Still no decision from Gronkowski on his future

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A month and a day after Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski declined to commit to another year of football, there’s still no answer as to whether he’ll play in 2018. There’s still no answer because, apparently, there’s still no decision.

Peter King of reports that Gronkowski hasn’t made a decision, and that he’s in no hurry to make one.

This meshes with Friday’s comments from agent Drew Rosenhaus on PFT Live. Rosenhaus, who represents Gronkowski, said there’s no timetable for making a decision (which means there’s no decision, and that Gronk apparently isn’t rushing to decide).

None of this changes the fact that the Patriots need to know. They need to know before deciding next week whether to keep Martellus Bennett. They need to know before deciding whether to enter the chase for free agents like Jimmy Graham. They need to know before deciding whether to draft a tight end, and if so in which round.

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  1. Just an attention seeking game. Of course he’ll be back on the field with the Patriots, banged up and highly compensated.

  2. The safe play here is to pay Bennett’s $2 million option as part of a $6 million total deal. Even if Gronk decides he still wants to play, a healthy Bennett is worth $6 million. With Bennett and Allen, Gronk becomes a luxury and not a necessity. He’s one of the greatest tight ends of all time, but you can’t make him play.

  3. He probably would have called it quits if the Patriots won the SB. Unfortunately Brady ran out of gas and they came up short. He will probably come back and retire after this upcoming season no matter the outcome. His body has taken a beating.

  4. All of this uncertainty will induce the Patriots to plan in the near future for life without Gronk. This probably is not in Gronk’s best interest if he has a desire to continue playing for the Pats. Also the Gronk brand will suffer if he is not associated with the Patriots—-would people really pay attention if he were playing for Cleveland?

  5. I’m shocked so many don’t understand what’s going on here.

    It’s completely obvious what he is waiting on….Gronk is waiting on Bill Belichick.

    Gronk has taken a beating and he doesn’t want to take a paycut. So if Belichick threatens to cut his pay..he will retire and go to the WWE.

    This is the time Belichick usually re-works contracts.

    But if Belichick pays him his $18.9 Million due in 2018 and 2019…he will put off the WWE for another year or two.

  6. He’s waiting for that last minute, “please don’t leave us” deal like Josh McDaniels got.

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