Report: Chris Baker signing with Bengals

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Defensive lineman Chris Baker has agreed to a one-year deal with Cincinnati, via Chick Hernandez of NBC Sports Washington.

Baker, who is down to 300 pounds, has passed his physical, via Hernandez.

The Bucs signed Baker to a three-year, $15.75 million contract, with $6 million guaranteed, during the 2017 offseason. But Baker, who made only 33 tackles in 15 games, didn’t prove a fit in any way, and the Bucs elected to save $4.88 million with his release.

Baker, 30, previously spent five seasons in Washington, where he made 168 tackles and 11.5 tackles.

7 responses to “Report: Chris Baker signing with Bengals

  1. Oh… I forgot… the Cincinnati Bengals need an offensive line,
    a tight end, and a quality #2 wide receiver that gets separation.

  2. One year deal, low risk contract. Not a bad pick up, but not the D Line move I was hoping for. Just please get a deal with Chris Smith

  3. natijim185 says:
    March 7, 2018 at 6:18 pm
    We don’t need DL we need quality OL!!!
    Agreed, but the free agent O Line class is pretty terrible this year. I think its safe to say that they’ll pick up a started in the draft, as any free agent add will only be for depth

  4. We don’t need DL we need quality OL!!!

    1. Based on how the team stopped the run last year, the first part of that statement is incorrect.
    2. Free agency hasn’t started yet. Baker was available because he was cut.
    3. Signing a defensive lineman doesn’t prohibit you from signing an offensive lineman, so I’m not sure what your gripe is.
    4. See above. the free agent line class is not great. Bengals/Mike Brown’s history aside, don’t look to FA to solve the OL issues.
    5. Bengals/Mike Brown history not aside, don’t look for the bengals to do anything meaningful in FA or via trade.

  5. you nit wits are complaining that Cincy signed a D Lineman instead of Offensive Lineman….uh…you probably don’t know this but free agency doesn’t start until next week. Baker was Released so he was already considered to be unemployed. Everybody else must wait until the league year begins. Try keeping up with the facts. Study hard.

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