A month later, Boston Herald has nothing more to say about the Ron Borges hoax

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It was a month ago today that a prankster contacted Boston Herald columnist Ron Borges, claiming to be the agent for Tom Brady with a big scoop: Brady was planning to hold out of offseason work for a new contract.

Borges ran with the story, attributing it to unnamed “sources” (plural), and the Boston Herald splashed it across their front page. The next day the prankster revealed himself and the paper released a statement retracting the column and announcing that Borges had been “suspended pending further review.”

A month later, Borges has yet to write for the paper since. So what happened to that “further review”? Has his suspension turned into a termination, or will he be back at the Herald? PFT put that question to Herald sports editor Sean Leahy, who answered, “There’s no update beyond what the company said last month.”

The Herald still lists Borges as one of its two sports columnists, even though he hasn’t written for the paper for a month and even though they’re not saying whether he will return to the paper. On social media, Borges is acting as if he still works for the paper: This morning he tweeted at a Herald colleague who’s leaving for the Boston Globe with the message, “Our loss is most certainly the Globe‘s gain.” Yesterday Borges tweeted that he’s “waiting to see what the new owners of the Herald do with those 25% layoffs.” The Herald was recently sold to a company that plans to lay off a quarter of the employees.

Borges remains on the Pro Football Hall of Fame selection committee, and he says on social media that he’s writing a book and producing a documentary. During his former job at the Boston Globe, Borges was suspended for plagiarism, and no one who has followed his career can be surprised that he got suspended again at the Herald. And yet his career continues to move along, despite the kinds of journalistic lapses that sometimes end careers.

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  1. Shame on them. Because when a company says they’ll “review” misconduct or embarrassing things about their own company, they are usually transparent and update the public in a timely manner. To “review” in today’s corporate world actually means “we’re going to remain quiet on the subject until everyone forgets about it”.

  2. Yet they’re probably meeting in the publisher’s office right now scratching their heads over why people don’t trust the media any more. Somebody will suggest tweaking the font size.

  3. Trying to sweep it under the rug like, just like the media did with Dan Patrick’s “report” about none of the Redskins’ receivers liking Kurt Cousins. Fake Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen tricked him.

  4. Let’s hope the Herald doesn’t lay off another writer who is trying to make a living and keeps this guy. He has proven twice now that he cannot be trusted. That should be it.

  5. How has he not been fired? He’s a hack. He’s a well known plagiarist that uses fake sources to attack people.

    The Boston Herald should be sued out of existence if they don’t fire him.

  6. The Media lie and fabricate and behave unethically for clicks, views and dollars.

    “I’m shocked,” said no one paying attention for at least the last two years.

  7. The herald has never held any of their sports writers to any ethical standard and certainly borges is the worst of a bad lot.

    Regardless, belichick just has to enjoy seeing him twist slowly in the wind.

  8. exinsidetrader says:

    March 8, 2018 at 4:30 pm

    The Media lie and fabricate and behave unethically for clicks, views and dollars.

    “I’m shocked,” said no one paying attention for at least the last two years.
    A lot longer than 2 years, more like 15 to 20.

  9. Tomase lied and kept his Herald job …… why should we expect any more from them with Borges.

    He’s a biased hack plagiarist, who got a hatchet job handed to him, and he was too eager to smear New England to check his facts.

    The Herald thinks we’ll forget about him ….. just wait until his first story gets printed!

    Fire this clown, Herald, or have your reputation shot to hell.

  10. The thing is, that went deeper than Borges, the efitorial staff had to sign off before that story gets printed. And it wasnt just printed, it needed sign off to the top of the efitorial staff to be the main headline leading the sports page. And they all knew it was an unsubstantiated story from a single unconfirmed voice on the phone when they devided to run it anyways. In the news business that was recklessness beyond belief at an organizational level. So they need to handle this carefully, there is a lot of culpability to go around and it goes way over Borges’s head. If they simply fire him he mght as well start naming who and take a few careers with him. He could talk about the screening or lack of that the Heralld does before reporting info. He could expose a lot of bad practices. So they are kerping his byline out of sight while giving him plenty of cushion to find a job elsewhere that he can move to gracefully. They do have to give it time because he is not real employable so finding that new job might take a bit.

  11. The news business for the most part is a joke. Very few in the media came out against Borges and I can’t think of anyone that called for his job. You know they’re just going to see how it plays out. Does Borges quit? Take some much needed time off to reflect and seek counseling? Until the industry polices itself, not a thing will change.

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