DeMaurice Smith: Ban the team that asked the Derrius Guice question from the Combine

NFL Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith has a simple solution to the problem of teams asking players inappropriate questions at the Scouting Combine: Keep the teams that do it from participating.

Smith said on PFT Live that he thinks the team that asked running back Derrius Guice if he likes men should not be permitted to participate in the Scouting Combine going forward.

“Find out what team did it and ban them from the Combine,” Smith said. “The question is inappropriate. Questions along these lines are always inappropriate.”

Smith said he doesn’t like the whole way the NFL treats players entering the league, although those players are not yet union members and so there’s only so much he can do for them.

“I’ve never been a fan of the Combine,” Smith said.

The players themselves are in an awkward situation because if they push back against inappropriate questions, they risk getting labeled a problem, hurting their own draft stock and earning potential. So it’s on the NFL to force teams to knock it off.