Patriots brace for Nate Solder to leave

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The Patriots won’t apply the franchise tag to left tackle Nate Solder, because contractually they can’t. Which means that Solder, a first-round pick in 2011 who turns 30 next month, will be an unrestricted free agent.

Via Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald, the Patriots are bracing for Solder to possibly leave, due to a belief that he’ll get more than $12 million per year on the open market.

Per Howe, LaAdrian Waddle or Cameron Fleming could replace Solder, who reportedly prefers to stay in New England. The question is whether he’ll take considerably less than he could get elsewhere.

No offer has been made yet to Solder, according to Howe. But it’s expected that the Patriots will at least make an effort to persuade Solder to stick around for an eighth season, and beyond.

In only seven years, Solder has started in four Super Bowls, with a pair of championship rings that he’d be taking to a new city, if he ends up in one.

The Broncos could be interested, based on what Solder did to Denver’s director of player personnel Matt Russell at the Colorado Pro Day in 2011.

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  1. Forget the 6 years of film as a pro, lets look at his pro-day workout from 2011 and base our interest on that.

  2. The patriots need to pay up for good consistent players. They sometimes let players go and then waste draft picks or money on players that cannot produce. Solder has been pretty good, left tackle is not a position to mess with

  3. The Patriots are always up against the cap, so they do “pay up.” They just don’t usually sign people for massive contracts because there’s an entire roster to build.

  4. Good player and an A+ man.

    Since he is the best free agent Left Tackle this year someone will throw huge money in his direction, and Pats fans will be wishing him well no matter what he decides.

  5. Analysis without the Patriot hating or the fanboy worship. The Patriots are in line for major sea change, both starting O tackles unsigned, questions at running back, best TE in football contemplating leaving and a defense that both lost their coordinator and is porous to begin with. They should be able to maintain a strangle hold on the pitiful AFC East for at least two more years but anything beyond that gets a little tenuous

  6. @TheTruth

    Marcus Cannon is really the Pats starting right tackle and he remains signed for next season and beyond. He was injured last year but is expected back.

    But, yes, the Pats will have personnel changes, and the Pats will probably be in the AFC championship game again next season.

  7. I don’t understand how NE can’t afford a franchise Left Tackle when talking heads and fans brag about how there are no superstar contracts in NE.

    Then again I don’t understand how NE became the first team to lose a Super Bowl after their GOAT QB throws 505 yards or their GOAT HC gets outcoached or their Offense not punting a single time or scoring 33 or more points or allowing a Backup QB to have a top-5 SB QB performance in yards thrown.

    One thing I do understand: Robert Kraft is NOT the father.

  8. Agree with the Truth above. The Pats are in a tough place coming into 2018. Hopefully Ed’man and Mitchell can make it back. But the O line is nothing to brag about and now they lose Solder. The Defense is porous and now there is an unproven D-Coord. There is no Back who can pound the defense – which allows D’s to key off on Brady. Which could lead to a Brady injjry and there is no QB behind him.

  9. tylawspick6 says:
    March 4, 2018 at 12:31 pm
    he would be a fool to go to cap hell denver with no qb. that is crazy
    First and foremost if it’s a 20% pay raise he’d be stupid not to. Second, it’s out west and Denver is beautiful… there’s that~

  10. Hopefully they can work something out but the Patriots losing a key player after a SB appearance would be nothing new. Before Solder was Matt Light and after Solder will be someone else. That’s life in the NFL.

    The defense is where I’d put my money in the last couple of years as Brady atop the QB totem pole, like many other veteran QBs before him. Hightower comingback will be huge, McClenin too, both at LB. and it will be interesting to see what they get out of Rivers who was drafted high on the DL but went into IR for the year. I’m hoping they add an edge rusher in the drafts and some LB depth. Bracing for Malcolm ‘doesn’t fit our system all of sudden’ Butler will be huge too.

  11. The Truth says:
    March 4, 2018 at 12:43 pm
    Analysis without the Patriot hating or the fanboy worship. The Patriots are in line for major sea change.. They should be able to maintain a strangle hold on the pitiful AFC East…
    And you are proven a typically pitiful hater by your typical nonsense assessment of the AFCE – the Pats record outside the AFCE is better than within it. Just look at how much the Pats own the AFCN – whose best team the Steelers the Belichick-Brady Pats own 11-2, compared to their record against next best AFCE team the Phins who Belichick-Brady’s Pats have a 21-11 record.

