Report: AFC team offered a second-round pick for Nick Foles

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That “respectable” trade offer the Eagles received for quarterback Nick Foles now has some specifics attached to it. Geoff Mosher of 97.5 The Fanatic reports that an unnamed AFC team offered the Eagles a second-round pick for the Super Bowl LII MVP.

The offer came earlier in the offseason, which implies it wasn’t something proposed lat week during the Scouting Combine.

So who made the offer? The Bills, Jets, Browns, and Broncos would be the primary candidates. If the Dolphins are souring on Ryan Tannehill, perhaps they would have thrown a dart in that direction.

The Patriots, Steelers, Bengals, Ravens, Titans, Colts, Texans, Chargers, Chiefs, and Raiders presumably would have no interest in adding Foles, given their current quarterback situations.

Because the offer came earlier in the offseason, it’s also possible that the Jaguars dangled the second-round pick as part of the due diligence performed before signing Blake Bortles to a new three-year contract.

As free agency and the draft approach, it’s possible that one or more teams will still believe that they need an upgrade at quarterback. Maybe that offer of a second-round pick in 2018 eventually will become an offer of a first-round pick in 2019.

However it plays out, the Eagles have multiple options for dealing with the final year of Foles’ contract. If they were willing to trade presumed 2016 starter Sam Bradford eight days before Week One, the Eagles surely would consider flipping Foles for the right price.

52 responses to “Report: AFC team offered a second-round pick for Nick Foles

  1. It was probably the Bills because they have two 2nd round picks but they are going to have to sweeten the offer by adding a 3rd if they want the Eagles to bite. Or they can keep their 2nd and 3rd and just give the Eagles pick number 22 in the 2018 draft. Just to make sure they aren’t outbid for Nick Foles’ Super Bowl MVP services.

  2. Bills have 5 draft picks in the first 3 rounds…it was them and if not it should be! they can afford to lose a 2nd rounder. plus they got too many other need positions to fill to sacrifice picks to move up to get a qb. they could sweeten(?) the deal and add tyrod to the trade…gives philly a playoff qb who was a pro-bowler 2 years ago, at least on paper tyrod sounds good but there’s a reason the bills were 31st in passing.

  3. Is potentially being one hit away from relying on Nate Sudfeld to defend your Super Bowl Championship in the playoffs really worth a 2nd round pick who may or may not ever be any good? Is selling the premium QB insurance policy that just helped deliver the city’s first Super Bowl really worth selling for a rookie prospect who might not ever contribute anything to the franchise?

    They paid a premium price for a backup policy during Wentz’ cheaper rookie deal years. So now, when Wentz is still rehabbing major injury, when that policy has proven to be more valuable than they could have possibly imagined, when they probably need it this year more than they did last year, why would they suddenly decide “yeah let’s get rid of this guy”

    That is NOT worth a 2nd rd pick. Not even close.

    There is no reason to rush Foles out the door. NONE.

  4. I think it was probably Buffalo. Rumor has it they have been throwing out all kinds of lines to see what they can get to replace Tyrod Taylor from veterans to trading up in the draft. We also know from small hints dropped that they are probably looking for a little more conventional passer. It wouldnt surprise me if they offered their extra 2nd round pick to the Eagles for Foles with the intention of either taking a QB later in the first (like Rudolph) or just holding off on rookie QB until next year when they have had another year to build the roster up for them. When Philly asked for more, they decided that it was too much for too little of an upgrade over Tyrod Taylor and thats when we heard the rumor that the Bills didnt plan to cut Tyrod

  5. They need to move Foles. His salary is preventing them from keeping other pieces. He is not going to be the starter so moving him for a second is a good deal in the final year of his deal.

  6. All you Philly fans thinking Foles is worth 1st and 2nd round picks; if he’s supposedly that valuable why not trade Wentz instead?

  7. I think Foles for the Bills first round pick is a win-win. The Bills are ready to win now.

    You are absolutely fooling yourself if you think the Bills are in a win now scenario. The Bills have a 30 year old HB with declining production, their WR corps consists of Kelvin Benjamin, the single worst rookie WR this side of John Ross, and a career STs player we are parading as a legitimate outside threat, an offensive line with more holes than a colander(their LT is good, but always hurt, their RG is approaching 35, their C just retired, and the right side of the line needs to be bulldozed and rebuilt from the ground up), they need 2 starting DTs with Dareus gone and Kyle Williams at 35 and discussing retirement this year, their LBs group is lacking with a severely underperforming Alexander on one side and Preston Brown (aka, the most average LB in the NFL) and they still need depth at CB.

