Aldon Smith checks into rehab facility

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Aldon Smith has been found, more than a day after police began searching for him.

Via, Smith’s fianceé said that the suspended Raiders pass rusher has checked into a rehab facility.

“I can tell you this,” the unnamed woman said, “Aldon called my parents and asked them to take him to rehab. . . . He complied. They went and got him. I was not there. My family took him and had him checked in.”

His fianceé, the potential victim in the alleged domestic violence incident that triggered this development said she is “scared for his life with his addiction,” and she declined to “comment on the altercation.”

Smith last played in the NFL more than two years ago, in November 2015. He has been unable to secure reinstatement after an extended suspension under the substance-abuse policy.

22 responses to “Aldon Smith checks into rehab facility

  1. I think most people when they see this can come from a place of compassion. I hope Aldon is able to turn away from Alcohol and recover from his disease.

    Without intervention, he and alcohol are bound to kill someone.

  2. What a shame—pro bowl quality gone to waste…….Hope he can somehow work it out. As an aside would have filled a major void for the Raiders

  3. “All on here are quick to call him idiot or 10cent brain, but fail to learn or have any concern for his upbringing where all this might have started from!!!”

    This man is 28 years old and has had plenty of time to learn from his mistakes. A lot of people go through traumatic life experiences as children and don’t grow up to be a criminal.

    Enough making excuses for this man. Put him away as he is clearly a danger to himself and others.

  4. Aldon’s problems are way bigger than the Raiders. He is a ‘tortured’ soul, who has immense gifts when it comes to sacking the quarterback. He is his own worst enemy.

    The Raiders have no blame in this except if you believe they are wrong in hoping/believing for a turnaround in his Aldon’s life so he can potentially come back, redeem himself and help the team. We have no way to know the backstory. Reggie McKenzie is personally involved, probably giving Aldon an opportunity to hang on to the NFL by a thread so he can have a glimmer of hope. However, Goodell has refused to take his boot off of Aldon’s neck. (But Ezekiel Elliott gets a pass somehow…)

    My prayers are with Aldon…hoping he doesn’t kill himself in this arduous process. It would be great to see a guy prevail and beat the odds for a change.

    But in reality, Aldon’s career has ended with this incident.

  5. Sad to see a man struggle with addiction. Talent or no, football player or no, I really hope this guy can get himself together. It’s clear his football days are over. Now, its all about the man.

  6. I really hope Aldon can conquer his inner demons and addictions before it is too late for him and his loved ones.

    It is not easy, but it can be done.

  7. What a waste of talent! Hope he doesn’t follow the footsteps of another Raiders talent, Darrell Russell. He repeatedly sacked himself to the high level that qualified him for the Hall of Rehab. He could have made truckload of money and becomes rich and famous. There is another guy is about to on-board with him: Reuben Foster.
    Why can’t they look up at guys like Michael Strahan as a barometer of NFL career
    ‘s achievements.

  8. This guy had a rap sheet a mile long before he 49ers finally cut bait. The Raiders immediately signed him and still have high hopes for him and have constantly lobbied for his reinstatement. Raiders Way. He is still their property. LEADER!

  9. In all honesty football has become a secondary consideration in the life of Aldon Smith he needs help as do the multitude of people who have additions. Sometimes in life we are too quick to beat up on people and we should show more compassion. I hope he gets his life in order and if he does I hope he can reach out and help others as in life we should all try and help other people.

  10. Smith’s fiancee has made sure that he won’t make a good living working for the NFL again by calling the police. OTOH, she may endanger her life if she didn’t. It is a case of damned whether she did or did not.

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