Falcons have some interest in Michael Bennett

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The Seahawks admitted last week at the Combine that they were having “conversations” about defensive end Michael Bennett, and they shouldn’t lack for suitors in a trade.

And according to Vaughn McClure of ESPN.com, the Falcons have made a call.

No deal is imminent according to the report and other teams have also made calls (#MysteryTeam is on a roll). The 32-year-old Bennett has three years left on the contract he signed in December 2016. He had 8.5 sacks last year.

The Falcons have a clear need for pass-rush, as they have for several years. Last year’s sack leader Adrian Clayborn and nose tackle Dontari Poe are headed to free agency, and they just cut defensive end Derrick Shelby. They have some promising young edge-rushers in Vic Beasley and Takk McKinley, along with emerging defensive tackle Grady Jarrett. Bennett would lend some ballast to that group, giving them plenty of options to rotate and combine on third downs.

There’s also the small matter that Falcons coach Dan Quinn and defensive coordinator Marquand Manuel used to coach Bennett in Seattle, and agent Doug Hendrickson represents both Bennett and

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  1. I really liked MB, but he is on the decline or teams are figuring out how to block the undersized defensive tackle/end. He’s still disruptive, so hopefully Dan Quinn pulls the trigger on him. I think Atlanta would be a good fit for him definitely. Seahawks would get a decent pick for him because Quinn understands his value and potential, and we can get rid of an aging player and get some ROI.

  2. I like Bennet a lot, and will miss seeing him in a Hawks’ uni, so easy to spot him with those ludicrously small pads. Unfortunately, he is just one of the guys occupying too much cap space for what he brings to the team these days (*ahem* Sherman *cough*). I think he’s worth that money in the right situation, but not in his current one. Good luck buddy, will root for you when you aren’t lining up against the Seahawks

  3. Oh a team is interested, funny how most of you arm chair GM’s just knew nobody was interested and he would be out of the league. Easy money when you are part of the over 30 club. Speak your mind and continue cashing game checks.

    Falcons aren’t the only team interested…ask me how I know lol

  4. Oh, he’ll fit right in with Blank! They can sit and discuss their mutual ideology over a drink……

  5. Bennett plays relentlessly and never takes a snap off. I can only think that they’ve fallen in love with Dion Jordan to even consider moving him. I really liked Bennett until the protests and Las Vegas drama. Hopefully ATL really wants him. Could be a win/win for both teams.

  6. Seattle will be pretty active during free agency. They can clear out a lot of cap space by not re-signing Eddie Lacy, Jimmy Graham, Luke Joeckel, and Sheldon Richardson. They can also cut Richard Charmin, Cliff Avril, and even their punter. With very few draft picks and lots of roster spots to fill, they will be pursuing free agents in multiple positions. Hope they sign more players like Eddie Lacy, Cary Williams and Luke Joeckel LOL

  7. Why? His salary contains a salary of $1.65M for 2018 and a $4M roster bonus. Then $6M and $1M for 2019 and $7.5M and $1M for 2020. Is he going to be worth $7M and $8.5M at the ages of 33 and 34? I seriously doubt it. Then you have the off-the-field aspect and why would any team want this guy?

    Not to mention if he did get traded he’d then have his agent complain he’s only making $1.65M in salary this year and deserves a new deal (nevermind the $8M signing bonus he’s already received).

    Why Atlanta is even asking about this guy is mind-boggling. I wouldn’t take him if they gave him away.

  8. The cap savings in 2018 are not that great so unless the Seahawks get a fair trade, I doubt it happens. Perhaps someone’s 3rd pick next year or 4th this year? He wouldn’t be cut this year and I expect he will be again, shopped next off season for trade. Then cut in 2019 if nothing developed. This is just the start of the market analysis by Seahawks to see if a viable trade is out there.

  9. The guy never takes a play off, plays through injury, and his teammates love him. He definitely has two more good seasons left. A team like ATL makes sense because their SB window is open and Bennett could be a difference maker for them. You guys ripping him in here (I get it), would love this guy pressuring the qb for your team. He’s an easy target because of his protest drama, but the guy has been a true professional otherwise.

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