Minkah Fitzpatrick thinks he can fix Browns culture

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Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield has already declared that if anyone can fix the Cleveland Browns, he’s the man for the task.

But the Browns have more than one first-rounder, and more than one guy who isn’t scared of a big job.

Alabama defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick said he’d bring the kind of championship experience he gained with the Crimson Tide with him.

I think it’s just an issue with the culture around there and I’m just going to have to go down there and use what I learned at Alabama and apply it to the Browns,” Fitzpatrick said, via Dan Labbe of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Given the number of titles won there and the number of NFL players Alabama has produced, you wonder why they haven’t considered that before.

But the Browns haven’t picked any Alabama players since 2012, when they took running back Trent Richardson third overall and tight end Brad Smelley in the seventh round (Suggested punch line: Which one stunk more?). Prior to that, their last Alabama pick was cornerback Antonio Langham in 1994, and before him was some guy named Ozzie Newsome in 1978.

Regardless the history, Fitzpatrick appears the kind of guy with tremendous value for the team picking first and fourth in this year’s draft. He has the ability to play cornerback or safety, and Browns General Manager John Dorsey views that as a positive and not a negative.

“No, because he’s a good football player,” Dorsey said. “Realistically with guys, when you take guys like that, let’s say you start him at corner then, if he can’t do it, you switch him back to the other position, that’s the way I’ve always been taught.”

But Fitzpatrick might bring more than versatility, and a winning culture is something the Browns can use more than any single player.

11 responses to “Minkah Fitzpatrick thinks he can fix Browns culture

  1. No lack of confidence coming out of this draft class. Are they coached up to say that to improve their draft status? I think it just sets them up for failure when the vets put on the pads and have contact drills.

  2. It’s one thing to be confident in yourself… It’s another when you sound like a used car salesman.

  3. I love rookies so full of passion and energy. When you get into that locker room with a bunch of grown men with millions of dollars. I’m sure you won’t have the energy and passion to hold a team meeting and discuss the teachings of the all might Saban. Good luck with that and get ready to carry shoulder pads and helmets. Respect has to be earned.

  4. “Given the number of titles won there and the number of NFL players Alabama has produced, you wonder why they haven’t considered that before.”

    Probably because the Browns cannot recognize Top-20 talent when they see it.

  5. My answer would have been

    “I’m used to winning. I will go into that locker room with that attitude as I’m sure everyone in that room wants to win too”

  6. PS: What I would really be thinking is “Winning has to start at the top and work it’s way down to the 90th player. Starts on Monday and never ends. Work has to be put in, along with talent, from coaches to players. I feel I am talented enough, am a winner and will put in the work”.

    You can’t say that out loud but it’s the truth. It would make a rookie sound bad and make current Browns look bad (maybe he doesn’t even believe it or know it, as it’s really me thinking it, not a 21 y/o) because certain Browns ARE bad but it’s not his job to point that out nor preach.

  7. Give me Barkley 1st and this kid 4th, and I’ll take my chances. The Browns need STARTERS and they had better pick two players that are going to start in Game One of the 2018 season… not a project that needs to sit for a year or two. This team is not ready to be taken seriously with another rookie QB… find a vet that will start the season.

    If/when one of the QB’s slip in the draft, trade up if it makes sense… you have the firepower to do so!

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