Bills sign Chris Ivory

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It didn’t take running back Chris Ivory long to find a new job.

Ivory is signing with the Bills, according to multiple reports.

The Jaguars cut Ivory last month, and since he was released he’s available to sign now, rather than wait until the start of the league year next week. He had visited the Browns in addition to the Bills.

Ivory showed a lot of promise early in his career with the Saints and became a 1,000-yard rusher in 2015 with the Jets. But after signing with the Jaguars in 2016 he never became their starter and averaged less than four yards a carry in both of his seasons in Jacksonville.

Now Ivory will serve as the backup for LeSean McCoy in an offense that figures to be run-heavy once again.

30 responses to “Bills sign Chris Ivory

  1. Great signing… McCoy/Ivory/Murphy is a nice 1-2-3 punch! Ivory will be used to wear the defense down for McCoy when he needs a breather. Murphy will be used more in passing situations and play ST, returning Kickoff’s & Punts.

  2. Toronto is a great city. One person doesn’t define an entire population. However this one person is only here to stir the pot. You let him. You seem to allow drama to affect you and then participate in it. Now back to the article, I love this and I’m really looking forward to the season. McDermott will end up being the best coach since Levy.

  3. joetoronto says:
    March 6, 2018 at 10:45 am
    It’s all about the money when you sign with Buffalow.


    Well the Bills made it to the postseason last year so it could also be about playing more than 16 games per season for one who signs with the Bills. This is as opposed to signing with the Raiders where a player is pretty much guaranteed that his season ends at the end of the regular season.

  4. If Buffalo could get a franchise quarterback and a couple of quality wide receivers they’d be all set.

  5. Let’s be honest. Joe Toronto defines the worst in man kind. I live 5 minutes from Canada. Every year we see some flock Buffalo to see hockey games. Some remind me of how I imagine joe Toront-blo to be but he is not reflective of all the Canadians I’ve met over the years. We should respect them as neighbors too. I’m pretty sure they are embarrassed of him as well.

    That being said, I’m good with this signing but I’m hoping they get another McCoy type back. I kind of like Cadet before he ripped his knee

  6. Toronto is an amazing city and the Bills get a lot of support from Southern Onatrio. joe-troll-onto is just a logicalvoices wannabe. Great signing for a run-first offense that had shockingly little punch behind McCoy last year… huge upgrade on Fat Mike.

  7. Well said! Buffalove! I think McDermott is really gonna take us far! It’s exciting for sure!!

  8. He played hard when he was with the Jets and as a fan I was sad to see him go. Best of luck to him, except for twice a year against the NY Jets.

  9. Chris Rhinoceros Ivory. uses his head as a weapon u best believe. when he was with the whodats he was something else that open field 3rd gear speed was unbelievable. and ran at that line with complete abandon.
    i hope hes getting paid tho cuz the saints put so much miles on him while paying him undrafted free agent minimum. its really not fair.

  10. I love how you keep replying to yourself with all your usernames.

    You have no perspective at all, none.

  11. As a Bills fan, I absolutely love the signing. Many people will argue that “hes going to be 30 in a week and a half” blah blah blah. Whatever. He didn’t carry the ball all that much the past 2 seasons while in Jacksonville, so I’m honestly not worried about the wear and tear that’s already on the guy. He’s not going to be asked to carry the ball 20-25 times a game. He will be a nice compliment to McCoy’s style of running. And let’s not all forget how great he was with the Jets. His run against the Dolphins where he broke like 7 tackles is a play I will never forget. Good luck to you this year, Chris, and I am happy to have you aboard.

  12. Good pickup. He won’t be what he was with the Jets but he was always an underrated back and can certainly help with the kind of system the Bills like to run on offense.

  13. I love how you keep posting. You have used two on this thread, Joe and Wideright. I only have one ID, always have only had one ID. Let me know if you want me to name the other 21 you use.

  14. McCoy has had a heavy workload and is 30 this year. He dropped from 5.4 to 4.0 ypc last year. Ivory will also be 30 with a physical style and has been 3.8 and 3.4 the last 2 seasons.

    That running game could get real bad, real fast…

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