If Broncos don’t get Kirk Cousins, they may turn their attention to Case Keenum

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The Broncos are believed to want Kirk Cousins to be their franchise quarterback, but if they don’t get Cousins, Case Keenum may be their next option.

Mike Klis of 9 News in Denver reports that the Broncos are interested in Keenum, although they don’t necessarily have a solid Plan B in place yet if they miss out on Cousins.

We’d expect several teams to view Keenum as the Plan B if they miss out on Cousins. On our Free Agent Top 100 list, Keenum is the No. 6 player and the quarterback directly below Cousins.

Keenum had an excellent season for the Vikings last year, but there’s some sentiment that he was more the right player in the right situation at the right time than the reason the Vikings made it to the NFC Championship Game. Keenum will have to hope that some team that misses out on Cousins will view him not just as a fallback, but as a franchise quarterback.

21 responses to “If Broncos don’t get Kirk Cousins, they may turn their attention to Case Keenum

  1. It would be smarter to send the Eagles a 2nd round pick, a 3rd round pick and a conditional 2019 pick for Nick Foles. Keenum has never played home games in a cold weather city. He went from Houston in college to Houston in the pros, LA and then the dome of Minnesota.

  2. All things being equal – and I get the pros and cons of both teams – but 13-3 looks better to me than 7-9. And I don’t hold his Jeff Fisher years against him. No one should.

  3. Most Broncos fans agree on other websites that $20m yr is way too rich for Keenum. I’d prefer Bradford, a proven (though fragile)top 10 QB at $15m yr for two years as a bridge. Bradford has been spotted skiing recently, so his knee is healed as good as possible. Another positive health factor for Bradford is that at least 12 of the games will be played on natural grass, a much more forgiving surface.
    Economically, by spending $15m a year vs. $30 for Cousins, and $20 for Bradford, the Broncos are able to find a quality RT, ILB, and veteran TE. Or one of those plus keeping Talib.

  4. >>rkt4mayor says:
    March 7, 2018 at 1:56 pm
    It would be smarter to send the Eagles a 2nd round pick, a 3rd round pick and a conditional 2019 pick for Nick Foles.

    Nah, that would be equally stupid. Foles had 2 good playoff games, and some crappy regular season games. Don’t overpay for that.

  5. I think the Broncos should sign Sam Bradford and draft their future QB with their first pick. Bradford can play when he’s healthy. It’s a degenerative knee issue so it’s fair to assume he has a couple seasons left, unless their is a new injury.

  6. Case Keenum is one of the greatest guys in the NFL and the Broncos would love having him on their team. Just know that you’re getting a guy who is coming off by far the best year of his career so you have to expect some regression. If you put him in a good situation, he can be very successful. Just don’t expect him to carry your team to the playoffs. I don’t think you could expect that from any of the free agent quarterbacks, though.

  7. Sam Bradford is headed somewhere warm. You know he has arthritis in his knees. Imagine playing in Denver or Buffalo in December with arthritis? I bet Bradford ends up in Arizona. Nick Foles will either be the starter in Buffalo or Denver next season and he will be a huge upgrade for both teams. Just matters who offers the Eagles the best deal.

  8. Put Case Keenum on last years Redskins, they’re probably worse than 7-9. Put Cousins on last years Vikings, they might be in the Super Bowl. Still would have been hard to get past an Eagles team as hot as they were, but it AT LEAST would have been close.

    Keenum was surrounded by talent, had incredible protection, and a defense that shut almost everybody down all year long. Cousins was on a team that just let his 2 top targets walk out the door for nothing, had no run game, and almost an entire o-line on IR.

    Oh but i guess if you take all that away then yeah, a teams win/loss record is totally one single players responsibility. Because that’s how TEAM sports work, right?

    Arguments like that are the absolute lowest hanging fruit for the most clueless of sports fans.

  9. nhpats says:
    March 7, 2018 at 2:39 pm
    Does this indicate that the Paxton Lynch experiment is officially over?

    God willing, yes.

  10. This Bronco fan would prefer to go with one of the rookies.

    They are way cheaper and have a chance to be above average which is every bit as good, if not better than the Free Agents that are available.

  11. Hard pass on Keenum. Signing Keenum doesn’t solve the QB issue. Keenum is just more of the same of what the Broncos already have at QB and will cost way more. If Cousins doesn’t land in Denver, Elway is better off going all in and trading up w/ Indy or NYG to get Rosen or Darnold. Keep Siemian as the backup, cut Lynch, and spend all available money on improving the roster (starting w/ LT, DE, and TE).

  12. xavier179 says:
    March 7, 2018 at 3:38 pm
    I think TJ McCaron has more upside than age.

    Did you mean AJ McCarron?

    By the way, it was the Vikings defense that torched by the Eagles in the Championship Game. The Viking offense was not built for that type of comeback

  13. His floater should float a lot farther in Denver
    You know cause they’re higher
    And John from Denver would have to be even higher if he did this

  14. Keenum played better football last year than Cousins, which leaves me wondering why so many teams are pursuing Cousins as the top free agent QB.

    Cousins fumbled more and threw more interceptions than Keenum, who generally just made better decisions and throws throughout the season. Not saying Cousins is a bad QB, but based on last season’s performance, he’s not the best FA QB available. He sure isn’t worth $30 million a year.

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