Ryan Fitzpatrick set to return to Bucs

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When the Bears announced that quarterback Mike Glennon will be released once the new league year starts on March 14, some people wondered if he might return to his former gig as Jameis Winston‘s backup in Tampa.

It doesn’t look like that is how things will play out, however. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Buccaneers are expected to re-sign 2017 backup Ryan Fitzpatrick before free agency opens next week.

Fitzpatrick saw action in six games last season and started three times while Winston was dealing with shoulder trouble. He was 96-of-163 for 1,103 yards, seven touchdowns and three interceptions in those outings. The Buccaneers won two of the three games he started.

The Bucs also had Ryan Griffin on the roster as their No. 3 quarterback. He remains under contract for the 2018 season.

UPDATE 5:31 p.m. ET: Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times reports Fitzpatrick has agreed to terms.

4 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick set to return to Bucs

  1. Yeah…with numbers like that, I see no reason not to re-sign him as a backup. Glennon was 1-4, with 4TDs and 5 INTs, for 833 yards. I think I would take my chances on Fitz.

    Honestly Glennon might find a hard time landing a backup job after his audition in Chicago. I know the Bears have serious holes in their offense especially at WR, but he was quite terrible….

  2. This was a smart move by the Bucs. I was hoping the Bears would pick him up as their backup. Plus, hopefully nothing happens to Winston (I’m a huge fan) but at least they have someone who won’t lose them games.

  3. The only QB on the roster who will “lose them games” is Winston. The turnovers that he consistently commits have lost more than a few games for the Buccaneers in the past two seasons. His penchant for fumbling at the most crucial point in a game is almost as bad at his attempts to complete a pass for over 40 yards. When a big play is needed, you can count on Winston to throw an interception or fumble almost every time.

  4. Glennon actually wasn’t terrible. The Bears, however, were quite terrible, at least on offense. Compare Glennon’s numbers to Trubisky’s, and I think you might find not too much of a difference…

    Glennon has talent. Maybe not a franchise guy, but the Bears knew that when they signed him to a three year deal (that really was a year to year to deal in disguise). They knew Trubisky was a project, but a project with talent. They figured Glennon could start a couple of years while Trubisky learned, but they didn’t figure the fan reaction would be so bad. It’s less on Glennon than it is on the Bears offensive staff, in my opinion.

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