DeAngelo Hall didn’t feel a commitment from Kirk Cousins

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DeAngelo Hall likes Kirk Cousins, and thinks Kirk Cousins can lead a team to the Super Bowl if that team is just a quarterback away.

But he didn’t feel like Cousins was all-in at times last year in Washington.

Hall made a lap through the ESPN car wash yesterday, and said he never felt like Cousins sincerely wanted to do a long-term deal to stay in Washington last season.

“We kind of felt like the commitment wasn’t there from Kirk,” Hall said, via the Washington Post. “We obviously wanted Kirk. We franchised him because we wanted him there. It was up to ownership and the front office to kind of work those numbers out. They couldn’t get the numbers worked out, so he signed franchise tags those two football seasons. Everybody in that locker room was behind Kirk, wanted him there, but we wanted to feel like he wanted to be there as well. Having played 14 years, I understand, ‘Let’s go get the money,’ but at some point there has to be mutual interest from both parties to want to get better collectively as a team. Paying Kirk probably the $30 million he’s going to get, we couldn’t do that and get better as a football team.”

During a later appearance, Hall said he didn’t think that uncertainty about his contract affected his play, but he thought he’d play with more freedom if he did. And after he heard some of the office gossip about what was being offered to Cousins, there were some players who questioned his motivations.

“I felt like some of the offers that we heard about — just being players in the locker room, you kind of hear whispers,” Hall said. “Some of the offers we felt like we heard, we were like, ‘Man, that’s a good deal. Why wouldn’t Kirk take it?’ So, we kind of did a lot of talking among ourselves, and it was just a feel. He never said anything. He never walked around like, ‘Man, why am I here?’ It was never anything like that. Kirk, from the moment he got in that locker room, he was nothing but a professional. He went about his business.”

Now he’s going about his business again, and it’s taking him out of Washington to a place that will likely give him more than he was ever offered there.

69 responses to “DeAngelo Hall didn’t feel a commitment from Kirk Cousins

  1. So was he a total professional or not all in? Make up your mind DeAngelo. By the way, do you think the Raiders thought you made a total commitment? This is the last guy who should be talking.

  2. Really, Hall didnt feel a commitment from Kurt? Thats no different than the Raiders didnt feel a commitmentbfrom Hall. Not only didnt the Raiders feel a commitment, Hall proved he was Not commited to the Raiders. But at they end of the day, if a owner is paying you millions to play, at the very least give a effort. Oh, and by the way, no one cares what Hall feels.

  3. Like every franchise QB still with his original team, if they really valued him, he’d still be in Washington…period.

  4. So most players hate the franchise tag, so do you really expect
    total commitment. Yes it is an audition for their next contract
    but being “all in” would be tough knowing your team is going to
    dump you like an ugly date.

  5. It is possible to be a total professional and not be all in. In fact someone who is not all in who acts professionally about it is sort of the definition of being professional.

  6. Of all people, DeAngelo Friggin Hall is going to come after a guy for not being committed to a team. What about all your stupidity with the Falcons, who had your back 100%?

  7. Are you all in when you sign a four-year deal and the team dumps you after 3? You gave them your are all but it wasn’t good enough so the team is moving on to other options. The team and your teammates maybe your friends are friendly with you but at the end of the day your teammates are business associates and the team is your boss.

    Everyone wants Cousins to play like an NFL professional. He does. He also knows it’s a business and he’s playing that aspect of his professional life as a professional.

  8. Buyer beware, make sure Kirk really wants to be on your team. Luring him to some place with a huge offer might get his body but not the down deep commitment you would want from the face of the franchise.

  9. Just how many playoff games did Cousins win? Oh yea, the answer is zero. The Redskins should be happy to get beyond this saga and reallocate the cap space to their roster.

  10. What outcome do these comments serve at this time?

    Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent. Seems like a classic situation for this principal to apply.

  11. Although some say the Skins didn’t show Kirk commitment, 45 million for two years is serious coin!!!!!

  12. I understand the folks in the NFL are smarter than me, when it comes to football. With that said, I’ve seen nothing from Cousins that warrants the hype he’s getting and payday he’s in for…he’s a nice player and that’s all I see.

  13. Hall and his team mates should also mind their own business. Is he was a professional, simply say that and move along. Nothing more to see here.

  14. Hall should just shut up…

    Someone ask him about how committed he was when he played for the Raiders. He was a disaster. In the “Coach” Davis D the CB’s played man to man. Lined up a yard or two away and stayed one side of the field. Hall would line up 6-8 yards away every time. “Coach” Davis got so frustrated Hall was traded away after half the season. And we know how much Al loved his CB’s. Hall was always overrated.

    I should add as a Raider fan I didn’t like the “Coach” Al no blitz single high S Man to man D. But if you are told to play a certain way you do it. We used to call Hall “MeAngelo” or Hall Pass because he never covered any-one……

  15. Everyone saying cousins didn’t feel a commitment from the Redskins, but yet they offered him the highest quarterback contract ever, over a year ago, and he turned it down. No he did not commit to the Redskins but they apparently committed to him

  16. DeAngelo Hall. DeAngelo Hall. Seriously. We’re listening to MeAngelo $*$%#$ Hall talk about loyalty and wanting to put team over self?

