Allen Robinson keeping knee rehab his main focus

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Wide receiver Allen Robinson didn’t get a franchise tag from the Jaguars on Tuesday, which leaves him on track to become an unrestricted free agent next week.

Robinson heads into that process after tearing his ACL during the 2017 season and that has certainly will have an impact — compensation, location or otherwise — on the contract he winds up signing this offseason. Robinson told Adam Schefter of ESPN that working his way back from that injury remains his main priority while he leaves “as much hard work as possible” on the contract front to his agent.

“I just try to keep everything as simple for me as possible,” Robinson said. “Letting my agent handle most of the work. Me and him talk a lot, especially this time of year you have to be on the same page as him. I’m still doing my rehab stuff, getting better each and every day so that’s my main focus.”

Robinson said he expects to be cleared for football work well before the start of training camp. Now he and his agent just need to figure out where he’ll be working this summer.

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  1. I don’t think the Jags will be able to sign him. He’s going to want too much money. Sure, he’ll find some team that will give him a contract then he’ll come back and tell the Jags to match it, which they probably won’t. They have a few good, young WRs and they can afford to not overpay for Robinson. The Jags would probably prefer to sign him but not at the price he’s going to want.

  2. If he becomes an unrestricted free agent then the Jaguars won’t have the opportunity to match an offer if he accepts one from another team…

  3. Personally I think the Jags are fine at the WR position. They should take some of that money they’ll save from not signing Robinson and invest it in the offensive line. It was terrible last year. If they upgrade that line and get a more consistent running game with Fournette that offense will improve a ton and that will help Bortles.

  4. The jags are obviously not going to tie up a ton of their 30 or so million they have left under the cap on a wideout when they had 2 rookie wide outs last year that have never openly belittled their starting QB like ar15 did and when both of the rookies did so well in their first ( rookie) season that this year if they both follow the typical wideout year one to year two improvement they both will have a ton of catches and yards and tds.
    Ar15 openly talked trash about Blake bortles. And bortles took the jags to the afc championship game.
    Also ar15 has shown many times that he possesses alligator arms.
    What have YOU done for the jags lately?
    Not enough for them to want to keep you as a potential locker room cancer because of your relationship with the qb.

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