Washington honoring 1987 replacement players with Super Bowl rings

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Washington won the Super Bowl to end the 1987 season. But the replacement players from that team — who led Washington to a 3-0 record during the strike — have previously had their role recognized only in stories, a movie and a documentary. They had nothing else to show for their contributions.

That is about to change.

Washington announced owner Daniel Snyder plans to honor the replacement players with Super Bowl rings.

“The 3-0 record of the Redskins replacement players was part of the remarkable success of the 1987 Washington Redskins,” Snyder said, via quotes distributed by the team. “Their contributions are part of Redskins history and represent an integral reason why a Lombardi Trophy from the 1987 campaign resides in our facility today. Thanks in part to the generosity of our partners on this project, we are happy to honor these players for their role in that World Championship.”

A documentary titled Year of the Scab, directed by John Dorsey, aired as part of ESPN’s “30 for 30” series in September. The team worked with Dorsey, Baron Rings and Uptown Diamonds to make the rings happen.

Washington finished 11-4 in the regular season in 1987, winning the division on its way to a 42-10 victory over the Broncos in Super Bowl XXII.

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  1. My first reaction was that this is ridiculous. Then I thought about how the Vikings, the team the Redskins beat 17-10 in the NFC championship game, were 0-3 in the replacement games. That left them with an 8-7 record and they had to go on the road for all three playoff games. Had their replacement players gone 3-0 and the Redskins’ had gone 2-1 or worse, the NFC championship would have been played in Minnesota. With such a close game, home field advantage may have changed the outcome. Therefore, the replacement player actually made a big contribution to that Super Bowl season.

  2. joe gibbs redskins are a forgotten dynasty and one of the most innovative offenses of all time. the way they constantly motioned receivers for blocking assignments mixed in with over loaded vertical route patterns is what chip kelly does.
    only gibbs was prolly better at it because he was more focused with dominant oline play than pace. its why he won two superbowls and kelly only made the playoffs once and lost 1st round.

  3. They don’t deserve Super Bowl rings because they didn’t deserve to be in the NFL to begin with.

    But it’s a cute story and at least Redskins players had a spine, unlike the multitude of Cowboys starters who crossed the line.

  4. endtimesparty says:
    March 7, 2018 at 7:11 pm
    That’s one way to get the Redskins rings.


    Hate to break it to you but Washington has three rings. Out of 5 tries. May not like them but their record in the Super Bowl is actually better than most. That’s a .600 winning percentage.

    I think it is classy that they’re recognizing these guys (after 31 years). Everyone else got one whether they played, or even were a player. Agree with earlier poster that their 3-0 record probably helped their path to the SB. Good for Snyder. For once.

  5. Salute to Daniel Snyder for correcting a mistake that wasn’t his in the first place. Guess it’s true . . . it’s never too late to right a wrong. #classymove

  6. I’m curious as to why it didn’t happen then. Teams often give rings to players who were traded, certain non-football staff and others. Was it even considered back then? Did the owner think it might not sit well with the players because the replacement players were there to break the strike? Regardless, kudos to Snyder and the Redskins.

  7. Maybe Danny sending a little reminder of what happens every time the players convince themselves they have the upper hand in collective bargaining negotiations?

  8. Nice to see Snyder do this. The NFL regulars won’t like it but they made the choice to strike, and the owners responded. If I had been given the opportunity to play in those games I would have taken it without a second thought.

  9. For those not in the know, several of Dallas’s veterans crossed the picket lines….and when the Cowboys played the scabs, the scabs won.
    Just for that, they deserve something

  10. Yeah that la very cool Snyder is doing that. That documentary is excellent too. I have a ton of respect for Joe Gibbs but it rubbed me the wrong way how cagey he was when asked if he thought the replacement players deserved a ring. I understand not going against the wishes of the owner but still.

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