    Please tell me someone called him out on this. Please.

  17. All you people can do is talk bad about Hall. DeAngelo was clearly explaining the problems that come with playing on the tag. It hard to be all in and it’s hard to go out and give 100%. It’s so much easier to play freely knowing that hey if I get hurt I’m still covered by the guarantees in my contract. Wake up people and separate the game from the business. Players in the league are basically independent businessmen so there will always be a ME factor. You think this is all fun and games but you have short window of opportunity to sign that big long term deal.

    Did you listen to DeAngelo when he was on ESPN??? He also said if he was Bell he wouldn’t show up until week 10. Selfish not at all, it’s just business. I wish you people could see what really goes on, sign a contract play this game see what happens when its time to resign. Why is it ok for the organization to try and make every dollar possible but not ok for the player to do the same? I will say this again for the love of the game only goes so far.

  18. Hall’s only commitment is to money. Now he’s just salty that he’s not the one getting paid.

  19. omeimontis says:
    March 7, 2018 at 8:31 am

    The Skins actually had better results when their starting quarterback was Colt McCoy.
    Kirk’s a much better QB than McCoy, but at least Colt could beat the Cowboys. Kirk’s record against them was something like 1-6. I like Kirk, but that was one of my main issues with him. I know it’s a team sport, be he was too inconsistent against division rivals and seems to have performance anxiety in high pressure games. He generally played well against the Eagles, but the Cowboys and Giants was a mixed bag at best.

  20. So the front office leaked details of supposed contract offers to other players in the locker room, in an attempt to undercut Cousins position with the other players? And the players responded not knowing if the leaked details were true or not, just based on “gossip”?

    Redskins will remain bottom feeders as long as they operate in the fashion, ie as long as Snyder owns the team.

  21. Oh please. First his receivers don’t like him (Dan Patrick) and now this turkey says he wasn’t committed. If Cousins throws for 4k+ yards when not committed imagine what he’ll do once he signs a new contract. “Bye Felicia!” – Cousins to Dan and Bruce.

  22. As a Redskins fan, I wish Cousins all of the best. I never felt like the commitment wasn’t there but I also felt like he had his eyes on the escape hatch the whole time he was there. The culture in Washington that is not a good football culture. I can understand any player wanting to leave.

  23. So Cousins is tagged and quit on the team but Bell is just being smart if he holds out on his team bc he got tagged. See the contradiction there DeAngelo?

  24. @1historian says:

    I have the feeling that 15 years from now when he’s gone he’ll be a ‘couldabeen’.
    A very wealthy “couldabeen”!

  25. FYI Deangelo– It takes most people extra money to even act like they want to play for Dan Snyder.

  26. gibbskins9 says:
    March 7, 2018 at 8:46 am
    Although some say the Skins didn’t show Kirk commitment, 45 million for two years is serious coin!!!!!


    Pretty sure if the Redskins showed commitment earlier on and offered a fair long term contract, Cousins would’ve taken it. I don’t think he was demanding to be the highest paid QB.

  27. Good QB’s have to be smart and they have to make good decisions. I don’t think a smart person would want to spend their entire career with the Redskins. Look at every player, coach, or front office person who’s ever worked for Dan Snyder, and tell me which ones had their best years in Washington. I’m listening. I don’t hear anything.

  28. Pro sports are weird that way. It’s a business–except when it’s not. And everybody from the owners, to the fans, to the players themselves are hypocrites in that way. Thus you get guys like Hall who are all about the money for themselves but get irritated when somebody else behaves in the exact same way.

  29. You get franchised, you don’t “leave it all out on the field” no matter what position you play. In the NFL your one hit away from being thrown on a Gator like a slab of meat, hauled off the field never to be seen or heard from again. How was Kirk expected to be “all in with the Skins” when they wouldn’t commit long term to him?
    Let’s see how Alex Smith “wrecks the league”. Ya’ll be begging for the Cousins days.

  30. Yet there was commitment of the Red Skins or players stepping up for Cousins. Nice try.

  31. I would take this with a grain of salt. Hall is on the tail end of his career. If he’s with the Redskins or in the NFL at all this season its because he’s there with the good graces of management. So he, and Gruden for that matter, are company guys toeing the company line. The fact of the matter is Kirk wanted to be a Redskin however the Redskins did not want to compensate him at market value. It burned them that they would have to do that. Some organizations are proud of home grown talent other organizations want to hold people down so that power is kept by a certain nucleus of people. That’s the Redskins. That’s their famous dysfunction. So they unleashed a PR battle against their own player in a passive-aggressive way for going on 3 years now. Kirk bit his tongue the whole time. If not being thrilled about how he was treated is Kirk “not wanting to be there” then that’s one way of looking at it. The way I described things above is a far more accurate description than Mr. Hall’s. Hall has matured and has been a good player for the Redskins but this is an example of a guy wanting to stay in the building and saying things that will endear him to management. We can’t expect a man with his low-power status to stick up for Kirk even though he probably knows Kirk was mistreated. The money argument is nonsense. Redskins indicate there will be no “Kirk Dividend” being spent on free agents and the Redskins don’t have the track record of bringing on great free agents nor are there that many free agents out there. Should have kept Kirk and drafted well. Since the Redskins management is bad at growing their own and drafting and getting FA’s they have resorted to their old smoke and mirrors to protect management.

