Steelers free up some cap space, restructure Antonio Brown’s contract

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The Steelers are near the bottom of the NFL in available salary cap space, but they’ve made a move that will help.

Steelers receiver Antonio Brown revealed today that he has restructured his contract. Brown posted a video of agent Drew Rosenhaus saying that the restructure will guarantee Brown’s pay this year but push some of the cap hit to future years to give the Steelers more cap space this year.

Brown is the highest-paid receiver in the NFL, and highly paid players often agree to restructure their deals to create more cap space — while not actually reducing the amount of money the player receives that year.

The Steelers still don’t have a lot of cap space and aren’t likely to be major players in free agency, but the Brown deal at least gives them some wiggle room to get below the salary cap.

14 responses to “Steelers free up some cap space, restructure Antonio Brown’s contract

  1. Steelers are in serious desperation mode. They are stuck with Brown the Clown for years now and they are only borrowing against the future to try to get into the Superbowl with Garbage Time Ben. Not gonna happen. This team is one injury away from total meltdown.

  2. Sure sounds like cap space for Bell. Don’t see anyone else worth mortgaging the future for and even then, is any RB worth screwing up your cap space for the next 5 years? Just ask the Ravens and what Flacco’s contract has done.

  3. redclaw1314 says:
    March 7, 2018 at 12:41 pm
    Steelers are definitely in win now mode. The question is whether or not Big Ben is up to the task.


    By November Bell will be on IR, Ben will be talking about retirement and Tomlin will be staring off into nowhere

  4. So Le’Veon Bell is collateral damage from Colbert kicking the can down the road and strapping this team against the cap. Such a shame, the NFLPA needs to get involved in this as the RB position get seriously taken advantage of in these cases.

  5. The quest for seven Superbowl trophie’s is a tough one. If it were easy it wouldn’t take all of these NFL teams so long to try and catch up.

  6. This is comical at best. So the past 2 seasons Bell over 700 touches, over 3600 yrds and 20 TD’s . AB around 210 touches, over 1800 yrds and 21 TD’s.

    I wouldn’t be so quick to call Bell greedy lol. But until you can understand the business it will always be considered greed to the fanbase.

    I await all thumbs down. Sorry if the truth hurts but I give it to you from a old players perspective.

  7. I don’t think Bell is greedy at all. I also see the other side. RB’s, especially ones used as much as Bell, tend to break down early. Not in every case, but more often than not. Maybe, they are thinking of a deal where they can give him a substantial and maybe a could of years of guaranteed $.

  8. Xfl
    Where are you getting browns numbers? Off the top of my head he has almost 3000 yards the past two seasons….so basically he has the same numbers as Bell with about 500 less touches

  9. This is comical at best. So the past 2 seasons Bell over 700 touches, over 3600 yrds and 20 TD’s . AB around 210 touches, over 1800 yrds and 21 TD’s.
    these numbers are comical Brown has eclipsed 1800 yards in one season before….

  10. I see both sides. Successful teams have proven you can win with a committee of RBs. And Bell hasn’t done himself any favors with questionable comments and multiple, self inflicted suspensions. Not to mention the injuries (not his fault). His lack of breakaway speed is an issue, but you can’t argue with his production. He touches the ball twice as much as receivers making what he is asking. Ultimately, from my perspective, it’s hard to justify breaking the bank for Bell when the defense has so many wholes to fill.

  11. It’s astonishing to read through all of these comments & see how many people know absolutely nothing about football.

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