Decision on 2018 coming from Joe Thomas soon

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Browns left tackle Joe Thomas, the third overall pick in the 2007 draft, has established an impressive media presence in recent months. His career could be heading in that direction.

Wherever it’s going, he’ll let the world know within a week.

Via, Thomas said at an event on Tuesday night that he’ll announce whether he’ll be continuing his career or retiring by the time free agency begins.

“It’s kind of like picking a college,” Thomas said. “One day you think it’s this school, the next it’s another.”

Thomas reportedly has auditioned for TV jobs with both ESPN and FOX. Silent for most of his career, Thomas has begun making his voice heard over the past year or so, presenting a funny and engaging side that will serve him well if he indeed chooses to move on from football.

If he calls it quits after 11 seasons, Thomas will have never made it to the playoffs, and he will have been on only one team with a winning record — during his rookie year, the Browns were 10-6.

5 responses to “Decision on 2018 coming from Joe Thomas soon

  1. Joe Thomas is an amazing offensive tackle and has a great personality. The Thomahawk Podcast is good. But for being as good as he is the Browns have not treated him well only having one winning season in his career. I understand loyalty but he may enjoy the game of football even more if he went to a team that actually competed. It must be hard consistently putting out a lot of effort like he has even though the team only loses. #FreeJoe

  2. I think (and hope) he comes back for another year. He is likely to have a QB under center that is for once, credible (no offense to J McCown who did I believe get the Browns to 7-4 before getting injured), a GM that gets football, and a like that ranked #2 before he went out. But whatever he chooses he has my vote for the after-football life. He is funny, engaging – and unlike a lot of these people has shown loyalty and teamwork like few others. Best of luck in your choice Joe (but please come back for one more year!)

  3. If he lost a lot of weight, he’s on the closer side of being gone. BUt we’ve all given up on something too early at one time or another and you can’t have it back.

    So I’m guess he’s gone but enough people are warning him of that and he’s fighting that issue.

  4. he is a true browns legend. igf he retires, he will be sorely missed. hats off to an amazing career. suck it doubters.

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