Report: Seahawks willing to trade Earl Thomas

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The Seahawks are either going to keep safety Earl Thomas . . . or they’re going to trade him.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported two days ago the Seahawks planned to keep Thomas. Now comes word from Mike Silver of NFL Media that the Seahawks are willing to listen to trade offers for Thomas.

Both could end up being right.

The Seahawks probably would trade Thomas if a team offered “a lot in return,” which is what Silver said it would take. But considering Seattle might not get “a lot in return,” Thomas likely ends up on the roster next season.

It doesn’t appear the Seahawks intend to cut Thomas.

Thomas, who has one year left on a four-year, $40 million extension he signed after the 2013 season that made him the league’s highest-paid safety, has threatened to hold out in the absence of a new deal. Seahawks General Manager John Schneider said at the NFL Scouting Combine that he met with Thomas’ representatives in Indianapolis.

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    Thomas may draw interest from the Cowboys who could use a stabilizing force in the secondary.

  2. Yes I hope the cowboys get him. Earl Thomas is great in a defense where the cornerbacks are great. When his cornerbacks went out he sucked.

    As we all know, Dallas secondary can’t cover anybody. Please trade for Earl Thomas!

  3. We will give you mike Mitchell , Martavis Bryant and a 2nd round pick ! Make it happen !!!!

  4. Just keep Russ and get rid of everyone else who makes substantial money. This is a full rebuild situation.

    And you’ll have to draft these new players as well because no free agent is going to want to play in a city with burnt coffee, constant mist, and people cheering the fact that they can throw dead salmon across the room without it touching the ground.

  5. He’s due to make $8.5M the next two years. Expecting some team to take on that contract AND “a lot in return” is very optimistic.

  6. Earl Thomas has been an amazing Free Safety. But isn’t the contractual ceiling for free safeties at the bottom of the barrel compared to other defenders?

  7. What does alot mean? obviously trading our injured superstars is something Schneider is thinking about but im really mad at him because he traded Bennett for a fifth round pick and a guy who barely played in college. If alot means going for anything less than a first round pick and multiple picks in the second and third rounds i am not going to be thrilled, heck the 12th man is not going to be thrilled.

  8. Legion 5th rounders. Seahawks want the whole 5th round of this year’s draft. Everybody minus Wilson available for your round 5 picks! One player for every team holding a pick in the 5th.

  9. Safeties are not valued by NFL teams. They do not have to cover wide receivers in most cases. They are therefore not as crucial to pass defenses as are cornerbacks. Often a cornerback who has gotten older and lost a step or two will be converted to the safety spot. That was the case with Ronnie Lott and Charles Woodson.

  10. Yea, why would any player want to come to a city with a booming economy with companies like Amazon, Boeing, Starbucks, Nintendo, Microsoft just to name a few. Oh yea, just happen to have the richest owner in the NFL ( Paul Allen has more money than all owners combined ) the best practice facility right on lake Washington. I could see why they avoid this place like the plague

  11. eaglesmaina says:
    March 7, 2018 at 8:34 pm
    Yes I hope the cowboys get him. Earl Thomas is great in a defense where the cornerbacks are great. When his cornerbacks went out he sucked.

    As we all know, Dallas secondary can’t cover anybody. Please trade for Earl Thomas!
    No one is going to offer much on a 8m cap charge and I won’t bore you how the Cowboys increased production from their secondary while getting far younger-it’s clear you don’t know much about football.
    Thomas to Dallas is fueled by Thomas telling Garrett after the DAL-SEA game to ‘come get me’ and the fact he has ties to Texas, nothing more. Seattle wants a day 2 pick, but I would think Dallas may be willing to offer a compensatory 5th provided Thomas signs an extension that would pay him like 4m/yr.
    Basically, no deal.

  12. Well, if a trade doesn’t work out, I’m sure Thomas’ relationship with the team will remain just peachy.

  13. Seahawk fans mad at Schneider and Carroll for trying to rebuild on the fly and dump Sherman, Bennett and Thomas….Well I’m not mad for getting something for Michael Bennett because we probably would have cut him if no body offered anything. Sherman is going to be the same way. I loved Sherman in 2011-2014 but man ever since he’s not talked so much trash, he’s been getting burnt on double moves bad….Thomas I think we have a high price tag for him, but since he showed interest in leaving and he’s not necessarily committed to the Seahawks anymore I think we want to ship him out and send a message. Bobby Wagner Shaq Griffin and Dion Jordan are going to be the new cornestones for our defense. Offense its going to be Wilson obviously.

  14. Great news! Trade Thomas, dump his salary, and get better at safety. Most overrated safety in the NFL. Remember Earl Thomas allowing Danny Amendola to catch a TD pass on him in SB49. Thomas is always late covering receivers, allowing them to get behind him, and all he does is arrive on tackles and hit his own players. Gone? Good!

  15. Earl has miles on that short frame and his hands have turned to stone. He has something like a 1/8 catch percentage and seems to break up potential interceptions with his late arriving bowling ball mentality.

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