Titans will release DeMarco Murray

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DeMarco Murray said in January that he’s “very confident” that he can still be a lead back in an NFL offense.

He’ll have to prove his case with someone other than the Titans. The team announced on Thursday that they’ve told Murray that he will be released.

“I want to thank DeMarco for his contributions as a Titan, not only for what he did on the field but also in the locker room and in the community,” Titans General Manager Jon Robinson said in a statement. “He was a pro in every facet and we wish him and his family the best moving forward.”

Murray was set to make $6.5 million in salary and bonus during the 2018 season and had the same cap hit. The Titans will get all of that money back once Murray is officially off the roster.

Murray ran 184 times for 659 yards and six touchdowns last season and missed the team’s final three games with a knee injury. Derrick Henry led the Titans in rushing and will take over as the No. 1 back now that Murray will be heading elsewhere to continue his career.

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  1. After watching him as an Eagle, I can say Murray gave more to the Titans than I thought he would. I just don’t see him as anything more than a backup going forward. All those years the boys ran him into the ground. They will do the same with Zeke.

  2. At least a year to late. The only people who couldn’t see that DeMarco was done last year were on the Titans coaching staff.

  3. I don’t like his yards per carry (3.6) last year but I suspect he can be a serviceable back for someone at the right cost. Hard to judge because I didn’t see what kind of packages he was running in. But 659 yards as part of a committee and missing the last 3 games of the season (on 184 carries) tells me he can still contribute in the right scheme. I’d like to see him do so.

  4. Murray is the perfect RB for Bill Belichick’s offense. As long as Tom Brady is running the show, his supporting cast doesn’t have to be made up of a bunch of HOFers.

  5. Good player. Remember that offense in Philly was really predictable.
    He still has some play left. He made the right decision for his family
    to take the money, he deserved it. Running backs take such a beating
    and now clubs don’t like to give second contracts to them. They have to
    make it while they can. Hope he catches on and gets paid.

  6. “all those years the boys ran him into the ground”?

    That’s some revisionist history right there. 2011 – 164 carries, 2012 – 161, 2013 – 217, 2014 – 392.

  7. Know he is still a Cowboy at heart, wonder if he wants to finish out his career as a Cowboy? I think the team will have interest if he is willing to take a backup role, maybe 10 carries a game type role.

  8. Glad he was in Titan Town. He had one good season and one not so good. It is HENRY TIME. I suspect we’ll see a small, fast guy drafter to compliment his skill sets. The Titans are improving with this move. Sadly, there wasn’t a market for any trade, apparently.

  9. Everyone thnks “ dez caught it” was the biggest play of that game but anyone that gets it knows the Murray fumble when he was untouched with nothing in front of him but the goaline was the difference. From Romo on down that team played almost a perfect game and should have won. That is my lasting memory of demarco murray

  10. Packers could use a veteran back.. sign him cheap, then get one of the young RBs in the draft (Penny from SDSU could be a steal)

    though I feel like, they will spend this offseason like the top brass stated, I hope the Pack don’t overspend on outdated talent.

    time will tell.

  11. pacificdan says:
    March 8, 2018 at 5:26 pm
    “all those years the boys ran him into the ground”?

    That’s some revisionist history right there. 2011 – 164 carries, 2012 – 161, 2013 – 217, 2014 – 392.


    Don’t be too hard on the guy – sounds like he’s an Eagles fan, and they have good reason to not pay close attention to history.

    But regarding recent Philly history – in 2017, Blount had 173 rushes, higher than half of Murray’s years in Dallas (and lower than Murray’s year in Philly).

  12. The guy played the season on two bad hamstrings all season and still had 3.6YPC and almost 700 yards in 13 games. He can/will start for someone. He’s a starter if he signs with any of the following teams: Colts, 49ers (assuming Hyde leaves), Lions, Seahawks, Texans, Raiders, Dolphins, Packers, Panthers, and Bucs.

  13. Ken Davis says:

    All those years the boys ran him into the ground. They will do the same with Zeke.

    Huh? He was there four years. The first two he never ran more than 164 times. The third year he barely broke 200. The fourth year is probably the first time most people even heard of him when he exploded.

  14. i hope he gets to explode and take a full load.

    hopefully after his release, he can at least get a partial load.

  15. trubroncfan07 says:
    March 8, 2018 at 5:30 pm

    He should sing with the Lions, he would be a good fit.

    Hakuna Matata

  16. The Panthers would be a very intriguing option, I think. But there’s a lto of teams that could use him, at least as part of a platoon. Miami, Denver, Indianapolis, New York (either one), New England, San Francisco, and Seattle all come to mind as options where the need (if not the desire, in some cases) is present. We’ll see what he does. He’ll definitely be signed, but if the team tries to start as an every down back, they’ll have to readjust their strategy. I really do think Carolina might be the most interesting option, honestly.

  17. Oh lord. Mariota has to be scared out of his mind. Not only can he not simply hand the ball off now, but 1/3rd of his check down options (which is all he does) is gone. Henry will have 110 receptions next season.

  18. This is the kind of power back the Patriots will love, capable of catching the random pass out the backfield just enough to keep front 7’s honest…still gas in the tank for 100+ carries and save his legs for playoff time ( cause that is what we in NE do…make the playoffs ) he could compliment James and others quite nicely.

    Come to NE….. learn to play our way…compete to earn a ring.

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