Report: Seahawks to release Jeremy Lane

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The Seahawks are expected to release cornerback Jeremy Lane as they continue their defensive makeover, Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times reports.

That will save Seattle $4.75 million in salary cap space.

The Seahawks traded Lane to the Texans as part of the Duane Brown deal, but Lane failed his physical and returned to Seattle.

Lane, 27, was arrested in January for DUI.

Seattle made Lane a sixth-round pick in 2012, and in six seasons, he has played 70 games with 21 starts. He is signed for two more years with non-guaranteed salaries of $6 million each season.

20 responses to “Report: Seahawks to release Jeremy Lane

  1. Another one of the long string of CB’s behind Dick Sherman who were supposed to be “great” according to Doves fans, only to end up being bums.

  2. Pre-Super Bowl knee and wrist injuries Lane was a great player. Excellent in the slot and on excelled on special teams. Since then it has been sloppy play, too much after the whistle, and bad decision making off the field. Definitively not a $5mil player.

  3. locobrownrams says:
    March 8, 2018 at 4:55 pm
    Bro, the Seahawks need to do this. They were horrible last year. 9-7 could have easily been 6 – 10. They might have been better off w/the record.
    Lost a home game to the Redskins in the final minute in which Blair Walsh missed 3 field goals.
    Lost a home game to the Cardinals last second when Blair Walsh missed a 48 yard game winning field goal.
    Lost a home game to the Falcons on a last second Blair Walsh missed game tying field goal.

    There’s 3 games right there where if they had a decent kicker….Ls turn to Ws. The fact Wilson and the coaching staff never adjusted to having a crappy kicker is just as much to blame in those games though. Russell took foot off the gas as soon as they got into borderline field goal range with Blair freaking Walsh on the sidelines.

  4. Horrible is 9-7? I guess in the Seahawks world these days but talk to a Jets fan or a Cleveland fan and they might disagree a bit.

    Lane and his salary were supposed to be gone last year in the Sheldon Richardson trade. The Jets sent him back due to injury so it is no surprise the Hawks still needed to drop that salary this off season.

    The patriots rebuilt and made it back with Tom and Bill. The Seahawks hope to do the same with Russell and Pete.

    Of course everybody has got an opinion about what’s going on but we will ALL have to wait until next year to find out how it actually works out.

  5. He was gone last season but failed physical. If released, Doubt he will get big money, so would not be surprised if he comes back for a one year prove it type of contract.

  6. Lane’s an often injured bonehead, mal-content and not worth anywhere near $4.75M. They’ve still got Griffin, Maxwell, Thorpe and Coleman. Shead should be back this year, plus whoever else they may pick up this offseason. I’m happy with this move.

  7. Salary dump? Funny….all those Seahawks fans were in denial about their salary cap situation.

  8. after Lane, and Richard Charmin have been released, the only members of the Legion of Bust left are Kam Chancellor, Byron Maxwell and Earl Thomas. Chancellor may never play again because of a neck injury, and Thomas may be on the way out, either traded this year or allowed to leave as a free agent in 2019.

  9. Great slot guy until Edelman took him out in the Superbowl. He’ll get a prove it deal somewhere, and either stick on as a third corner or be cut midseason. Any team using a lot of nickel coverage in their defense could be bothered to make him an offer after the draft.

  10. I kept getting told the Seahawks were done after SB48. I still keep hearing about how, now, the Seahawks are done. Damn, that was a long, slow decline.

  11. “Lane and his salary were supposed to be gone last year in the Sheldon Richardson trade. The Jets sent him back due to injury so it is no surprise the Hawks still needed to drop that salary this off season.”


    Lane was supposed to be a part of the Duane Brown trade with Houston. We got Sheldon in a trade with the Jets for Kearse. Try to keep up.

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