. The guy has a ton of heart AND stands out on film as a player. Someone will get an absolute steal in the middle rounds.

  7. He will not have to ‘force’ his way onto a team by tugging at heartstrings. He will be drafted and the team that does is getting a player – not a charity case. BB should take him with his 3rd round compensatory pick if he’s still available (50-50).

  8. teams take a chance on “kids” with a RECORD of arrest …Take a chance on this Winner !!!!! Draft him Buffalo !!!!!!!!! or any other team…Young man deserves and has Earned his name being called !!!!!

  9. Wouldn’t be surprised one Iota if the Seahawks grab him in the 4th-5th round if he hasn’t already been drafted. Guys like this that DEFY the odds are EXACTLY the type of people that outwork their peers and are Successful in life. I hope my Giants give him a good hard look.

  10. I hope my 49ers draft him! I think we have a good staff, who will get the right scheme taught. but not even the best can coach heart.

  11. I lost my lower right leg the cancer in 2011. It took me a few years to deal with the infections and learn how to walk again on my prosthetic leg. Believe me, there are a hell of a lot of people like me who want to see this young man do great things

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