Clock keeps ticking on a Drew Brees deal

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Drew Brees has said it. Sean Payton has said it. Mickey Loomis has said it. Brees is, and will continue to be, a Saint.

But here we are, seven weeks and one day removed from his team’s last game of the season and nine days away from the launch of free agency, and Brees still doesn’t have a contract. The Scouting Combine isn’t over yet (it almost is), which means there’s still a chance a contract will be hammered out before Loomis and agent Tom Condon leave Indianapolis.

Still, the clock is ticking, in two ways. First, as of next Monday, Brees officially can entertain offers from other teams. Second, as of next Wednesday, the $18 million in dead money remaining from his most recent extension hits the cap for 2018; an extension is needed in order to keep the charge for bonuses paid in the past at $6 million this year, $6 million next year, and $6 million in 2020.

Condon surely has learned during his discussions with other teams whether other teams would like to make a run at Brees and, if so, what another team would pay.

Not surprisingly, there have been no leaks about other teams being interested in Brees. With the Saints intent on keeping him, and with Brees supposedly intent on staying, there’s no reason to get a fan base excited about the possibility of a first-ballot Hall of Famer joining the chase for a championship. But any team thinking about paying big money to Kirk Cousins should be thinking about paying the same, if not more, to Brees — one of the best quarterbacks of all time and a guy who has proven time and again that he can move the ball consistently and effectively.

The two teams that presumably would interest Brees the most are the Vikings and Broncos, if for some reason the Saints can’t or won’t put the kind of offer on the table that either of those teams should rush to compile. And while there’s still no specific reason to envision Brees swapping his fleur-de-lis for some other helmet decal, each passing day without news of a new deal for Drew will make the small chance of a departure slightly bigger.

At this point, each passing day of silence from Brees, who lasted posted a message on his Twitter page more than two weeks ago, will become slightly more deafening.

Which undoubtedly means that reports will emerge at some point today that a deal with the Saints has been finalized.

12 responses to “Clock keeps ticking on a Drew Brees deal

  1. First ballot Hall of Famer? SERIOUSLY???

    Brees is a solid starter, but what has he actually done? He’s won one Super Bowl.

    Geez, the standards have dropped dramatically. Used to be you actually had to, you know, WIN something.

  2. So much for that team friendly deals, everyone is waiting on
    Cousins to set the market. Brees, Ryan, Rodgers

  3. Some of you guys think that Free Agents have been signing Player Friendly deals….uh that’s not the case….ALL of the deals are team friendly. Guarantee the total value of the contract, if not don’t expect players to play for less money. Team friendly deals are a silly notion. The team wouldn’t agree to anything they can’t afford. Stop it.

    As for Brees. It’s funny how this story has no new details but keeps getting reported. The deal will be done by next Monday most likely Sunday night. Deadlines make things happen.

  4. He will sign with New Orleans. This will be his last contract, so he is waiting to see what the market brings then fleece the Saints

  5. What has he done. Your not serious are you? Rings dont define hall of fame careers, as much as you think. Look at Marino, he didnt ever when a Superbowl yet he and a few other QB’s are in the hall of fame with no rings. Now to touch on what Brees has done, 1st in completion % for a season, and he will be 1st for career also, he most likely will have career tds, career yards, most 300, 400 and 500 yard passing games in a career. Also out of the 9 5000 yard passing seasons in NFL history, Brees has 5 of them, no other QB has more than 1. Also consecutive games with a TD. I can keep going, but i think make the point.

  6. You’d better believe teams like the Vikings are letting Brees’ agent know that they would be willing to give something like 2 years, $70 million guaranteed. They could easily afford a short-term contract like that and it would make them Super Bowl favorites. It’s unlikely that he would leave the Saints, but it will drive up what they’ll have to pay him. At worst, the Vikings hurt an NFC rival by eating into their salary cap.

  7. Waiting for Cousins to set the price. He also still owes Pete Morelli millions for throwing the NFCCG.

  8. lemmetalkwouldya says:

    March 5, 2018 at 6:26 am

    First ballot Hall of Famer? SERIOUSLY???

    Brees is a solid starter, but what has he actually done? He’s won one Super Bowl.

    Geez, the standards have dropped dramatically. Used to be you actually had to, you know, WIN something.


    Your kidding right? Yes Drew only has one Superbowl, but he has broken several passing records and beats the completion % record every other year. Superbowl wins have little to do with HOF ballots. The RB Blount, has 3 rings, does he belong in the HOF? Umm….no. Drew is one of the best passers of all time. The only reason he hasn’t won more Superbowls is because of lack of talent around him. The Saints have had a bottom tier Defense most years. Same can be said about Aaron Rodgers. Both will be in the HOF for sure.

    Randy Moss has no rings, did he not belong in the HOF? LMAO.

  9. PLEASE NOT the Vikings! No more geriatric QB’s, at 39 he has a couple years left but like RB’s at 31 Qb’s past pounding starts to-tallying up at 40!
    My bet is Minnesota has offered a trade for Foles, he can be bought way cheaper than
    Cousins! Foals has proven he is MVP material. That would allow Minnesota to fill in at least 4 spots on the team in WIN NOW talent and 2-3 years to develop their replacements in the next 3 Drafts. Brees will retire in 2-3 years as a Saint.
    Minnesota is a veteran defensive back, edge rusher, D-lineman and 1 or 2 O-linemen to put them over the edge. MAN I wish John Randall and Warren Sap were 27 again!

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