Will Texans show interest in players who participated in protests?

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Texans owner Bob McNair made waves during the 2017 season with his comment about inmates running the prison. The team could make waves during free agency, if there’s any merit to a perception that’s making the rounds in the agents community.

“I spoke with two NFL agents this week who said word is the Texans aren’t interested in any players who participated in pregame kneel-downs in protest of police brutality,” writes Jerome Solomon of the Houston Chronicle.

It’s one thing for the Texans not being interested in players who protested. It’s quite another for free agents to be interested in the Texans, given the perception that McNair has animosity toward players who have taken a stand. While money tends to smooth over plenty of rough spots, if two teams are offering the same cash and opportunity, will a free agent choose the Texans or the other team?

Ultimately, the Texans may have to pay more than other teams to get free agents to choose to join the team. And, ultimately, players like Eric Reid may have a hard time finding significant interest in Houston or elsewhere.

After all, multiple teams supposedly regard Teddy Bridgewater as a potential starter, despite the fact that a serious knee injury has kept him on the shelf for two years. And Colin Kaepernick still can’t get a spot on a 90-man offseason roster.

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  1. Apparently too much effort to actually compile a list of free agents who protested that the Texans aren’t interested in. Eric Reed gets thrown in late in the article as an “oh, crap, guess I better mention SOMEBODY.”

  2. Comparing a 30 year old qb who was never that good after season 1 to a qb who showed promise and is still 25. Yeah that all makes perfect sense.

  3. Oh for gosh sakes. Refusing a good player because of his politics is just as asinine as the suggestions a bad qb be given a job that were based on nothing but politics. Just build a team guys. Sign guys that are good, pass on guys that aren’t. Dont go any deeper than that.

  4. The best way for a team to avoid a messy public relations situation in the future is to avoid signing players who have caused them in the past.

  5. whodatalien says:
    March 5, 2018 at 6:39 pm

    are any players interested in signing with texans?
    To play with Deshaun Watson? You’d better believe it.

  6. So if you actively disrespect the USA, it may cause you employment distress. Hallelujah.

    No matter how much the left tried to spin the protestors action, any intelligent person knows that disrespecting the National Anthem, disrespects the USA.

  7. Free agents won’t hesitate to play in Houston if it’s a good fit and the money is right. Low cost of living with zero taxes! We’re giving way too much credit these players’ and owners’ commitment to a cause. They ALL want to win games and make money. ALL OF THEM!!

  8. I hope all the players who kneel during the Anthem are not picked up after their contracts conclude. The acrimony and racial discord they brought to the country was a travesty. Everyone supports their cause but the vast majority of citizens do not support the means by which they tried to promote that cause.

    The NFL did a terrible job allowing politics – particularly left-wing politics to seep into the game. They’re going to pay a significant price for doing so, for a long time to come.

  9. “Ultimately, the Texans may have to pay more than other teams to get free agents to choose to join the team.”
    Perhaps. Since SF has lots of cap space let’s use them as an example. If Houston bids against SF, and the player isn’t a fan of McNair’s protest stance, Houston brass could always remind him that playing in Houston means he gets to keep 13.3% more of his income per year as the CA income tax is 13.3% for the highest earners. That’s over 1m more per year in Texas than CA if you make 8m/yr or more.

    That argument does NOT work for FL or TN and their respective teams and it is by far the highest rate-but it is a selling point.

  10. The good kneelers will get jobs. The mediocre ones will have to move north or call Vince McMahon. Free market capitalism dictates if it’s worth the headache. They will learn quickly they shouldn’t have disrespected this country.

  11. You would think owners would have to pay a premium to sign anthem kneelers to join their team if, as the lefties would have us believe, the majority of people support the kneelers cause.

  12. I wouldn’t hire an anthem kneeler to work for me either. Its incredibly offensive, and due to the fact that the people who support it are either completely incapable of intellectually comprehending that fact, or brazenly insensitive to that, is indicative enough in and of itself of complete and utter incompetence and ineptitude.

    To work for me you must maintain a neat and professional appearance. If you feel you are above any of these basic principles, you can go commiserate in the streets with the rest of your incompetent comrades.

    We will always win. Checkmate…

  13. Teams are smart( I hope) enough not to sign these players.
    Nobody wants cancer on their teams.

  14. This would mean more if it was from a team that actually had more than 6 winning seasons since 2002.

    Kind of like the ugly girl at school proclaiming how she won’t go out with guys who don’t meet her expectations. You have to have the problem of guys asking you out in the first place to make demands of them.

  15. anthonyfromstatenisland says:
    March 5, 2018 at 7:43 pm
    McNair is a throwback to a bygone era – a bygone era of segregated drinking fountains, poll taxes, and lynchings.


    Little over dramatic aren’t we?

  16. Kneelers won’t find jobs. Nobody wants the hassle. It’s not just owners, it’s the whole country.

    People used to protest by doing things to make a difference. A proactive difference. Now we are teaching kids to sit down or kneel, ignore the fact that our national anthem is playing. These overpaid crybabies don’t get it and never will.

    Hope you saved your pennies.

  17. McNair is a class act in the Houston area. I think his comment last year was spot on. I would love to see him pass over all those over paid crybabies that hate this country.

  18. The players have every right to protest on their own time, which will soon be all of their time when they’re unemployed. Live and learn kids.

  19. Marcus Peters is a kneeler, and for being a top 5 CB he was basically traded for a box of cracker jacks. California can take someone like him cause their seats are already empty. But when it comes time to get paid, or a new contract, good luck, and good riddance.

    Also, thank you Clark Hunt!

  20. Yeah if you look at it from a business sense why would you want players that alienate half the people of America? I’m sure there are some on the left that also don’t appreciate players kneeling for the national anthem. Do the math the NFL led by Kommisar Goodell lost a lot of revenue and fans last year. Sports are where people go to forget all the crap the MSM repeats night after night, just play football and tell me about your politics when your retired.

  21. This comment section… My gosh!

    These people make fun of others for being offended, but you people are probably the most offended group I have ever seen.

    Unless you are a member of the military, please don’t speak for the military getting offended over this, especially when members of the military have come out and commended this. Of course this is ignored by the “Oh no, muh flag!” audience.

    Also, most people don’t understand that the anthem wasn’t written in 1776 and it wasn’t written to be the national anthem. Most people don’t even know who wrote it and how many pro slavery connotations it has.

    The Texans will continue to be terrible, especially with the fact that his players trashed him after his obnoxious comments.

    People are so ignorant and misinformed, but as is the average “Joe” American.

  22. It’s logic like this that will prevent the Texans from ever making it to the Super Bowl. But if I know these Texans fans like I think I do–as well as so many of these high “patriotic” fans around the country–they’d much rather see a weekly military salute than an actual football game and championship.

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