Baker Mayfield hits it off with Dolphins, Broncos staffs at combine

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Baker Mayfield has visits set up with the Giants, Jets and Browns, but the University of Oklahoma quarterback said in a Sports Illustrated story he hit it off with the Broncos and Dolphins at the combine. Miami is among the teams scheduled to work him out privately in Norman.

Mayfield told Robert Klemko he believes he aced the tests given by Miami, Denver, New Orleans and a handful of other teams that asked him to dissect a play drawn up by a coach on a white board.

Miami’s was a gun, Richmond protection, with an out route and backside go,” Mayfield said, via Klemko. “Denver was Dice right, 72, seam on the backside and a dig.”

Mayfield said several teams seem interested in learning OU’s offense beyond just testing his knowledge of it.

“Some teams are just analyzing our offense,” Mayfield said. “You look at Philadelphia running RPOs, and what [Sean] McVay is doing with the Rams. Some of what we did is the next step for the NFL. They have to adapt to the players, and that’s what it’s all about. It’s not old-school football anymore. You’ve got to play to your players’ talents.”

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  1. If a team is looking to hire a salesman, Mayfield sounds pretty good. I was just watching this thing called the super bowl. The QB’s weren’t very athletic. Brady and Foles didn’t run around too much, yet there was only one sack in the entire game, even though there were 92 passes thrown. Sorry to throw water on your argument Baker, but NFL quarterbacking is still a mental game. Athletic QB’s like Carson Wentz and Aaron Rodgers are always going to succeed, but they’ve got the mental part and the accuracy down. I hope Mayfield succeeds because he’s fun to watch. But I remember how Steve Young struggled early, and he had a great arm. Sometimes the great athleticism slows down your learning process. I mean, why sit back there and get whacked when you can tuck it and run for 25 yards?

  2. I am not a Mayfield fan. I didn’t think much of him during the college season, and I’m never too high on QB’s coming out of the Big 12, but when I watched his film, damn. Out of top 4 QBs in the draft, he might be the best passer. He fit more balls into NFL-tight coverage than any of the other 4 QB’s. (Rosen was 2nd), and I was also impressed by his foot work and the fact that he set his feet on almost every throw. I was very surprised to see that, and quite frankly, it kind of pissed me off. If I’m taking a QB to put in the lineup on Day 1, I would probably take Mayfield and then Rosen. If I’m sitting a guy for a year or two, then I’d probably look a little closer at Darnold and Allen. I’m a Giants fan, and I will be pissed if they take Mayfield, but I think the Jets, Broncos, and Dolphins would be great fits for him.

  3. Because Mayfield isn’t 2″ taller doesn’t mean he’s not an athlete. Regarding your SB comment, I didn’t notice your “athletic” Wentz or Rogers on either team — just very accurate guys who make few mistakes. Hmm, that sounds exactly like Baker, the most accurate QB in the history of college FB. Perhaps you should watch film more to discover he moves around well in the pocket but runs with the ball rarely. Salesman? Please! Encourage you to pick a QB for your team that isn’t confident in his abilities. I want the guy who is.

  4. I prefer Baker the most out of all the 1st round college QBs. Broncos – make it happen!

  5. “ncphinsfan says:

    March 8, 2018 at 7:40 pm
    Just outright silly… no way he makes it to the Dolphins at 11.”

    You’re 100% correct but never discount Tannebum and the Fins moronic FO having a panic sale trying to move up to get him (and, as usual, giving up too much and throwing away picks).

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