Report: Jonathan Martin had loaded gun, knife, ax when picked up

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A new report is offering even more disturbing details in the recent case of former Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin.

According to TMZ, when Martin was taken into custody recently, he had a loaded shotgun, a knife and an ax.

Martin was checked into a mental health facility after he made a threatening social media post which mentioned his former high school and former teammate Richie Incognito.

The report also outlines threatening messages from Martin to former classmates, who he accused of bullying him. Officials said they picked up Martin after getting a call about a “suicidal male with a gun.”

Martin’s case is obviously a sad one, and the entire situation which began during his Dolphins days was one the NFL never seemed to get its arms around.

The only hope is that he’s getting the help he needs now, and that others might reach out before their situations reach such critical ends. While the NFL culture doesn’t seem as open to acknowledging mental health issues (as a number of NBA stars are talking about their own struggles), perhaps Martin’s case can act as a springboard for more discussion.

41 responses to “Report: Jonathan Martin had loaded gun, knife, ax when picked up

  1. Wow, hopefully he’s processing all of his issues in a healthy way in therapy. I wonder why this wasn’t caught during the due diligence process when he was drafted.

  2. He was probably just going to target practice at the gun range with the gun, chop some firewood with the ax, and then make a skin suit from kidnapped women with the knife. All harmless activities which are easily explained. “It puts the lotion in the basket.”

  3. First, I hope he gets the help he needs.

    Second, this is what happens when the league takes a kangaroo court approach to investigations. Instead of driving towards predetermined outcomes, a genuine neutral third party may have identified the larger issue and addressed it with real help.

  4. “the entire situation which began during his Dolphins days”
    The fact that he threatened his high school as well makes me think his troubles started long before any run-in he had with Richie.

  5. Similar situations play out hundreds of times per day across the USA. By that, I mean suicidal people in possession of weapons. Police are called, the people are brought to a hospital where some receive care and others are sent home. The biggest issue is a complete lack of resources in terms of mental health care. Some suicidal people will sit in a Hospital for several weeks waiting for a bed to open up in a facility. Funding is badly needed for both facilities and for professionals to treat these people.

  6. Dude is a nut. His own mental issues screwed others over. Incognito deserves an apology from all you people who jumped to Martins defense. I for one never doubted this guy was screwing the locker room up.

  7. Sensible gun control is needed and all but that’s not going to stop the crazies from doing crazy things. We have to do a better job teaching our children that bullying is not acceptable. Standing up for those who can’t should be the norm not the exception.

  8. I feel negative pity for this bonafide clown! Built like Tarzan & acts like Jane. This A** clown publicly admitted that he has an issue with acceptance and that half of the Dolphins scandal was due to him not placing an effort on drawing the line between Incognito and Pouncey’s antics. Screw Jonathan Martin. Stay where you’re at.

  9. This is why teams need to ask any and all questions during the interview phase. To keep nuts like this out of the game. I still havent seen any proof that an inappropriate question was asked though.

  10. Maybe if teams weren’t always so busy asking about sexual orientations or whether their moms are prostitutes, someone might have picked up on this dudes obviously damaged psyche a bit sooner.

  11. Incógnito in a sense was wrongfully terminated. In hindsite I believe he probabaly did hassle Martin a little but was’nt astute enough to realize the guy had mental issues. Incognito had to fight his way back into the league and play at a pro-bowl level. That I’m impressed by.

  12. I feel for the guy. I do. He’s got issues that probably existed long before Richie Incognito got a hold of him. Who knows what brought them to the surface now, or if they’d always been there. Wouldn’t be the first time that the league had decided on the outcome of an investigation, regardless of the facts.

  13. INTERESTING FACT #1: People who are bullied often repeat the abuse on others when they get bigger and/or accumulate power

    INTERESTING FACT #2: When li’ richie was a child… he was bullied for being overweight

  14. Latinlover11 bc they were too busy asking him if he was gay lolololololol. Sad thing is, another school shooting this morning, and how many more of these guys are just waiting their turn? Good thing he was at least caught before God forbid.

  15. fsstnotch says:
    March 8, 2018 at 3:16 pm
    Dude is 6’5″ 315lbs and he was bullied? C’mon man
    Not only was he big, but he had millions of dollars too. There no reason why he should have mental issues.


  16. Most people I know have a loaded gun, knife, and an ax. The fact of having weapons available doesn’t increase the likelihood of mental illness, so I fail to see the point. After all, I own a car, but I’ve ever had the urge to mow somebody down with it.

  17. when Martin was taken into custody recently, he had a loaded shotgun, a knife and an ax.

    so was he holding one of the weapons with an arm coming out of his ass? cause thats pretty impressive.

  18. Axes and knives should be banned!
    Ah, you’re one of those “if we ban guns people will just use other weapons” guys. Great rationale.

  19. He may have been bullied in school. Something terrible probably did happen to him. Definitely needs help and I’m glad they got him so he can get it and it didn’t become a tragedy. Some people are so screwed up they can’t see it on their own and don’t know how to find ways to heal. Then some people are also so evil they don’t care how much they’ve destroyed or hurt someone. Both very sad situations. When you wake up each day make a promise to be kind to those you love but even more kind to those you don’t. While you enjoy life you may have caused someone to break inside

  20. This guy running around with half a deck and a loaded shotgun has nothing to do with Incognito. He hasn’t even seen Incognito in what 2 to 3 years.

  21. billswillnevermove says:
    March 8, 2018 at 7:29 pm
    The guy was not bullied at all, has mental issues. Dude is off the hook.


    The guy was bullied by Incognito and that was proven. “Dude” as you refer to him was thrown off 2 college football teams as well as the KC Chiefs and also sexually assaulted a female with a golf club at a Fins golf tournament…..

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