Report: Arrest warrant issued for Letroy Guion after missed court appearance in DUI case

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Former Green Bay Packers defensive tackle Letroy Guion was arrested on DUI charges last June in Hawaii. Guion elected to take the case to trial despite being quoted in the police report telling officers “I know I’m drunk.”

However, an arrest warrant has again been issued for Guion. According to TMZ, a bench warrant was issued for Guion’s arrest after failing to appear in court on Monday.

Guion’s initial arrest came after apparently celebrating his birthday in Waikiki. He failed a breathalyzer test after being observed drifting between lanes and had a blood alcohol level just over the legal limit.

The Packers released Guion in August as he was already facing a four-game suspension for a PED violation as well.

11 responses to “Report: Arrest warrant issued for Letroy Guion after missed court appearance in DUI case

  1. I guess he won’t be spending any time out here in the islands in the future. One less drunk person on the road that just doesn’t get it.
    Doesn’t live here, doesn’t know the roads, and doesn’t care that he gets behind the wheel of a deadly weapon drunk.

  2. So he admits to being drunk on the scene and then fails to show up in court.

    Seriously, can you be any dumber than this guy?

  3. Maybe he didn’t have enough money for a plane ticket.
    And reporting every month for probation is going to
    get pricey. Are they going to extradite over a
    class b misdemeanor?

  4. Maybe the NFL needs to have an arrest rule. Other jobs do. Why is it they don’t. ESP when our youth look up to these guys. You’re making millions so that should be the incentive to stay clean with the police. So many different arrests and oh he didn’t show up for court. Well if he feared losing his job like the rest of the working Americans then he might not have been arrested in the first place.

  5. Another example of a player who would rather act like a knucklehead than make millions of dollars. Think about how much NFL money this guy has lost because of his extremely poor choices.

  6. Don’t you love how these X players cannot help themselves but to be in the head lines for bad actions.

  7. You’ve got to admit travelling back to Hawaii to go to court isn’t particularly attractive. You’d think they could work out a plea deal remotely. Then again, when he was with the Vikes, there was quite a bit of joking about Guion’s intelligence (or lack thereof).

  8. In Teddy We Trust says:
    March 7, 2018 at 11:16 am
    Could a day go by without another story about a Packer being arrested or suspended?
    Yes. Yesterday.. Guion isn’t a Packer anymore.

    While with the Vikings “Between 2011 and 2013, Guion was involved in a pair of domestic violence incidents, which resulted in deferred prosecution for two counts of misdemeanor battery”.

    Maybe you can put this particular stone back down.

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