    The fact of the matter is that the Bills made the playoffs on heart and luck alone last year because the actual talent and performance is consistently inconsistent. Simply upgrading QB production helps, but it doesnt fix the run defense, it doesnt block for that QB or the run game and it doesnt matter much if theres nobody to throw to.

    Jeff, a Bills fan

  8. League sources… Was it the same ones that predicted the Patriots demise?

    Reporting is a lost art.

    Tonight at 10, he said she said, stay tuned…

  9. The Eagles young QB has already had a Major knee injury, they should not be shipping Foles anywhere.

    If you are the Eagles, you have to think you have the horses to go back-to-back, and you have a backup QB that is legit. For god’s sake keep him as insurance this year and continue to develop Sudfeld.

    Don’t overthink this or outsmart yourself.

  10. Sometimes the off season rumors are more interesting than the season. Definitely more fun with no politics thrown in.

  11. The Eagles are not taking Tyrod Taylor off of the Bills hands. His cap hit is far more expensive than Foles and Foles is the better passer by far! The Bills want Foles and they need to pony up fair compensation for him. A 1st rounder or a 2nd and a 3rd rounder. They have two firsts and two seconds. It would be insane to give multiple picks up just to trade for a rookie who won’t be any good until McCoy is retired. Better to give up a single first rounder and try to win while McCoy is still good.

  12. I don’t believe it. If they’d been offered a 2nd rounder for a career backup who had a good postseason, they’d have taken it in a second. Foles is the next Matt Cassel.

  13. Crazy Eagles fans once wanted to run him out of town on a rail, now they think he’s worth a fortune because he won a super bowl. Yeah, so did Trent Dilfer.

  14. Whoever that GM is needs to be fired. If we know anything is that the Eagles always produce system QB’s. Any and every QB they trade fails. Furthermore, Foles was a free agent and bombed in two other systems and came back to life in Andy Reid’s system. So, unless it was the KC Chiefs, who run the same system, any other AFC team offering a 2nd for Foles is stupid.

  15. The fact of the matter is that the Bills made the playoffs on heart and luck alone last year because the actual talent and performance is consistently inconsistent. Simply upgrading QB production helps, but it doesnt fix the run defense, it doesnt block for that QB or the run game and it doesnt matter much if theres nobody to throw to.

    Jeff, a Bills fan
    Way to crush my hopes and dreams with logic and reality Jeff!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. It had to be the Patriots. They would be the only team that would give up a 2nd round pick. It’s not like Brady will play forever and they currently don’t have a capable backup after trading Jimmy G. Why not get the guy that beat you in the Super Bowl.

  17. If I am Eagles, a first round pick is the minimum I give up for the Superbowl MVP that out dueled Tom Brady. One of the most impressive Superbowl performances I have seen by a QB.

  18. 2nd round pick for a proven commodity Super Bowl MVP in his 20s? Try again, like add a top 5 pick to that 2nd rounder, and that _might_ get it done.

  19. I don’t think he’s worth giving up a 1st rounder for. But at the same time, he’s worth at least that amount to the Eagles, who just won the Super Bowl on the strength of their backup QB. So what do they do if Wentz is slowed in his recovery? Is it worth dealing Foles now for a mid-2nd, or is it more valuable to have an affordable and proven backup QB? At this point why not stick with him for another year because the team is well-positioned to make another run. So I wouldn’t trade him without a 1st rounder as well.

  20. Wentz is not even three months out of surgery that requires a nine month rehabilitation in most cases.
    And even then most athletes are rusty and tentative when performing for a while.
    At this juncture the Eagles FO has only hopes he can start by opening day…..or play at a high level right away.
    They still need a few more months to evaluate his recovery.
    It would be a huge gamble to deal Foles for the measly $7mm cap hit he is costing the team in 2018…..even with the cap hell the Eagles currently find themselves in.

