Jerry Jones: Eagles’ championship puts pressure on the Cowboys

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The Eagles did in 2017 what the Cowboys couldn’t do as the NFC’s top seed in 2016: They won it all.

Dallas went 13-3 in 2016, but home-field advantage didn’t help as the Cowboys lost to the Packers in the divisional round. The Eagles’ ability to finish puts more pressure on the Cowboys.

“I think it raises the bar. I think it puts pressure on the Cowboys,” Jones said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “They’ve took it down to the bone and brought it back up and have a world championship, and we’ve been doing the same thing. Where is ours? That’s fair. That’s fair.”

After the Cowboys’ 9-7 non-playoff finish in 2017, they turned over their coaching staff.

“I just reminds me we really were disappointed last year and we’ve got to do better,” Jones said.

Jones said he ended rooting for the Eagles despite initially “screaming in my pillow.”

“As much as we have the rivalry that we have, and as frustrating as it was for the Cowboys not to be playing, as much as all of that, I was proud of them, given that narrow set of circumstances, could root for them,” Jones said. “That takes it right down to just absolutely no choice, you either do or you die. And I want to go again.”

29 responses to “Jerry Jones: Eagles’ championship puts pressure on the Cowboys

  1. Leave it to Jerry Jones to make Philly’s championship all about the Cowboys.

    No pressure Jerry, you already carry the title for most mediocre franchise in all of pro sports.

  2. You have to be a winner to win it all.

    The Cowboys aren’t that and aren’t likely to be soon.

  3. I can’t tell if Jerrah is upset that one of his teams rivals won a Super Bowl, or if he’s just upset that someone is stealing hype and attention away from him.

  4. No Skeletor, what’s fair is winning the games and closing out teams in the playoffs.

    Just because you’re the Cowboys – that doesn’t mean squat. You’ve been irrelevant since the 90’s and that’s not exactly just yesterday anymore.

    I don’t see that team being much more than 9-7, 10-6 any time soon either.

  5. This guy just talks too much. Shut up and get to work or move aside and let someone else do it. It’s not the self-promotion bowl, its the Super Bowl.

  6. Jerruh is an idiot. There is no additional pressure on your team to win when a division rival wins one. The pressure comes from your own team’s expectations. And as “America’s Team” (which they are, sorry Pats fans) the pressure comes from the fact that they haven’t seriously competed for a title in 20+ years. That’s pressure. Only is it? Because you’re also the highest valued franchise, the franchise with the best attendance record, and boasts the most fans nationwide despite your year on year performance. That’s not a lot of pressure.

  7. Woah, the Eagles have one whole Lombardi now. Even the Lowly Bucs got one 15 years before the Eagles.

  8. Just stop talking Jerry. It is a shame that some of you actually believe what he is saying. This is about bragging rights overall. Philthy winning one super bowl changes nothing. It is their first super bowl ever. Jerry was more concerned with the pats getting their 6th than he ways with the lowly eagles getting their first. Pats winning sixth would’ve put more pressure on Cowboys.

  9. The Eagles have Wentz and Foles the Cowboys have Yak Prescott who if he played as big a game as he talks would have 2 rings by now

  10. Michael E says:

    March 4, 2018 at 12:20 pm

    Woah, the Eagles have one whole Lombardi now. Even the Lowly Bucs got one 15 years before the Eagles.


    You miss the point of the article. They’re rivals. The Cowboys have been the NFC’s highest seed twice–in 07 and 16. They lost in the divisional round both times. The Eagles–even when they lost 4 out of 5 NFCCGs, only 2 of them were as the conference’s highest seed. Dallas couldn’t even get out of the divisional round.

  11. Just shows where Jones’ mind is at. It took a division rival winning a SB to “put pressure” on his team winning one again? Classic Jerry – talking to hear himself talk, the media sheep printing everything he says like it’s important/insightful and both looking foolish.

  12. “Jorah is a buffoon”

    Hey, just because he was expelled from Westeros for slave trading doesn’t make him a buffoon. I’d like to see you overcome a Greyscale infection.

  13. When was the last time a dome team won a SB? Get rid of the dome and you may win one Jerry.

  14. And here I thought the bar had been continuously raised over the past 21 years the Cowboys have been merely spectators of other teams playing for the NFL championship.

  15. Yo, Jerruh. Get a competent backup QB so when your gimmick becomes injured, you’ll succeed. That is what the Philthy team did.

  16. Don’t worry Jerry…the Iggles are putting more pressure on themselves by trying to outsmart common sense…by benching a Superbowl MVP…

  17. Jerry, start by firing the gum chewing clapper and hire a real coach like Jim Harbaugh away from Michigan, then we will see the Boys become relevant again.

  18. Dak needs to play better. Last season he was no Carson Wentz, or Nick Foles.

  19. Uh, JJ don’t you want to win every year and not just when the NFC east wins a superbowl? I am guessing you are more worried about making money. How’s the used car sales and pizza business doing?

  20. Philly don’t put pressure on the DC’s,
    Mismanagent of personnel, monies, etc hamstrung th DC’ s more than any collection of single thing🙄

    Dallas has been suffering awhile now from being held hostage by a low salary cap balance, loss of 2unexpected OL from 2016😣, a gutted defense😓 and 28th pick in the draft
    AND 😯
    Dispute it all they came oh so very close regardless of loss of pro bowl talent on both sides of the ball due to injury and suspensions
    Coaching challenges handicapped production also 😫
    If Jerry Jones is to be presented this soon to be Lombardi Trophy, then he must heist up the past and current blame, and responsibility before a healthy run can occur 😋
    The Jones’ MUST relieve the pressure off the team before they can honestly expect 100% commitment and loyalty🤗

  21. Ultraviolet Thunder says:
    March 4, 2018 at 3:00 pm
    Yo, Jerruh. Get a competent backup QB so when your gimmick becomes injured, you’ll succeed. That is what the Philthy team did.


    Yeah what was the score again when we crushed the Vikings? Wentz in case you didn’t notice only blew out every team he played save for the Chiefs. No trick plays during the whole season. Wait til next year when they win again. SKOL

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