Dan Fouts isn’t a fan of his old team using PSLs

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The new L.A. stadium will use Personal Seat Licenses. The Chargers and Rams are calling them Stadium Seat Licenses, but it’s the same thing: A one-time fee for the privilege of buying the season tickets associated with the seat.

Former Chargers quarterback Dan Fouts isn’t a fan of the PSL/SSLs.

“It is ridiculous,” Fouts told The Mark & Rich Show on XTRA 1360 in San Diego. “PSLs are such a form of extortion it’s unbelievable, and yet they’re allowed. But that’s the way it is these days, and teams continue to sell out in a number of stadiums, obviously,  around the country.”

Yes they do. And PSLs wouldn’t be used if people didn’t buy them.

At least in the case of the Chargers and Rams, the stadium won’t be publicly financed. Rams owner Stan Kroenke is footing the bill, and whether the teams choose to use seat licenses — and whether fans choose to pay for them — is a business decision that each side has the right to make.

So it’s not extortion. It’s part of the price to be paid to attend the game, no different than the price to be paid for anything else that can be bought and sold. Under the basic principles of free and open markets, the seats will sell subject to their terms of sale if enough customers choose to pay whatever it takes to buy them.

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  1. The Chargers better be careful. Thats going to look pretty bad when the stadium is half full. Rams will do a little better but not much. If the prices are too high they wont even come close to selling out. LA is just not that great of a football town. You have to win. LA is lucky that there is no Blackout rule anymore.

  2. I am a season ticket holder for the Chargers including their first year at Stub Hub in Carson, CA. It was a significant price increase at Stub Hub. Now they are just coming out with the pricing for the new LA stadium and it is so damn expensive just for the PSLs. I decided to drop my tickets at Stub Hub and will not pay the hug price increases for LA. It’s sad because I’ve been a season ticket holder for 19-years. Instead I will skip paying for two preseason games, skip paying for a PSL and instead I will attend 3-4 games per year and buy tickets on the secondary market at a significant reduction from face value. With the money I save I will put my 18-year old daughter through college. Sorry NFL, but this has gotten out of control.

  3. The problem with the PSLs in this case is which fan gets to claim jus primae noctis for their seat for an event? I assume the Rams fan (unless the Charger fan picks a seat where no Ram fan will sit).

    The only ones in the LA market paying for the PSLs are the corporations. Corporates are not the fans. Their employees and families maybe, but that’s it. The Raiders pulled that crap and many balked (and just by individually). Imagine you buy your seat, throw down the PSL fee and the guy next to you doesn’t have the fee because they did not unload all the PSLs. I’m POd.

  4. Agreed Florio – and if they don’t, then the market is clearly not there, and Management will likely make a different decision down the line. “Extortion” is way too strong a word. Plus what is often forgotten is that if the teams do well, the PSL value can increase like an asset – which is how mine worked a few years back.

  5. Yep, as long as there are idiots willing to give their money away to billionaires, those owners will always be there to take the money from the suckers.
    Absurd PSL fees, ever increasing ticket prices and parking fees, yet people will continue to give away money to make the rich even richer. That money could be used on your own families or a good cause, but instead the money is given over to the greed of the rich, while they laugh at all the fools

  6. hmmmm season tickets plus a premium tax on the right to buy season tickets……or just go to 2 games and buy on secondary market probably at a discounted price? Tough decision there.

  7. how in the world do these “fans” expect to recieve a personal seat without forking over hard cash? face it, u want 2 earn the privlege of attending a nfl game then its youre duty to support the shield.

  8. People are nuts to be spending this kind of money on PSLs. As big of a fan as I am, I wouldn’t fork this kind of dough over to watch. Plus, how long are stadiums lasting these days before being called old & needing replaced? But they plan on refunding money back….after 50 years? The whole thing makes me cringe & laugh at the same time.

  9. The ‘ordinary guy’ has to be a stupid fool to fund this nonsense.
    It’s obvious the Rams and Chargers are targeting the very well off in So Cal, of which there are many.
    These football clubs want their type of fan in the stands. Not those you see at Dodger games or Raider games of the 80’s. Get my drift?

  10. If the stadium is self financed then I see no problem with an owner selling (trying to) PSL’s to offset construction costs, the market will bear what it bears…

    Mr. Fouts, the stadium that you played in cost $27.75 million ($204 million in 2017 dollars) to build not 2.6 billion…different solutions for different times.

  11. It’s funny that everybody commenting on PSL’s have never bought a PSL. I purchased PSL’s for my hometown team and bought season tickets for 10 years. When I decided to stop going to games I sold my PSL’s – for a profit. It’s an asset that can either go up or down in value over time. At least here, there’s an active market for PSL’s.

  12. Beware PSL buyers, the Rams pulled that same crap when they moved to St Louis. Ask anyone in St Louis if they feel like they got their moneys worth.

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