Baker Mayfield sets up visits with Browns, Giants, Jets

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Quarterback Baker Mayfield said at the Scouting Combine that he believes he is the right guy to lead the Browns to a long-awaited turnaround.

He’ll get a chance to make that case directly to the Browns in the future. Mayfield told Robert Klemko of that the Browns, who own the first and fourth overall picks, are one of three teams that have set up visits with Mayfield in the coming weeks. The Giants, who pick second, and the Jets, who pick sixth, are the other two teams.

The Browns and Jets also plan to have Mayfield go through a private workout at the University of Oklahoma as they continue their scouting process. The Dolphins and Saints have made the same arrangements and the workouts will take place after Oklahoma’s March 14 Pro Day.

Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson and Mason Rudolph will likely be scheduling similar meetings with teams and the results of those conversations will have a lot to do with how the early part of the draft plays out in April.

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  1. it matters not which team he goes to, he has to sit to be successful, cant throw him to the wolves with a bottom tier team…


  2. If the lowly Browns manage this draft correctly, they could be set up for a very long run of success. Mayfield with the 4th pick, Saquon with the 1st, Mark Andrews with the 33rd. So much potential here for them. We’ll see.

  3. He’s got a lot of fire, but I’m not sure he has an NFL arm. You’ve got to fit the ball into tight spaces to be successful at the professional level. Looking at you too Josh Allen.

  4. He would be the consensus top pick if he were a mere 3 inches taller. The NFL and their arbitrary height rules are so short sighted. Never mind that most of the great QBs in league history were 6 foot 2 inches or shorter, now the league considers you a bum if you’re not 6 foot 4 inches. Insanity!

  5. Mayfield is my choice for the Browns. If they draft him or not they need to get the qb they are after with the first pick. Anyone suggesting they take Barkley at one is nuts. They can’t gamble on someone else possibly trading up to snag the qb they targeted! I am in no way hating on Barkley. That kid is a freak of nature! But the Browns need to draft their guy for qb with the first pick.

  6. All 4 of Thea top QB’s in this draft not by their pedigree but it’s the need of having your own young QB to lead your team into the future. These guys are all strong prospects but not 1 is the clear top #1 guy w everyone disagreeing. But hecause of the state if the league w the next generation of great QB’s is upon us. Which will since in next 7-10 years.
    Abd just like every single recent year w multipl 1st rd QB prospects muktiple trades will happen. If it wasn’t for Barkley I believe w trades they go top 4. Not in any world my top 4 in the draft but to be able to sell your city u got a top 5 1st rd pick. Den might get thae last guy studs like Fitzpatrick Chubb will drop for DESPERATE QB teams. Jets r gonna have to move up Colts r 100% trading that pick is my prediction. Car I believe wil also trade 4 for 56 or 6 as Den won’t be Chi trading up they got NY right behind them. Of course depending on Cousins sweepstake. Who knows I don’t believe Den but if QB’s went 1-4 abd they got Cousins & Barkley that’d be sick.
    I know axle has 1-4 abd 4 abd talk of them taking Barkley who i believe is the best player in the draft abd isn’t close. A lot of great RB’s played til at least 30. Lynch AP LT Emmitt so the argument u get 6 years is absurd. I really bet the Rams w Gurley the Jags w Leonard r really kicking themselves now. I think Cle should use both picks but have a feeling they go QB & trade 2nd pick as its 4th theirs 4 QB’s & if Indy somehow stays at 3 it gives #4 the choice between 2. QB needy teams ALWAYS reach in 1st abd if u miss out on the 4 u miss the excitement it brings to city new expectations w not a ton of pressure til year 3 where u need to be legit.
    Say Cousins signs w Minny not my pick but Den & NY need 3 & 4 the Colts & browns get their choice of Chubb Fitzpatrick & Barkley. That leaves #7 w a stud whoever they don’t pick which makes 5,6,&7 also valuable trade picks. Cle has new regime but have been one to trade down trade down and stick pile picks. Even if Indy and Cle trade 3&4 not to Den&NY at 5$6 Cle & Indy may fall father in first but either way I believe Den & NY will pick 2 of the studs left. I’m just saying not many if maybe 1 which is probably different than all the experts is a to 10 player I reallly think we see trades at 3&4 w QB’s going 1,2,3,4 which means the Next 6 picks are gonna be like too 6 picks in the draft some 5* players especially if Barkley falls outta the top 10.
    Barkley would be only reason 3 or 4 wouldn’t trade out but as proven in history drafting up for a player and drafting up for a QB is different u get a 1 this year a 1 next year w like a 3 this year and a 4th next year as teams will be bidding against themsekvrs even if Cousins picks Den or NY the other two teams and plenty of other team like a Mia would be trading up crazy if Gase feel in love w a QB.
    In conclusion of my rambling I’d like to say every single mock is ridiculous as I believe there will more trades this year in the top 3 & 4 maybe 7 for 4th QB by the latest and a lot of good players will be bumped down

  7. bigugly2005 says:
    March 8, 2018 at 12:19 pm
    If the lowly Browns manage this draft correctly, they could be set up for a very long run of success. Mayfield with the 4th pick, Saquon with the 1st, Mark Andrews with the 33rd. So much potential here for them. We’ll see.

    Financials are completely overlooked in your theory. The Browns have drafted many top picks in the past few years and in the next 2-3 years each one of these guys will demand a Rookie Extension or have to “Be Paid”. You simply can’t keep them all and will lose many of them to FA. Moneyball does not work in the NFL. Top Players on mediocre (or bad)teams get paid the either way. Just look at Jarvis Landry. $16M Tag!! He was a great Draft pick for $900K for the past 4 yrs. I rest my case.

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