Report: Richard Sherman doesn’t want to restructure deal

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Will they or won’t they? Do they or don’t they?

The stories coming out of Seattle have been all over the place, but Gregg Bell of The News Tribune cleared up some of the Richard Sherman reports from today.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and General Manager John Schneider did not have a face-to-face meeting with Sherman. Instead, they talked over the phone as Sherman was headed to Las Vegas for the NFLPA meetings.

Sherman does not want to restructure the final year of his deal to lower his $11 million base salary, per Bell, and the Seahawks are deciding what to do now.

The Seahawks could release Sherman and take their chances that, because he is coming off surgery on both Achilles, he won’t find a big deal elsewhere and could return for less money.

21 responses to “Report: Richard Sherman doesn’t want to restructure deal

  1. SO Sherman will end up making less than he would in Seattle, somewhere else.
    Not sure what any of these guys turn down a paycut. It never works in their favor.
    They always make less and than the paycut and have to move on top of it.

  2. Sherman, Marcus Peters was traded for chump change. The days of divas is over. Good riddance.

    Viewership is down and teams are making less money because of clowns like you. You will bow for the man, or should I say stand for the man, or you will be CK 2.0.

  3. Does anybody else remember when Pete and Russell were standing up there on the podium holding the Lombardi trophy with blue and green confetti falling down around them smiling broadly… and then all of a sudden Richard Sherman forced his way up on the podium between them. He didn’t like being left out.

    I remember Pete’s smile faltering for just a millisecond and figured it would end like this.

    Unlike most haters here I love Richard and for the most part agree with what he says and respect him for saying it. Top 3 corner if not the best over the last five years. So durable until recently…

    That being said I believe it’s time to move on.

  4. Here’s hoping that at this stage of his career someone treats him exactly like he treated Revis.

  5. If he wants out of Seattle, like if he thinks the glory days there are over, then this is the easy way. His cap hit is pretty big so they will certainly pull that trigger. The thing is, the team he has indicated he wants is no lock to look his way so if he does this I hope he does not think he can then just puck the suitor he wants, not unless he is willing to offer himself to that team at a really low price. But then again, with the injury history that might be where he is at with any team.

  6. He’s nothing without a big hitting safety to cover him over the top.

    Jordy Nelson burned him BAD on a TD when it was Sherman Island for real. And that was before he had injury issues.

    He’ll get cut – end up signing somewhere for 8 mill a year over 2 years and disappear.

  7. Sherman tore his achilles tendon. Who knows if he will be as quick or can cut like he did prior to injury. There is little margin for a corner physically diminished.. Wouldn’t be surprised if they cut him once he is medically cleared or come to an injury settlement..

  8. Richard Sherman has other options. Within 5 years Sherman will be head of the Players Assn. Smart guy to get out now while he’s healthy. Thank you Richard, Seattle never will forget the interception in the end zone to propel the team to SB48 to face the greatest regular season offense, statistically, the NFL has ever seen. And EVERYONE picked Denver, so so much for your predictions.

  9. If I’m Sherman, I’m angry that my 10 million cap savings is more valuable than my high level play up to my one and only injury that I incurred while playing hurt for my team. This is why he won’t take a pay cut to play in Seattle. He may only be worth 6-8 million a year somewhere else, but to him, he’s more than worth his original contract to the Seahawks.

  10. Since the league started enforcing defensive holding again in 2014, he has not equaled his career high of 8 interceptions in one season. It may also have something to do with teams choosing not to challenge him. Even when teams do challenge him, as Atlanta has done, he has not done that well, not enough to justify his salary.

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