Report: AJ McCarron is Hue Jackson’s preference at QB

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The Browns tried to trade for quarterback AJ McCarron before last year’s trade deadline, which led many people to connect the dots between player and team when McCarron was ruled to be set for unrestricted free agency last month.

That probably isn’t going to change between now and the start of the new league year on March 14.

Browns coach Hue Jackson said last week that he “would hope not” to be starting a rookie at quarterback in 2018 and Peter King of reports that Jackson’s “preference” for a starter is McCarron. Per King, the team would also like to select a quarterback in the draft under that scenario and groom him behind McCarron.

One need only look at Mike Glennon‘s experience in Chicago to see that such an arrangement offers little security for the veteran half of such a tandem, but it seems unlikely that McCarron will find a team that wants to sign him and isn’t also planning to take a young quarterback in this year’s draft. Given that, playing for Jackson — who was once McCarron’s offensive coordinator in Cincinnati — might be the preference for McCarron as well.

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  1. It’s a great deal for him. He gets the opportunity to prepare and be the starter for at least a full year. Even if they prefer the drafted QB for the long term this allows him the chance to excel and get a 3rd contract and a better situation.

    It’s not the safest option but it has a lot of possible reward for performing well.

  2. Man the Bengals FO sure botched the Mccarron situation up. I know the Browns screwed the trade up with their classic brand of dysfunction but the Bengals FO should have dealt him sooner. There was no reward with keeping Mccarron on the team. If Dalton goes down their fortunes weren’t going to change much. A 2nd this year vs a very late 3rd rounder in two years… it’s a simple choice. I even don’t care if it’s in the same division when there are strong indications that he’s just going to go there anyway.

  3. In all likelihood… There simply isn’t enough QB’s for Cleveland…. for whatever reason.

  4. Hue Jackson does not not what the hell he is doing. This is why people who hate analytics-which is standard statistics combined with scientific data-should be laughed upon. So you are telling me its better to gamble and pay 20M$ per year for a back-up just because you know him, instead of drafting a younger qb, with higher upside who will cost you a fraction of that? Im dumbfounded at the amount of nfl executives who just fail to see the big picture and keep repeating the same moronic mistakes over and over and over. The browns did a great job of trading down and accumulating picks and creating the ultimate flexibility. Unfortunately, they did not do a great job of hitting on those picks in the last 2 years and they hired a moron for a coach. Good thing is that they are sitting at rock bottom, have a young team and a buttload of picks. They are gonna be much better off than some of the other teams who are picking in the top 15

  5. It’s all a smoke screen. The Browns can’t possibly be in the market for anything but a backup at the position. Just last year they drafted the QB who proclaimed himself to have Tom Brady’s mind with Cam Newton’s body that was destined to be the greatest QB of all time.

  6. Peter King again shows his incompetence, praising Hue Jackson as someone McCarron would benefit from…..also how’s that rumor of Patricia to the Giants working out?

  7. Pass on franchise QB’s who were sitting right in your lap 2 years in a row, and his solution to righting those wrongs and 20 years of quarterback ineptitude is to go all in on a backup who will be 28 when the season starts who hasn’t even proved himself to be better than Andy Dalton?

    It’s amazing that a HC who’s proven to be so incompetent is still employed. Remember when he called a “fake punt” in the first quarter of a game from his own 30, where the punter and long snapper both lined up as tackles to block for an obvious direct snap the RB? Then when it didn’t even come close to working (shocker, a punter couldn’t set the edge as a left tackle) Hue stood there on the sidelines looking dumbfounded like he was stunned that it didn’t fool anybody. Or when he called for Bob the 3rd, the guy who was gonna “rejuvenate his offense for years to come” (while Wentz wasn’t even good enough to ever be a top 20 QB) to run a flea flicker out of his own end zone, and just chucked up a 40 yard INT like the defensive back was fair catching a punt? Or when Brady was returning from suspension to play the Browns, and instead of Hue boasting the challenge or saying it’s a good chance to measure his team against the best, instead basically just said “well this is gonna suck, we’re gonna get beat bad”………..WHY IS HE STILL EMPLOYED? Why do some people still think of him as some kind of mastermind guru?

    “Oh look, we have a chance to draft a proven winner who’s elevated every team he’s ever been on and made electric plays on the biggest stages for years……nah, let’s slide back and take a raw project collegiate loser who was benched repeatedly for making the same bonehead mistakes over and over instead”

    Why does he still have any input on who good quarterbacks are?

  8. You have to feel for the Browns fan base. Team management just can’t get out of it’s own way. They want McCarron? They’ll probably wind up out bidding themselves, the guy was around future NFL’ers at Alabama and never did nothing. At least they can’t screw up their 1rst round(1 & 4) picks this year. Or can they?

  9. Stu Bidaciou says:
    March 5, 2018 at 10:41 am
    can someone remind me how Hue Jackson still has a job and that he is some kind of expert on running an offense let alone an entire team.


    As long as Marvin Lewis has a job we should not question Hue Jackson

  10. I don’t have a real criticism of Jackson’s interest in McCarron. They are unlikely to get Cousins and no matte who they get, the playoffs are a long shot. So, in signing McCarron they can pick Barkley with their first and a QB that they can develop with their second pick.

  11. But who cares what Hugh Jackson might want, he isn’t big man on the Brown’s campus as that would be John Dorsey with Highsmith and Wolff. Our new FO is building for the long term, not for Hugh.

