Josh Rosen hopes meeting teams stops questions about his makeup


Every top quarterback prospect in this year’s draft class comes with question marks that each team will have to answer for itself when deciding whether to take one in the first round.

For Josh Rosen, many of those questions are centered on matters away from the field. His love for the game and his teammates’ love for him have been questioned along with his willingness to speak his mind about a variety of issues.

Rosen addressed his love for the game at the podium in Indianapolis and again with Peter King of Rosen also told King that he hopes his meetings with teams at the Scouting Combine take some of the wind out of the sails of the other off-field criticisms.

“I was never really bothered when anonymous people said that my teammates don’t like me, or I am a selfish guy, or too smart,” Rosen said. “But if it persists after this, it might bother me a little bit, because these teams have actually met me now. If that narrative continues, then there might be some substance to it, and that would bother me, but up until this point it has all kind of been noise.”

The nature of the beast is that negative things are going to be said about Rosen in one place or another over the coming weeks. As long as at least one team is saying positive things in their meeting room, though, Rosen should wind up in a place where he can thrive as a football player.

7 responses to “Josh Rosen hopes meeting teams stops questions about his makeup

  1. Strange things can happen on draft day. I’m sure there are several teams that have Rosen rated as their #1 QB. Maybe one of those teams is a team like the Minnesota Vikings. If Rosen starts to slip too much, that team might start making trade offers to move up. I’m guessing that’s what happened with Kansas City and Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs might have had Mahomes rated as their top player overall, and when he was still there at # 10, they made a move. I’m sure Rosen would be elated to end up with a contender like the Vikings, instead of a team like Cleveland. Or he could even start slipping way down, the way Dan Marino did when the Dolphins and Don Shula stole him way late. Marino ended up in the super bowl his second year.

  2. There are players who show no emotion and play at a high level. There are players who hate football and still play at a high level. I don’t need you to show emotion or have love for the game. I just need you to make plays.

  3. This guy is a fraud. He’s saying the right things and doing the right things now compared to the idiot comments he made during his years at UCLA. For some reason from his play at UCLA he is in the debate for the top drafted qb which blows my mind.

  4. If he’s wearing makeup on his own time, that’s one thing. But if it’s on the field, I can see at least getting some questions. I don’t know.

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