Source: Jarvis Landry-Jordan Howard trade a no-go

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There’s been talk of a trade between the Dolphins and Bears, sending Jarvis Landry to Chicago and Jordan Howard to Miami. But we hear it’s nothing more than talk.

A league source tells PFT there’s “no way” it’s happening.

Landry is currently franchised by the Dolphins, and they are looking into trading him. The Bears have been floated as a possible destination, but it won’t be for Howard.

The 23-year-old Howard has 2,435 yards and 15 touchdowns in his two seasons with the Bears, and he’s under contract for two more years at very affordable salaries. The 25-year-old Landry has an unprecedented 400 catches in his first four NFL seasons but would cost $16 million this season on the franchise tag.

33 responses to “Source: Jarvis Landry-Jordan Howard trade a no-go

  1. Dallas owes Dez 16 million, who would you rather have?
    I’d rather have Landry for the money.

  2. It makes sense for both sides. Jarvis is probably a slightly higher\-valued asset than Howard is, but when you consider the salary costs of each, it seems pretty even to me. And it would fill needs on both sides.

  3. Either way, it’s looking like Jordan Howard will be headed out of town. He’s likely not gonna be happy that he was in trade discussions.

  4. Hilarious that your assessment of why it is a no-go is that Howard is productive and affordable and thus not in play. The Dolphins are the ones who shouldn’t be interested. Kenyan Drake has a higher ceiling than does Howard. They should be insistent on a high draft pick rather than a player.

  5. If the Bears trade Howad for Landry GM Pace should be fired immediately. I cannot believe he would be so stupid. Then again, he is the guy who was so intent on not revealing his interest in drafting Trubisky that he paid 18M to Mike Glennon to fake everyone else out while trading up one slot and giving up two 3rd round and a 4th round picks to do so. The genius of Pace has no limits!

  6. Bummer…never mind what I just posted on the previous thread six minutes ago.

    They’re more likely to fumble this trade the way they did the Jay Ajayi trade.

  7. Howard’s too good to let go. I’d like the Bears to get Landry, but Howard isn’t the price to pay for him.

  8. Frazier28/7 says:
    March 3, 2018 at 4:23 pm

    Howard is probably the best back nobody talks about.


    He’s miles better than anyone on the Vikings, easily the best RB in the NFC NORTH.

  9. Bears would not make such a stupid mistake, Howard is more valuable than what’s floating around as trade details.

  10. 6Ball is right… now people are just making stuff up. Does not matter who the players involved. The finacials of this would be absurd! Landry will cost at least $58M and Howard is practically free for 2 more years. Besides Drake is the same price. They have simliar game averages as long as you factor Howard has more games. Neither has David Johnson versatility. Just 2 above average RBs who will maybe get $3M a year whille Landry tries to fleece the League for $15M.

  11. Wow…people certainly have a high opinion of Jordan Howard.

    He’s a good power back, but his pass-game skills keeps him off the field on most passing downs. He also disappeared during a lot of games last year and doesn’t fit the new scheme.

    Landry knows how to get open, catches the ball well and is tough. Chicago needs WR help in the worst way and the Dolphins need a compliment for Drake (who is NOT a 3-down back either).

  12. Let’s not forget what Pace traded to get Trubisky ? The guy’s a moron who thinks he’s a genius !!!

  13. askeddie11 says:
    March 3, 2018 at 3:45 pm
    Dallas owes Dez 16 million, who would you rather have?
    I’d rather have Landry for the money.

    Yeah, Dallas can unload that ‘me’ guy and a 16m salary in exchange for………..oh.

  14. The issue isn’t whether Drake is better than Howard it’s that Landry is worthless in trade bc he wants free agent money and Howard is a valuable asset. All of these reports are leaked by the Dolphins trying to dupe someone into trading for Landry.

  15. askeddie11 says:

    Dallas owes Dez 16 million, who would you rather have?
    I’d rather have Landry for the money.

    I’d rather have the $16M.

  16. All this talk of teams trading for Landry is nothing but nonsense. Any trade would be predicated by the other team being able to sign Landry and he’s going to ask for $16M per year. No team is going to pay him that much therefore any trade is going to fall through. Unless Landry lowers his salary demands by a lot then there is ZERO chance of a trade happening.

  17. Seems as if just less than a week ago Mr Howard was predicting a Super Bowl for the Bears while PFT was quite sure of itself that Howard was the ONLY team Howard would play for was the Bears. Things change quick and no-one really knows what will happen next.

  18. “his pass-game skills keeps him off the field on most passing downs. He also disappeared during a lot of games last year”

    Sounds like another RB I know, Todd Gurley averaged 3.2 yards per carry and the Rams were pulling him off the field on 3rd downs in 2016.

    Funny how as soon as the Rams junked their garbage offensive scheme, hired a whole new coaching staff, he became an MVP candidate.

  19. unbiasednfltruth says:
    March 3, 2018 at 9:30 pm
    If Barkley falls to the Bears and they draft him then the bears can trade Howard and a third for Landry otherwise this is dumb

    Uhhh… unless Barkley commits a felony on camera under the influence of something illegal… I think it is safe to say he won’t fall anywhere near the 8th pick.

  20. What happened to the talk that the Redskins couldn’t franchise, w intent to trade, Cousins since it must be a good faith signing towards a long term deal? How is this different for J Landry?

  21. That trade is a pipe dream. Send a talented, non-dramatic running back under team control for years to come at a very cheap price for a malcontent WR who would be playing one year under the franchise tag for 16M and will want even more next year or be tagged again?? As a Lions fan I wouldn’t mind the Bears making that trade but give me a break, probably some story floated by Dolphins camp.

  22. No way the Bears should do this. Landry is a very dirty player and not worth the $$. Howard is a
    good back on a rookie contact. Sounds like wishful thinking from Miami to me.

  23. Landry has had 570 targets/ opportunity and has only scored 22 TD’s. How much is that production worth….. about $8M tops. Diva is way over valuing himself looking for a sucker. “Gotta feed that family” you know.

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