Ezekiel Elliott tweets thanks to Jerry Jones

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones took one for the team, reimbursing the league more than $2 million in legal fees this week. The fees were for offering “substantial assistance” to Ezekiel Elliott during the running back’s suspension litigation.

Elliott tweeted his thanks to Jones today.

Much love and thanks to Mr. Jones for standing behind me — as he does for all of his players,” Elliott wrote. “Great appreciation. Time to move on and look forward to a great season in ’18.”

Elliott eventually served the six games last season, and the Cowboys went 3-3 without him. He rushed for 983 yards and seven touchdowns in 10 games after leading the league in rushing as a rookie.

13 responses to “Ezekiel Elliott tweets thanks to Jerry Jones

  1. Goodell is a liar and a thief. And a cheater. Period.

    Jerrah probably should have taken a principled stand on Goodell during Deflategate (and Spygate), instead of going along with the framing.

    Now, his player gets framed and only now does he care for his own selfishness.

    Such a stand up, quality guy.

  2. Best owner in all of sports. Don’t think so, you are just a hater. GM, not so much, but not a better owner around.

  3. @ tylawspick6 says:

    “Goodell is a liar and a thief. And a cheater. Period.”

    I agree.

    Jerrah probably should have taken a principled stand on Goodell during Deflategate (and Spygate), instead of going along with the framing.”

    I disagree, and Jerrah is allowed to do whatever he wants as an owner, as Kraft is afforded the same liberty. Brady destroyed his cell phone, which was tampering with evidence (whether he was guilty or not). Zeke did nothing but be up front – it was his girlfriend who was the psycho liar, there was zero evidence against Zeke (plenty against his girlfriend after the Ohio PD investigated), and Zeke still got 6 games after a year long “investigation” and without destroying any evidence (because there was none). The Patriots still won the SB after Brady missed his 4 games, so WHY are you still so chapped about this? Suck it up and let it go, bro.

    “Now, his player gets framed and only now does he care for his own selfishness.”

    Whatever. Jerrah has had Zeke’s back from day one, which was obvious. Goodell decided to go after Jones (and Brady) because he could, and Jerrah was the ONLY owner who stood up against Goodell and his ridiculous contract extension. By the way, where was Kraft when Elliott got framed? Why did he choose to not take a “principled stand” against the same guy who benched his QB for supposedly doing nothing wrong? Where was Kraft when both Washington and the Dallas had tens of millions of dollars docked of cap space for spending more in an “uncapped” year? Oh, right – the Patriots were the recipient of a percentage of that extra cap space. Why would Kraft complain when he stood to gain cap space. Jerrah had NOTHING to gain with Brady being suspended 4 games.

    If you are going to accuse another owner of not backing your team, then you need to look at your own team’s owner as well. It is time to get over the loss in Minnesota, and stop lashing out at anything and anyone. Try some zinc for that rash of yours – it has always worked well for crying babies.

  4. Don’t worry about it, Zeke. Even the people who display false moral outrage toward you read the accusers text messages exonerating you. And yes, if a hot girl motioned them to grab her boobs at a party they would have done so as well.

  5. All the Patriots fans who compare the situation are delusional. One, an infraction that involves the game of football occurred — and likely more than once, and likely for many years. The amount of evidence proving this happened is mountainous. If you’ve read the Wells Report and you still think Brady and the Patriots are innocent, I have no words. The other is something unrelated to the game of football and was investigated properly by the authorities and not even enough evidence was found to press charges, much less find him guilty. One of these situations deserves a football punishment. One of the situations deserves a court of law. You decide which one, and which person actually got screwed over and which person got off lucky only getting 4 games. Pete Rose was banned for life from Baseball for betting in games his team didn’t even play. Brady systematically cheated for years and PAID PEOPLE TO HELP HIM CHEAT and got 4 games. If you ask me, he got off light.

  6. I am a Cowboys fan and biased. Having said that, Zeke got railroaded here negatively impacted the season. I am not going to recap the case of the NFL against Zeke. He got suspended for nothing and Jerry did what he could to support him. Frankly, I don’t care about what happened to Brady. I don’t care that Jerry did not support Brady or the Patriots. I do care about a commissioner who suspends a player without cause. Saying you were abused should not be a litmus test. The investigative results were inclusive, at best. If and/or when it happens to your team, you will feel my pain. The owners should have fired Goodell instead of giving him a raise!

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