Rams tagging Lamarcus Joyner rather than Sammy Watkins

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The Rams have chosen to go the prudent route, and tag safety first.

The Rams announced they are using their franchise tag on safety Lamarcus Joyner, which sets wide receiver Sammy Watkins into the open market the year after they traded for him.

Joyner will make $11.287 million, which is a considerable savings over what it would have cost them to keep Watkins off the market ($15.982 million).

Joyner flourished in his first year under defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, with three interceptions and a forced fumble after moving inside from cornerback.

The Rams may still try to keep Watkins, but he should find plenty of suitors if he gets to next Wednesday without a deal.

31 responses to “Rams tagging Lamarcus Joyner rather than Sammy Watkins

  1. See what the NE Patriots have done with the WR position lately and you you can see the WR market becoming what the RB position became a few years back….one can be found in the later rounds. Granted, the have Tom Brady, but look what Foles did with Philly this year.

  2. This buffalo fan is not shocked. Was never all that impressed with him and yet people adored him here. Wonder who will take him now?

  3. Lots of suitors Really ??? this kid has talent no question, the real question is desire and can he play injury free…..

  4. Come back to Buffalo. Then we’d have Sammy and the 2nd rounder we got to do without him for one season.

  5. Perfect fit for the 49ers. He can immediately become a WR1 with a QB that can stretch the field. What a matchup nightmare with him and Goodwin on the outside, Garcon in the slot. Get Jimmy Graham as your TE & the 49ers will be a point scoring machine.

  6. He may take less to stay with the Rams. He knows the team is headed in the right direction.

    I hope the Rams can keep him somehow.

  7. Watkins is a great young WR, but WR’s are a dime a dozen. You have to franchise tag the stud DB. Sammy isn’t going to want to leave. He’s seen life on the other side, and he’s seen life with a legit franchise QB. He’s also seen Buffalo and Los Angeles. The Rams will make him a fair offer, and he’ll sign it. The Rams are just going to keep getting better as Goff matures. If Sammy can stay healthy and develop a real good thing with Goff, they could be unstoppable.

  8. I love all the Rams fans that think he’ll come back for less money when he’s only played on a rookie contract and he hasn’t seen big money yet. He made $690,000 last year. Yawl are funny.

  9. Rams fans act like they almost won the super bowl. 11-5 and Losing in the first round might be the apex of success now that there is plenty of tape out on the McVay hand holding of C- QB Goff.

  10. Until August, the Rams were leaving that X slot open for Woods while developing Kupp and Josh Reynolds. I think they have a good stable of pass catchers who, while less talented than Watkins, could be serviceable in the same role and put up good numbers for a fraction of the cost if Watkins walks. Of course, they could go out and pick up Allen Robinson next week and end this discussion real quick. Either way, this FO has earned the benefit of the doubt on their personnel decisions based on how quickly they turned this pile of Jeff Fisher poo in to a competitive squad.

  11. eazeback says:
    March 6, 2018 at 1:45 pm
    Watkins shouldnt be getting anything more than 10 a yr


    Sheeeeet! Can’t stay healthy, runs as hot & cold as they make ’em, frankly I don’t even understand why anyone would consider tagging him. He’s not even worth 10/year. Consistency and chemistry are key in the NFL and he adds neither because he can’t stay on the field.

  12. There is a chance that Watkins may follow his former WR Coach Sanjay Lal, and end up in Dallas. Dallas need to bolster their WR group, and it could be a good fit.

    He made 690k with the Rams last year. Offer him an incentive-laden “prove it” deal for 2 years, with a small amount of guaranteed $ and some escalators, and that would likely be good enough. 8 TD’s and 15 games started (as a 3rd WR) last year was pretty decent. He and Dak could work well together.

  13. jackedupboonie says:
    March 6, 2018 at 4:11 pm
    Rams fans act like they almost won the super bowl.

    I”m not a Rams fan, but no fan thinks that. Stop making stuff up

  14. It’s the right call. Although one might question why the Rams under Snead and Demoff have been so reluctant to make a long term commitment to any of their defensive backs.

    Watkins leaving, however, makes the Rams offense easier to defend. He drew the most attention from other teams defensive backfields.

  15. No way he stays with the rams. They basically wasted a year of his services not throwing him the ball. Too many recievers in LA and I think he will find a team that might need him more. Ravens maybe or down the street in San Fran.

  16. LOL Fisher didn’t even want to start Joyner in 2016, and Joyner was really upset about it. Fisher knew the GM wouldn’t let him cut Joyner, so he tried to appease him by naming him the 3rd cornerback on the depth chart.

    Worst head coach in the last 20 years? Maybe, if you consider mismanaging and transforming above-average talent into purely average teams.

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