  12. “They should be able to maintain a strangle hold on the pitiful AFC East for at least two more years but anything beyond that gets a little tenuous”

    Divison win totals last season not including the division winners –

    AFCE – 20
    AFCN – 16
    AFCS – 17
    AFCW – 20
    NFCE – 18
    NFCN – 20
    NFCS – 26
    NFCW – 25

    I would say the “pitiful” divisions are the AFCN, AFCS and NFCE when you don’t include the division winners like the Pats.

  13. He is a shell of what he was in the past. Great LT but the Pats got all they could out of him. Now he will ride off into the sunset with a few rings and some team will pay him 10 plus million.

  14. This Bronco fan says Nate went to CU and would be welcome as a Bronco, but Denver has a young and gifted left tackle for rookie money, so it won’t be here.

    They can also get Q. Nelson if they want him for half of what Nate would cost.

  15. He holds more than any lineman in the NFL, hands down, but I do like the guy, his story during the Super Bowl about him and his kid about cancer was just a great story.

  16. Come on we all know that he will take considerably less just to stay in NE. Every NFL player will play for peanuts just to have the opportunity to play for the pats.😂

  17. Solder was 59th in offensive holding calls last yr, 19th for a tackle, with 3. Or, someone could just make up a stat. After all, it’s only a blog. post whatever you want.

  18. He’s got a couple of rings, why shouldn’t he go for as much as he can get, especially having an ill child!

  19. He will take a big payday, then talk his way off the new team, and return to NE. Just like a couple of other NE free agents.

  20. In watching that video, Matt Russell must have been crazy to absorb a hit from Solder, even with that pad.
    I mean Solder is massive, and strong as hell. The momentum imparted from his hit on you will send you flying, regardless of padding.

    Nice film clip though!

  21. General procedure for the Pats is to let the player field free agency offers while hoping that the player will give the team a chance to negotiate based on his offers from other teams. It is possible that Solder will take a little less from the Pats because they have been very good to him during some of his personal tragedies. If it doesn’t work out then maybe the Pats are better off getting younger at the position anyway.

  22. Someone has been filling me and a few others on her about him and they said that he likes living alone and wants to move to Florida alone. Maybe it was someone else. Not sure now. Could have just been a lie too. Most likely it’s a lie from all I have been hearing about this guy. Lol

  23. Yea disregard that. Turns out after I checked it was another player who was lying about that trying to get out of paying alimony. But turns out he got busted. Different story. But the guy and his new girlfriend were real lowlifes who tried screwing both their ex’s with lies. Blew up in their faces lol. Wonder how many players have bailed on their families and tried to screw them over? I only know of one off hand Anyway different story….sorry lol

  24. tedmurph says:
    March 4, 2018 at 2:25 pm
    Solder was 59th in offensive holding calls last yr, 19th for a tackle, with 3. Or, someone could just make up a stat. After all, it’s only a blog. post whatever you want.
    Yeah, I know that stat, but everyone knows there is almost holding on every play, the dude holds more than anyone I ever saw, just doesn’t get called for it.

  25. I really want Arizona to make a push for RT Cameron Fleming in free agency, they could get the 6″6/320pd Tackle on the cheap , like somewhere around $3.5M per year on a 4YR/14$M deal. I think Arizona will sign a couple affordable O-Linemen in free agency as well as draft a couple, Fleming to me is a guy they should push hard for. The 25 year old will only improve with time.

  26. tbisgod says:
    March 4, 2018 at 1:31 pm
    Kraft has a fortune, BB is one of the highest paid coaches. Lets start paying some good players.


    It has absolutely nothing to do with paying the players. The Patriots are always pay close to the cap. Its about money distribution. It’s about paying second and third string players so that the team has great depth as opposed to paying top dollar to too many starters.

  27. Two Bills LInemen had more holding penalties than Solder. Some people are so butt whipped about the Pats dominance that they’ll grab at any staw. Pathetic

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