Report: Dolphins have not ruled out releasing Ndamukong Suh

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The Dolphins continue to ponder what to do with Ndamukong Suh and have not ruled out releasing the defensive tackle, Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports.

Miami, per Jackson, is trying to determine whether to restructure Suh’s contract — if he is willing — or cut him. Suh has a cap hit of $26.1 million for 2018.

The Dolphins have until March 19 to decide their course of action. That’s when $8.5 million of his $17 million base salary becomes guaranteed.

Suh, 31, has made five Pro Bowls. In three seasons in Miami, he has 15.5 sacks and 181 tackles.

29 responses to “Report: Dolphins have not ruled out releasing Ndamukong Suh

  1. Oh wow you mean the Dolphin’s brain trust is just now figuring out that Suh can’t play quarterback even though they gave him a quarterback contract.

  2. Don’t do it!!! The juice isn’t worth the squeeze, the cap hit is too large. Try to restructure. You know he takes up 2 OL and sometimes 3 on every play. If we had real LBs it would make a difference. Instead we have Kiko who is all of 195 lbs soaking wet who gets run over by 185lb RBs.

  3. Cannot believe he would be released. He may be overpaid but he has trade value as he has to be planned for in the opponents game preparations. I personally don’t like him but he is a real beast in the trenches.

  4. 26 million cap charge at 31 and he’s not a QB?

    Okay. I would argue that they haven’t ‘ruled in’ keeping Suh. Maybe Miami doesn’t ‘want to’ but it’s clear they have to eat it sometime soon.

  5. I hope who ever made that deal for the dolphins no longer is employed. Why make a deal that basically forces you to cut a good player. That’s QB money. No D lineman will male that kind of money. You will have almost 1/3 of cap going to 2 players. Suh and the qb

  6. who would trade for him since his current contract pays him so much? the only two options will be either keeping him or cutting him.

  7. Suh is not paid for sacks, for those of you that know football, his job is to take up 2 or 3 OL so the others and the LB can make tackles. He is not worth that contract, but he is still one of the top 5 DT in the game today.

  8. therealtrenches says:
    March 7, 2018 at 10:28 pm

    Great. He can come play for the Eagles for free, like he said he wanted to.

    Why not! The Dolphin’s love GIVING the Eagle’s players, for nothing in exchange.Seems Seattle does too!

  9. He played Detroit like a fiddle. Martin Mayhew had some real stinkers during his time here but not seeing Suh’s imminent departure was easily the stinkiest.

    Aaron Donald fell right into our lap the draft before Suh abandoned us but who did he pick? Eric Ebron. :facepalm:

  10. Suh is not garbage. He also isnt an impact interior d-lineman. For those of you that say “Suh takes up 2-3 lineman”, you are admitting that he is not a impact player. Keith Trayler, Ted Washington, Vince Wilfork all took up 2-3 blockers and they never were considered an elite interior lineman. Suh is over paid but I dont blame him. Blame the team that signed him to that stupid contract. To this day, no team has paid an interior lineman that sort of money and we are 3-4 years into the deal.

  11. Suh was a beast last year and he has been nothing but a good teammate for us. He gets doubled every single play. The problem isn’t Suh. Its that we have no playmakers at LB behind him to showcase the problems he is causing up front. So, bad contract, sure. Bad player, no. Is it his fault they gave it to him, of course not we would have all signed it. But the main problem is that Tannenbaum didn’t put the pieces behind him to in order to put his hard work getting doubled everytime to good use.

  12. Many say how aggressive and tough Suh appears to be. But if you recall most of his penalties are for infractions AFTER the whistle…stomping on a player’s chest to name one…..he’s a bully.

  13. All of you would welcome Suh on your team if the price is right. You cannot deny his talent. His commitment at times, sure but us Detroit fans know exactly who he can be and who he was in Detroit. Come back to D Town SUH!!!!!! He’d bring that attitude back that we had when we had the number 2 ranked defense in the league. Our secondary is worlds ahead of the one we had back in ’14, coupled with a first round dline in the draft, and our linebackers settling in, we could easily have a top 12 defense again instantly! Now if we could get some sort of run game going with the passing game, we could easily get back in the playoff and probably win a game or two.

  14. If you cut him you’re still on the hook for 22,200,000 No team will take on that 26 mil cap hit for Suh, you either restructure or live with Suh for the next two years, any way you cut it Suh should be on this team in 2018

  15. Suh has to be on the team this year. For godsake, you have given Landry away and Ajayi you wont have any fans left soon, if you keep doing this. Fire Tannenbaum right now.

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