Some see Josh Rosen as the best quarterback prospect, with a caveat

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With all the recent attention on incoming quarterbacks like Baker Mayfield, Lamar Jackson, and Josh Allen, one guy is getting overlooked. Perhaps he shouldn’t be.

A scout with a team that won’t be in the market for a first-round quarterback tells PFT that Rosen is the best overall throwing prospect in the upcoming draft. (Rosen will be showing of his throwing skills on Saturday during the Scouting Combine.)

The questions arise regarding Rosen’s non-football traits. Some regard him as arrogant and narcissistic, with a combination of intelligence, confidence, and individualized ambition that could strain relationships in a locker room.

Those opinions may vary from team to team, and talent typically wins out in the end. Plenty of quarterbacks have excessively high opinions of themselves, and many of those high opinions are deserved. Regardless, Rosen will be one of the top quarterbacks drafted — and he could end up being the best of them all, especially with the benefit of maturity and growth.

That said, here’s hoping he never matures past his ability to provide very mature-sounding opinions on any topic presented to him. He’s hardly a cliche-machine, and it’s refreshing to hear a guy in a sport that values robotic tendencies show more than a little self awareness. No matter how good he is at the next level, he’ll be good for the game.

22 responses to “Some see Josh Rosen as the best quarterback prospect, with a caveat

  1. The things said about him kinda reminds me of the things that were said about Ryan Leaf when he was coming out. I wouldn’t take him for that reason alone.

  2. It’s clear that there is an agenda of some in he media and scouting departments who are offended by his views on politics and the NCAA. There’s no “off the field “ stuff that some talk about and contrary to some false reports , his teammates love him .

    Barkley is the surest thing in this draft. As for the QB’s I’ll take the best passer who also happens to be highly intelligent . If Rosen doesn’t pan out , it’ll solely be based on injuries . As an Eagles fan, I hope the Giants don’t take him.

  3. It’s not even close in this class. Anyone overthinking this is doing too much, which is probably what the Browns will do. The only questions I’d have are about his injury history. If you surround him with good players like his freshman year, and he’ll win you a Super Bowl. Surround him with nothing, and he won’t win much. That’s kind of how it goes. For all of these people trying to smear him because he called out the NCAA, they forget that once upon a time Elway refused to play for the Colts just because and Eli Manning did the same with the Chargers. This guy’s a baller, point blank.

  4. This Bronco fan thinks Cleveland will pass on Rosen, mostly because Rosen doesn’t want to play there, and opt instead for the best defensive player. Then NYG’s go for Rosen with pick two. He’d be a good choice for the big apple, kind of like Trump. If he can take the heat, he can own the place. If Cleveland doesn’t trade out of the fourth spot, they’ll nab the next best QB on their board when it’s their turn.

    But there could be some interesting horse trading (says the Bronco fan) for spots 3 to 6

  5. A talented QB prospect that ISN’T a cliché machine? I guy that thinks for himself? Wow. Please don’t change. The Ryan Leaf comparison is the dumbest thing I’ll read all day.

  6. The reason the Scout that is not in the market for a QB is saying this is because he wants to make sure some idiot reaches up to grab Rosen leaving another Non-QB for him… smart move.

  7. Yeah, he’s just like Ryan Leaf, a guy who was an admitted drug addict and alcoholic coming out of college. I know I’ve seen Rosen yelling “Knock it off” at reporters. Let me guess, a draft “guru” made that comparison for you or the Jeff George one, which is another dumb one. Think for yourselves people so you don’t sound so stupid.

  8. The scout sounds like someone who works for a winning team, and a team that already has a good QB because they’ve done a good job of evaluating QB’s. Rosen’s only questionable trait is his ability to stay healthy. He’s on the slight side, and he’s missed a lot of time with various ailments. The best ability is available (cliché, but a true one). But injuries are hard to predict. I don’t think Andrew Luck or Roethlisberger had any injury history in college. Rosen is a highly intelligent guy, and that’s a huge plus with the QB position. The teams that pick early every year are the teams that are bad at evaluating QB’s, so it wouldn’t be a shocker if Rosen gets passed up by the perennial bottom feeders due to the fact that he’s too smart.

  9. If you read what I actually said, I didn’t say he was like Ryan Leaf. I said that the things being said about him remind me of what was said about Ryan Leaf, which is that teammates don’t like him, among other things. If he was the only good quarterback available, that would be one thing, but if there are others that are very comparable talent-wise, I would much rather have one that teammates like to play with, because that means they will try harder to protect him and try harder to catch balls thrown by him to keep from being intercepted. No, I don’t think he will end up in jail for drug possession like Ryan Leaf.

  10. I’m so puzzled by this years draft. Teams and media are hyping up Josh Allen with his 56% completion percentage, who threw Wyoming under the bus at the senior bowl. At the combine today his throws were late or underthrown and all the talking heads kept saying he was throwing the ball on a rope? Two years ago I could of sworn the Jets were getting trashed for taking a QB like Allen in the second round and it didn’t pan out for them, not to mention Hackenberg played in a stronger division of football and had a .500 record. Now everyone seems to have put their pitch forks away for Lamar Jackson and seemed to have moved on to Josh Rosen.

  11. Off field attitude not important? How is the last QB with big off field attitude doing now? Also, big difference between high IQ and football IQ. The first is usually a problem with “ordinary” IQ teammates.

  12. ryann252013 ,

    Yeah, it’s almost like they don’t know what they’re talking about, which they don’t. For instance, last year was the worst crop of QBs ever, and then Watson looked like a young Montana. In Cam Newton’s draft. Blaine Gabbert was the man despite how he regularly shrunk in college. These guys don’t have a clue.

  13. Liberalsruineverything says:

    Rosen hates Trump so the media will love him for sure.

    But he’ll gladly take his tax cut, of course.

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