Travis Swanson disputes diagnosis of a season-ending concussion

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In December, the Lions put center Travis Swanson on injured reserve, saying he had suffered a concussion. Now Swanson is heading into free agency, and plans to tell teams he didn’t have a concussion when the Lions said he did.

According to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, Swanson’s representations have medical documentation that they will show teams, demonstrating that the symptoms the Lions attributed to a concussion were actually a bad reaction to medication. Swanson said the symptoms disappeared when he stopped taking the medicine.

Swanson played every snap of the Lions’ Week 14 game, but the Lions said that he felt symptoms afterward, and the Lions said those symptoms were the result of a concussion. The Lions say they stand by their injury reports.

A concussion also ended Swanson’s 2016 season, and teams will obviously be concerned about that concussion history when they consider whether to sign Swanson in free agency. Swanson wants teams to know that the concerns aren’t as serious as they might think.

3 responses to “Travis Swanson disputes diagnosis of a season-ending concussion

  1. Teams have lied before about putting players on IR. So it could be true, it could not be true. And until further notice that’s all we’re going to know about this situation.

  2. I like the size @ 6″5/320pds but he was very bad last year. He has shown a lot of good things in the past though, if he’d play on a 1yr prove it deal I think he would be worth it but I wouldnt sign him long term.

  3. It is extremely possible for medications to give symptoms of virtually anything. I would absolutely believe that the Lions thought he had a concussion. So, they benched him because they suspected he had a concussion, and get trashed. If they had played him, they get trashed for that.

    Err on the side of caution with possible head injuries.

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