Shaquem Griffin continues strong combine in the 40


Shaquem Griffin was a late invite to the Scouting Combine and he’s made the most of his chance to show off in Indianapolis this week.

Griffin completed 20 reps in the bench press with a prosthetic left hand on Saturday and followed that up by running fast in the 40 on Sunday. Griffin posted an unofficial time of 4.38 in his 40-yard dash, which, per NFL Media, was the fastest for a linebacker since 2003.

It’s the same time his brother Shaquill, who plays cornerback, posted before being drafted in the third round by the Seahawks last year and a NFL Network video showing the two Griffins running at the same time appeared to show that Shaquem, who has 30-odd pounds on his brother, was slightly behind when they hit the tape. The official time went into the books at 4.38, though.

His second run was unofficially timed at 4.58 seconds, but the first run was very strong and allowed Griffin to accomplish his goal of putting up his best showing this week.

“I remember, my brother told me last year, what you put in is what you’ll get out of it,” Griffin said this week. “I’m not going to look back and say that I didn’t put in enough. I’m putting everything I’ve got into it and I started off good, and now I’m trying to finish strong.”

Griffin came into the draft process as a great story because of all that he’s accomplished despite having his hand amputated when he was four years old. His play at UCF and effort in the combine will ensure he gets an opportunity to keep writing that story in the NFL.

31 responses to “Shaquem Griffin continues strong combine in the 40

  1. Lets be honest though, the combine is all about the physical and the team medical staffs poking and prodding these guys. The good coaches care more about whats on tape than the underwear olympics.

  2. Tape is much much more important, but the combine showed his individual athleticism you can’t quite see on tape that may be hidden by teammates or schemes. One hand or not, Griffin is a beast.

  3. This is just more proof that these “experts”really don’t have a clue.

  4. The one thing that the combine can’t measure is heart and determination. This guy has got both and whoever drafts him will probably be getting a steal.

  5. AtheistsareIdiots says:
    March 4, 2018 at 3:16 pm
    Wow!.. Thats almost as good a time as Tyroil Smoochie Wallace
    While as an Atheist I do not share your view on us being idiots D’Jasper Probincrux III smashed them all.

  6. Great story to watch going forward. Let’s see if this guy gets as much attention on draft day as Michael Sam got a few years ago.

  7. His interviews were reportedly good, too. For someone that had to shame the NFL combine committee in letting him participate, he is doing exceptional. Wonder how many other excluded athletes have been passed by?

    Looking forward to this story continuing.

  8. I saw a game with him in it. It took me a while after he seemed to be making every single play to realize he was missing a hand. I think this guy is going to be a steal.

  9. Big kudos here. Shows you if you put your mind to something you can truly accomplish everything. He’s isn’t letting this disability define him, he’s defining himself

  10. Reporter just said that all indications at combine is he WILL get drafted. (Was watching it on tv)

  11. This is one hell of a story about heart and drive. Now i want to be the first one to say that if this guy is not the 1st overall round pick the PC police will blame his race.

  12. Shaquem would be a beast in a good scheme. I wonder if BB can turn him into an all-pro. Just hope the kid gets his chance. He’ll give it his all.

  13. Someone will take him on day 2. He has been a beast on the field even if at a smaller program, his combine numbers are only proving what many who watched him all year saw and his intangibles are off the radar. If you need a young LB/Safety and want a positive shift in your locker room, this kid is everything you could want. And let’s be honest, there isn’t a team out there who couldn’t use the positive locker room shift and the excellent PR that goes with taking him. I wouldn’t even be too surprised to see him go late in the first to a team like the Saints looking to continue to re-brand themselves in 2018 as young, positive and dynamic.

  14. His twin brother Shaquill is not only a beast but has the mentality of a superstar. Hard worker, nice kid, and extremely respectful….You add a chip the size of Florida on this kid’s shoulder I’ll draft that kid in the first round if I need a LB….I hope the Seahawks draft that guy so the brothers can feed off each other. Highly doubt he’ll be around when we pick though.

  15. Combine numbers will support his opportunities, but watch the film – the kid already made his mark week after week last year. Any concerns that he couldn’t do that against quality opponents was silenced after he dominated in the Auburn game. Kid’s a gamer.

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