  21. With the number of free agent QBs and draft prospects, the Eagles should run to the bank with a second rounder for that guy (if they’re moving him that is).

  22. Too bad Buffalo can’t hire Chip Kelly so he could get rid of Lesean McCoy – again!

  23. Eagles shouldn’t trade Foles at all. There’s no guarantee Wentz will come back 100% next year. There’s no guarantee that he would be that Montana-esque clutch in the playoffs either. Gotta hang onto Foles to take advantage of this window where the team overall is good with someone who’s proven he can get it done.

  24. Foles is worth way more than a 2nd. His post season numbers are elite. The only bad season he had was under J Fisher. A 1 and a 3rd minimum.

  25. Wentz is not likely to be ready for the start of the season. The Eagles would be fools to ship Foles out of town. They’ve got him on the cheap this year and even if Wentz were ready to at the start of the season, where are they going to find a backup that can step in and play to the level Foles did?

  26. The Bills have a good case to be that team, especially because the staff seems to still believe in Peterman (who had that awful game, with all things considered that was mishandled by the team honestly), and he will certainly need time. The Jets are focused on Cousins, and the Broncos are looking for a franchise QB. The Browns have enough picks for next three drafts, so maybe it was them, but they seem to also be looking for a franchise guy (again). So, who knows, maybe it was the Bills?

  27. spielman54moore84 says:

    Crazy Eagles fans once wanted to run him out of town on a rail, now they think he’s worth a fortune because he won a super bowl. Yeah, so did Trent Dilfer.

    Anyone who compares him to Dilfer doesn’t know the game. Dilfer was a game manager throughout his Super Bowl run. The defense got them the championship. Foles was throwing bombs.

  28. Foles is under contract – having a dependable spare tire for an underwhelming starter who has zero common sense is a prudent move this year. Next year is a different story but we don’t even know if Wentz is healthy or has learned to get out of bounds – we’ve seen foolish idiots like Wentz before – they never learn.

  29. jeffreyshulenburg says:

    I think it was probably Buffalo.
    Doesn’t hurt that Foles and Shady have chemistry together too. Could be a decent landing spot for St. Nick, but a 2 is not enough to make the deal.

  30. spielman54moore84 says:
    March 5, 2018 at 1:19 pm

    Crazy Eagles fans once wanted to run him out of town on a rail, now they think he’s worth a fortune because he won a super bowl. Yeah, so did Trent Dilfer.


    Dude, Difer was 12 of 15 for 153yds and a TD.

    Foles was 28-of-43 passing for 373 yards, three touchdowns, a touchdown catch, an interception and a 106.1 passer rating. AND HE OUT-DUELED BRADY IN A SHOOTOUT!!! Let that sink through your concrete skull…

  31. You keep him into the 2019 season….

    … AND THEN…

    … when some playoff caliber team (or team cusp of the playoffs) quarterback goes down with a season ending injury…. you will be more handsomely OVERCOMPENSATED.


    Now matter what… Nick Foles is a legend and will never buy another meal in Philadelphia.

  32. You guys must know nothing about football. Foles needs just a little bit of a running game. When he has that he shreds you. I don’t care how good your defense is (Vikings, Pats), just go watch those games.

    He runs well in the Read option. Every team has a version of it now. The exceptions are the teams with statues for QB’s like Brady, Ben, Eli, etc.

    The rams and Fischer weren’t intelligent enough to go look at film to see what he could do. Instead they shoved their offense down his throat.

    Howie will get a 1 for this guy and a player or a 4th. I can’t wait to see all the dislikes, then when he pulls it off ya’ll be sayin how’d he do that?

  33. only a 2nd pick smells like John Elway, always trying to get players on the cheap, which is why he lost out on calais campbell last year to Jacksonville, Elway’s contract was renewed a few months ago, I wonder if he directed his agent to get as low a possible contract, as he does with players he tries to acquire.

  34. Eagles trying to sell him high. He’ll be traded for more than he’s worth and will play like a below average QB aside from a couple of games here or there. He had a couple of games where he played great, but to think he’ll maintain that level of play is foolish.

  35. It would be OUTSTANDING if the Bills got him. We would have one hell of a season and McDermott is smart when it comes to building and motivating this team!! Would love it!

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