  12. Hate on Hue for what? Why waste a pick on a QB when they could have AJ @ QB, Barkley @ RB & Chubb on the DLine with pick #4?

    If Barkley is off the board when the Colts pick at #3, then tehre is NO CHANCE that Chubb gets past them. Chubb would NOT be available at 4.

    And yeah, i’d rather have a QB with the potential to be a franchise guy for 10+ years over a couple seasons of Andy Dalton’s backup

  13. Despite the typical informed vitriol, I don’t think this is an indictment of Hue or the process – and I am a Browns fan who does NOT want A.J. McCarron as my next QB. I think it is a mistake, and I think the Browns will come to regret it. But at the same time, to accuse Hue of being part of the analytics culture that picked Kizer and placed its faith in Kessler and Hogan? Yeah he is a traditional football guy who got nothing to work with. That’s on Sashi Brown. Laud him for getting picks, but at some point you need to get a coach some players.

    I don’t want McCarron, but I am also not a head football coach. But I am also not sold on one QB in this draft. Not one. We’re not getting Cousins, who I also don’t want (I’ll take any of the Vikes QBs except Bradford – because of the knee – Nick Foles, etc.) His regressive record and stats don’t fill me with confidence. Might as well draft someone who can sit – and learn – and bring on a guy like McCarron who at least knows the coach and has a rapport. That is a better fate than the last 19 years.

  14. Why so many negative comments about McCarron? Cousins may have a better arm but folds in big moments. AJ has played in big moments. If you are interested in personal QB stats, go with Cousins but if you are looking for a QB who can win in big games go with AJ.

  15. I figured McCarron wouldn’t find much interest beyond Cleveland. I bet Jackson is lobbying for McCarron to play until Kizer is ready. Something that will probably never happen but Hue’s judgment isn’t that great. Especially considering what he wanted to trade for McCarron.

  16. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    March 5, 2018 at 12:02 pm
    Why so many negative comments about McCarron? Cousins may have a better arm but folds in big moments. AJ has played in big moments. If you are interested in personal QB stats, go with Cousins but if you are looking for a QB who can win in big games go with AJ.
    I get that you can make the argument that AJ could have a playoff win under his belt if Hill hadn’t fumbled (and Burfict/Pacman hadn’t lost their minds), but other than that hypothetical what “big” games has he won in the NFL? You might as well try trading the Mets for Tebow if you want a “gamer”. At least Tebow actually won his playoff game vs the Steelers.

  17. McCarron wants to be a starting QB. Why would he sign with the Browns who will draft a QB hoping to replace him as the starter? Silliness. McCarron is destined for Arizona or Denver; Cousins for Minnesota or the Jets while Cleveland will draft Josh Allen and damage or destroy his career with the team’s legendary ineptness and QB whisperer Hue Jackson.

  18. Browns should go all in with Cousins. They then should draft Barkely with the #1 overall pick and try to drop back a few spots and pick up Ridley.

    QB: Cousins
    RB: Barley
    WR: Gordon, Coleman, Ridley

    Their offense could quickly become pretty good.

  19. I am fascinated by the Browns. I’d love for them to sign AJ and not draft a QB.

    Then they could trade down for more picks, and go 1-15.
    Then with the #1 pick in 2019 they could again trade down for more picks.

  20. Signing AJ would be a great move they can still draft a QB. If AJ plays well. Great. If the rookie turns out to be Russel Wilson and out plays him great.

  21. The only sort of team that should draft a RB is one with a ready made offense i.e QB, solid offensive line. Other than that, you are stupid to take a RB #1 overall. It is not a good return on your investment. An elite RB has a shelf life of 6 years, a QB 15 and a offensive lineman 10+.

  22. Do any of the commentors on this site understand that Jackson is the HC, not the GM? He was not responsible for personnel decisions the last two years – it was the “analytics” guy(s) – hired by the Browns cartoonishly-bad owner, Jimmy “you’re drafting Manziel” Haslam.

    Jackson is stating his preference – whether true or a smokescreen (more likely) – but what the team does in Free Agency and the draft are not his decisions. HCs may have a say, but ultimately the GM is responsible for personnel decisions. All of the analytics nonsense was Sashi Brown, et al. Jackson had nothing to do with that.

  23. afwhigs, yeah the GM obviously has the final say, but you’re fooling yourself if you don’t believe the offensive minded Head Coach doesn’t have a large voice in who they do or don’t bring in to be HIS quarterback to operate HIS offense. They haven’t had a quarterback in decades, and Hue was essentially hired on that basis. To identify, develop and QB whisper a prospect to greatness who he could build his offense around.

    The whole “oh he’s not the GM, none of this is his fault” thing is just a bogus excuse.

  24. It would seem that Cleveland needs to build up a football team before wasting any picks on the QB which will get pummeled with those clowns they have.

    I’d build up a strong defense to keep the games under 14 points and then hire several low cost QB’s along with a good running back or two with an offensive line that can actually block.

    After building the foundation, then get a quality QB which won’t run for his life or break something his first year.

  25. I find it almost comical that everyone thinks that AJ McCarran sucks. He was great at Alabama. If that kicker makes that kick and Auburn doesn’t get the kick six. He may have been a first round draft pick. Everyone seems to have forgotten how great he was in that game. Not to mention, he played great when he filled in for Dalton. They should’ve beaten Pittsburgh that playoff game too, he wasn’t spectacular but the conditions were horrible and in the fourth quarter he put them in position to win. Not to mention he is a fantastic teammate from what I hear. We’ll see I guess.

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