  32. So wait. Did we read the same article? I don’t think anything is wrong with what DeAngelo said. It actually makes quite a lot of sense and if half of you turds weren’t so biased you could probably read the actual words.

    I’d rather take the word of a guy in the locker room, on the team.

  33. whenwilliteverend says:
    March 7, 2018 at 8:47 am

    I have a feeling every team and teammate could say the same thing about Hall.


    Did you guys stop watching DeAngelo Hall 10 years ago? The guy definitely had some maturity issues when he was younger but he’s been a leader and a bit of a coach for years now. I didn’t like him early on either but there’s no argument that he hasn’t been committed to the Redskins over the past 5 or 6 years. I can’t think of too many players I’d rather have in the locker room than him.

  34. Anyone with options will choose to run and hide from that dysfunctional organization. Cousins cashed in while waiting to be a free man. MeAngelo Hall has no other options.

    I know people who have worked for that organization. The dysfunction is real and most people can’t even begin to comprehend the level it is at.

    Look no further than the stand up guy Darrell Green. Lifelong Redskin who is smart enough to keep his distance.

    Joe Gibbs has won at everything he does. Superbowl Champion, NASCAR champion, Best selling author…..yet Snyder turned him into a loser.

  35. “We obviously wanted Kirk.”

    Sure, nothing says you want a franchise QB like failing to sign him to a deal and putting the tag on him for a couple years, then letting him go.

    Why even say dumb things like this?

  36. DeAngelo Hall started 5 games in the last two years. He plays defense, so he’s in meetings with the quarterback…never, except when the entire team is gathered to hear a pep talk from the head coach. He knows about as much about Kirk Cousin’s state of mind as you or I do. He even says that it comes straight out of locker room gossip, not from any actual knowledge.

    So why is he taking a cheap shot at a former teammate? Obviously, he thinks he needs hot takes to “go get that money” in the broadcasting career he’s got on his mind. Not that he’s a hypocrite or anything, of course not.

  37. I know he’s a company guy now, but I think most of remember DeAngelo Hall as not exactly being a “team guy” himself.

  38. People can say what they want about Cousins, but only three times in league history has a QB had to play under the tag and Cousins was two of them. (Brees was the other in SD) I don’t remember Cousins ripping the Skins during the season. He’s been a class act this whole time, he’s never held out or complained publicly about what happened.

    He earned his freedom and deserves the giant contract he’s about to get.

  39. If you want to understand the Redskins, you need to go way back in history to the 1950s when the science of managing people and organizations became a big trend and they started to discuss something called “group think”.
    It’s not that Bruce and Dan are evil its more that they can’t get out of their own way. Bruce and Dan are ingroup and Kirk was outgroup.

    –> Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome. Group members try to minimize conflict and reach a consensus decision without critical evaluation of alternative viewpoints by actively suppressing dissenting viewpoints, and by isolating themselves from outside influences. The dysfunctional group dynamics of the “ingroup” produces an “illusion of invulnerability” (an inflated certainty that the right decision has been made). Thus the “ingroup” significantly overrates its own abilities in decision-making and significantly underrates the abilities of its opponents (the “outgroup”). Furthermore, groupthink can produce dehumanizing actions against the “outgroup”.

  40. Please please please don’t let this be the beginning of a broadcasting career for Hall. Almost as bad as listening to Ray Lewis. Huge ego and big mouth without a critical thought in his head. Maybe he will be president one day.

  41. A lot of Kirk love on this board. People seem to care a lot about what the Skins committed to him. They offered him a big contract. I’m not sure as a business you can do anymore than that to show commitment. They franchised him before that, who cares? He obviously wasn’t committed to playing long term for that team, and I don’t see anything wrong with a player saying that, no matter who he is. Time to move on, and for people to get out of their feelings. You can revere him as the next Montana when he gets to your team.

  42. Next year he will be the MVP after he leads the Vikings to the 1st of 3 Super Bowl championshis!

  43. Let’s face facts Kirk Cousins did not want to be in DC they did want him he was franchised two seasons in a row the money that was offered it was rumored 54 million guarantee we’ll never know but the bottom line is it wasn’t enough there’s no way that you can pay 30 million a year for 30 year old who’s never won a playoff game and blows it in big games the money he wants is that Brady Roethlisberger Brees Rogers money he’s not in the same class. Now we have to hear I want fair market value and that’s the going rate even when they haven’t won anything, not a conference Championship or even a trip to the Superbowl let alone Win It . Scott Mc. Didn’t see him as an elite quarterback either. Some on this blog sound like they’re upset that their date road off with someone else. It’s nothing wrong with it he wants the money and if we pay him the money we can improve as a team it’s plain and simple so it was time to move on.

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