DeMarcus Lawrence: I have chance to “break the bank” next year

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Defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence didn’t waste any time signing the franchise tag the Cowboys used on Monday, so his $17.1 million salary is guaranteed for the 2018 season.

That salary could change if the Cowboys and Lawrence strike a long-term deal, but it doesn’t sound like Lawrence will be sweating that too much. While talking to Jane Slater of NFL Media on Monday night, Lawrence sounded like he’s prepared to play out this year before trying for a bigger deal in 2019.

“I feel like they have given me the opportunity to really break the bank next year,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence vowed to “work my butt off” in order to improve the chances of that happening and another year like he had in 2017 would make that a likely outcome. Lawrence missed seven games to suspension and injury in 2016 and, in the event he doesn’t sign a multi-year deal, another full year leading the way up front for Dallas’ defense would leave him well-positioned for a big payday a year from now.

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  1. I’m sure nhpats doesn’t ask for his market value at work to keep the company’s profits high. NFL teams are so loyal, why doesn’t thyis plauer just take whatever they offer?

  2. “nhpats says:
    March 6, 2018 at 9:38 am
    Sound like just the kind of “team player’ every team needs…”

    Dude was essentially a one-man pass rush last year and is saying he will work harder this year to get a contract that matches his value. Yeah, better he threaten to retire and skip training camp for 2 years in a row and show up late to playoff games like Leveon Bell. Genius comment.

  3. He’s right…but it won’t be with Dallas!!! Dallas will use the franchise tag on Martin next year…and Lawrence will be free to go… nobody finds defensive linemen better than the Cowboys… Ratliff, Bowen, Hatcher, Crawford, Lawrence…it’s becoming a routine for Dallas… random Dlinemen gets 10+ sacks…then leaves for free agency payday…next man up gets 10+ sacks…etc etc

  4. With the salary cap set at $177m, i wonder how many players a team can afford to pay 10% of the total cap and how much of the roster will be made up of $400k players? If guys that make up that much of the cap get injured, the drop off in talent is huge.

  5. In one story we get to see why he is a Dallas Cowboy.

    You just can’t make this stuff up.

    Next stop, prison.

  6. Why do you think a player should be happy being tagged??? I guess he should shut up and play because he is making good money. He should just sign the tag and now play with no long term security. Please don’t say well he’s gonna make 17.1 mill isn’t that enough security. No it’s not enough, this is a business and a players career has to be treated the same way. Be a “Team” player and give us one more good season. But don’t get hurt because that will kill your opportunity to secure a lucrative long term deal. You want players to be loyal lol. There is no loyalty in business. The tag is in place to continue negotiations until July 15. Tell your agent he is not getting paid while you are on the franchise tag. The tag is a nonnegotiable deal that requires no work by the agent.

  7. The Tag secures Dallas that they won’t lose D-law, it secures D-law 17.1 mil salary next season while they continue to negotiate for a long term deal. Both sides benefit and the only thing that players dont like is that they feel rented out for a year and if they get hurt or have a horrible season then they may lose out on that huge payday! In this case IMO I feel that D-law is proving himself to be a quality and dependable lineman for 2 yrs in a row…. The key is that if he can do it for 2 yrs in a row then pay the man and move on. He has had some injury and suspension issues for a couple yrs and then a monster season! Well I don’t believe D-law is a 1 yr wonder but he still has to prove himself worthy of a monster contract with durability and dependability….

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