Shaquem Griffin thinks he can perform even better at his Pro Day

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UCF linebacker Shaquem Griffin has been the biggest story of this year’s Scouting Combine, not just because he’s an inspirational player who overcame having his hand amputated at age 4, but because he had an outstanding workout that removed any doubt about whether he’s an NFL-caliber athlete.

Griffin himself, however, is not satisfied.

On NFL Network, Griffin said that after his impressive 4.38-second 40-yard dash, he started suffering from cramps that affected him for the rest of his workout. He believes he’ll put on a better showing at UCF’s Pro Day, and he’ll be working out with his twin brother, Seahawks cornerback Shaquill Griffin, to get ready.

“After the 40 I started cramping up pretty bad so through the drills it wasn’t up to my expectations. That’s why I feel the Pro Day, when I’m training with my brother, he’s going to be my coach for the month until my Pro Day, I can show what I can do in those drills at 100 percent,” Griffin said.

Griffin was taken aback by how many people from around the NFL have contacted him to tell him they were impressed with his performance. But he thinks they’re going to be even more impressed the next time he works out.

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  1. If you light it up at the Combine like Griffin and Barkely, why even bother to work out at your “Pro Day”…..very little upside and big down side….most importantly pull muscle over exerting yourself which said injury could linger for months.

    The top top guys (not Griffin) should tell the NFL “I’ll interview for a job, but I’m not trying out for a job…look at the tape”….

  2. For the guys said why even bother doing his pro day, I agree if he was already seen as a top prospect. But even after his performance in the combine teams view him now as a 4th round pick(early day 3), which some teams had him as a 5th to 6th round pick before the combine. So he does have something to gain by showing consistency carrying over his performance from the combine to his pro day, which will further improve his draft stock.

  3. Even after all of the good things he’s done at the combine, and putting out really good tape on an undefeated team, many scouts have him as a late 3rd, 4th or even later round pick, primarily to play special teams for the first year or two. I hope he can put down another good showing to give some gm’s a reason to re-think that. I’d take whatever grade a guy with his skill set and 2 hands gets and draft him one round sooner. I really think his locker room presence is worth something to the right team. Heck, financially he’s worth something to the right team because his inspiring story will sell merchandise and tickets.

  4. I want my Chicago Bears to draft him! Chris Tabor and Vic Fangio will know exactly how to use him best!!

  5. I have no reason to doubt him. I love guys that participate in the full “job interview” and do it with a chip on their shoulder.

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