Pete Carroll knows Seattle needs to fix its running game

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The Seahawks have one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. But they don’t have one of the best running backs. Not anymore.

In the two seasons since the retirement of Marshawn Lynch, the Seahawks have been unable to find a competent replacement. Coach Pete Carroll knows it’s time to fix that.

“We have to get our running game back in order,” Carroll said last week during a visit to PFT Live. “We’ve just been so banged up the last couple years. We haven’t seen the continuity that we like. The connection to the overall play of the team really fits with the running game so I wanna make sure we bring that back. [Offensive line coach] Mike Solari’s gonna do a great job of that. [Offensive coordinator] Brian [Schottenheimer] and Mike have some background together. I’m expecting that we’re gonna put together a nice little look for us with the running game.

“We need to keep the continuity. We’ve got some really exciting backs in the system. We’ve got to keep them healthy. We haven’t seen much from C.J. Prosise but that which we have seen has been really exciting. Mike Davis had a nice finish to the season for us last year. Thomas Rawls is still there to maybe regain that stride that he had. Chris Carson is a guy that’s really one of our favorites coming up to see what he can do. He had a great lead into the season, unfortunately broke his ankle during the year. We’re anxious to see what he can bring.”

Injuries have been an issue for multiple Seahawks running backs. Is it simply a matter of bad luck?

“Some guys who have sustained over the years have a knack for staying out of harm’s way,” Carroll said. “Some others are kind of finding their way to it. We have to figure out who those guys are. But it is remarkable to see the guys that last a whole season and play every game and play sixteen straight weeks of ball because there are so many opportunities that come along where they can just get caught up and hung up and pulled back and stretched the wrong way and all that. There is some good fortune and misfortune in all that.”

Luck aside, it helps to have the kind of instincts that quarterback Russell Wilson possesses.

“He has a great instinct for going with the hits and finding his way down,” Carroll said of his quarterback. “That’s why we’re OK with him running. He’s given us the confidence that he knows when and when not to go for it. He had a play over the years when he hits a guy at the goal line and bangs into the end zone and goes for the first down. He will only choose those opportunities rarely when the situation provides itself. For the most part he’s great at it. I think some players have a knack. It’s not all luck.”

Carroll is right. But when it comes to finding a guy who will have good luck when it comes to staying healthy, a front office sometimes needs something other than luck to best spot them. In that regard, however, luck also is a factor.

26 responses to “Pete Carroll knows Seattle needs to fix its running game

  1. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    March 5, 2018 at 11:53 am

    Should have given the ball to Lynch to win the SB.
    But, they didn’t.

    Get over it.

  2. They also need to fix their pass protection. If only there was some common thread between those two areas.

  3. Slippery Pete…sooner or later you’re going to realize, just as I did, that there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. (with apologies to Morpheus)

  4. If you research OLine play, you might find Seattle near the bottom of that list in the league. I think the bigger problem is the line, not the backs.

  5. The only player keeping Seattle from being the Browns currently on the foster is Wilson. Petey may have just put the hex on him with those comments about his ability to avoid a bad hit that injures him.

  6. Take your pick: fix the RB position, O-Line, TE, D-Line, and DB’s. Asleep at the wheel the last few years. But at least Wilson hit his payday and is living the good life. This is a team teetering on full rebuild.

  7. Big contracts need to be dished out to keep some guys.
    Big contracts need to be dished out to avoid holdouts on others.

    Needs a much better OL (and their best player on that line isn’t a long term solution 3-4 years max)

    Losing alot of their core regardless due to age, injuries, and salary cap reasons

    Not much cap space to replace or upgrade.

    Don’t have a 2nd and 3rd this year or a 2nd next year.

  8. “he hits a guy at the goal line and bangs into the end zone and goes for the first down.”

    Question: If he “bangs into the end zone,” why does he need a first down?

  9. I watched the regular season, but Seattle did not “have the division wrapped up by Thanksgiving” as their fans promised so many times on this board. I wonder why. Was it the shoddy offensive line, or the aging and overpaid defense? Either way, that team should have figured out how to use Jimmy Graham. Considering they never fully used him, and their horrible offensive line, that was a horrible decision to trade Max Unger to the Saints.

    If Seattle stays in cap hell and continues to underperform for the next three years, do they finally admit that Schneider is an overrated GM and can him and Cheat Carroll?

  10. I question John Schneider’s abilities as GM. He hasn’t been able to sustain any kind of draft success. Worse, his decisions to “rent” players in the last years of their contract by trading away high draft picks is indefensible.

  11. You have Russell Wilson – what you need is a pro caliber QB who can actually make passing plays without intentionally grounding the ball or running around – apparently Wilson is a gifter runner – he is not a gifted passer.

  12. They thought they had found Beast Mold’s successor in Thomas Rawls. They were obviously mistaken. They also thought that they have one of the best QB in the league. It turns out he is not very good when his defense is just good, not great and when he has no running game. IOW, he is a game manager who needs a great D plus a good running game to succeed.

  13. One of the best quarterbacks was second in the NFL in passing yards per game at mid-season, but after the season ended, Seattle ranked 12th overall in passing yards per game. What happened in those final few meaningful games when they were battling for a playoff berth?

  14. Outside of Justin Britt SEA needs to start over & rebuild that O-Line, it is absolutely atrocious. Their running back room is just as bad, Procise gets injured warming up before games he is so injury prone. Procise, Rawls and Davis need to go. Keep Chris Carson and draft a RB high , which is going to be tricky considering SEA has NO 2ND OR 3RD RD PICK in this years draft & very little cap space. I think this is going to be a down year in SEA, just so many needs and not enough capital in F/A or the Draft to plug all the holes. The pass rush is really going to suck this year with Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett and Sheldon Richardson all not returning next year.

  15. I love the heading on this one: of course Pete “knows” he needs to fix the run game. He knew it the last two seasons, too. The number of moves made relating to trying to correct that deficiency are too many to list in a short space. Stating the obvious is easy. Now; finding the answer…….that will take some doing. News would be if Pete and John came out with a game plan to address the issue. Barring that, nothing new here.

  16. As another person pointed out its not the RB’s it the O-LINE! Just look at Alex Collins tearing it up on the Baltimore Ravens……

  17. Bad QB’s look average with good/great running games, average look good and good look great, but the opposite is true too. Bad running teams make a great QB look good to average and so on. Andrew luck has no running game so he is more average. Bortles has a good running game so he looks average instead of poor. Same with Keenum. Couldn’t run against Philly so they only put up 7 points. Wilson is a good to great QB.with a running game. If you are a fan and watch the games there hasn’t been the play action and nearly always in shotgun. The line nearly always allowed a free release that had him running immediately instead of throwing the ball away or not able to keep his eyes downfield

  18. Knowing what needs fixing and actually fixing it are 2 very different things. Last year they thought a slimmed down Eddie Lacy would fix their running game. So they gave Lacy financial incentives to lose weight. LOL

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