Jerry Jones says Dak Prescott will get an “extraordinary contract,” in time

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The Cowboys have the lowest-paid starting quarterback in the NFL, in part because by rule the Cowboys can’t pay him any more money until after the 2018 season. At some point, however, Dak Prescott will get paid.

Via the Dallas Morning News, owner Jerry Jones told reporters on Saturday that Prescott is “going to get his extraordinary contract.” Until that happens, Prescott will continue to count for less than $1 million per year — and Jones knows that the team needs to be smart about having so much extra salary cap space.

“While we can put the team together and take advantage when he is on this contract right now, we’ve got to be real astute to maximize that advantage,” Jones said.

Prescott is signed through 2019; it’s possible the Cowboys make him wait until completing his rookie contract before giving him that “extraordinary” deal. At that point, however, the Cowboys may have to play the franchise-tag game with Prescott.

Also in the pipeline for a new contract will be running back Ezekiel Elliott. Because he was a first-round pick the year Prescott arrived via round four, the Cowboys will be able to kick the can on extending Elliott until after the 2020 season.

In time, the Cowboys likely will be paying “extraordinary” money to both Prescott and Elliott. Which will make it harder to put a strong team around them. Which means the Cowboys had better find a way to reach for glory, soon.

27 responses to “Jerry Jones says Dak Prescott will get an “extraordinary contract,” in time

  1. Does Jerry Jones own a bolo tie? He just seems like he’s entered that phase of his “Ole’ Man Tejas-dome.”

  2. Correction: Dallas is NOT receiving a team advantage by having such a cheap QB. The reason is because the QB position as a whole is still reasonably expensive, due to the remaining dead cap hit from Tony Romo’s retirement. What Prescott’s incredibly low salary has allowed the team to do is easily weather the two years of carrying dead cap – had it been forced to sign a FA or draft a QB high in the first round, it would have been a large salary plus the dead cap space, which would have acted to choke the team. Dallas is still well-invested at QB salary-wise, but it isn’t as bad as it could have been.

  3. So now a good year followed by a not so good year gets “extraordinary” money.
    Oh, I forgot about Carr, the Raiders gave him “extraordinary”money.

  4. As long as Jerry is talking, he’s not paying attention to his football team.

  5. Who thinks Dak will play up to his first year? There was no improvement last year. Is that his fault or the coaches’?

  6. Mr. Jones, hire Johnny Manziel. He’d be a solid back-up to Prescott. He’ll prove he’s cleaned up his life. He’ll play for minimum. If he messes up he’s out-done. The Texas fans are forgiving and will welcome him. Dak doesn’t need someone ‘pushing’ him, but Manziel in the background will give him incentive. If Dak goes down the Cowboys are toast this year. Every team needs dept at the position. Manziel is a low risk win-win deal.

  7. jbcommonsense says:
    March 4, 2018 at 5:04 pm
    Why? What has Prescott accomplished? What skills has he demonstrated?

    Hes shown more than Cousins and Cousins is going to break the bank in a couple of weeks.

  8. Strange that the other 51 players on a team that are in the union continue to allow one position, qb, to suck up so much money while other positions (e.g. rb) can literally get franchised until the player has nothing left.

  9. guyjuneguyjune says:
    March 4, 2018 at 6:01 pm

    The Texas fans are forgiving and will welcome him.
    I highly disagree. Please don’t speak for me.

  10. For what ? Throwing pick sixes ? For every 4 td’s he throws he gives one back .

  11. Redsoxu571 I hear you but…

    Tony Romo’s dead money is only 8.9M. That isn’t expensive by any means. With Tony’s dead money included the Cowboys pay way less at the QB position than most of the NFL. Romo’s 8.9 would rank him 23 based on salary. Dak isn’t even in the top 70 at 73. Cooper Rush is at 89. With all 3 combined they barely get over 10M. Romo’s dead money is also all gone after this season. There was no correction needed but thanks.

  12. Boy I hope they sign him long term…

    And Cousins doesn’t have half the weapons Dak does. Dak just can’t throw a ball more than 20 yards.

  13. Dak Prescott was a 4th round steal by the Cowboys, and he’ll get elite QB money when his time comes. Dak is an easy top 5 QB. The Cowboys’ organization is a train wreck for a QB, yet Dak has been able to overcome those barriers and enjoy a lot of success.

  14. jbcommonsense says:
    March 4, 2018 at 5:04 pm
    Why? What has Prescott accomplished? What skills has he demonstrated?

    I don’t disagree with you, and disagree with the follow up poster on comparing Cousins. I am no fan of Cousins – he has regressed, just like Dak has (Dak has regressed significantly). But I am also no fan of Dak. I just get the feel he is exactly the QB who was drafted in the 4th. He is a long-term 4th round pick. Big contract? Yes he will get one, because other unworthy QBs will. 86.6 rating (not bad, but hardly bank breaking), 3324 yards (not good at all), 22:13 TDs to INTs (not good), 0 4QC when they could have used a couple last year. Problem is, he will still get paid.

  15. This guy talks more for than all other mediocre teams’ owners/GM’/HC combined. Just shut up and try to win.

  16. This the same guy that got embarrassed by DAVID CARR in a throwing contest on the NFL network a month ago? Lol. Carr even had mercy and was skipping the ball off the ground to hit targets.

  17. After Cousins and Brees sign their deals, Rodgers can become the first NFL QB to get a deal that averages $179 million a year for 4 years guaranteed.

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