Bills now have two picks in each of the first three rounds

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After trading Tyrod Taylor, the Bills need a new quarterback. If they want to draft one, they have plenty of capital to do it.

Buffalo traded Taylor to Cleveland for a third-round draft pick, and that means they now have two picks in each of the first three rounds of the draft. They acquired the Chiefs’ first-round pick in last year’s Patrick Mahomes trade, the Rams’ second-round pick in last year’s Sammy Watkins trade, and the Eagles’ third-round pick in last year’s Ronald Darby trade. They previously traded away their own third-round pick for Kelvin Benjamin.

With all those picks, the Bills may package some together to make a run at one of the top quarterbacks in this year’s draft: USC’s Sam Darnold, Wyoming’s Josh Allen, UCLA’s Josh Rosen or Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield. All four of those quarterbacks may be off the board before the Bills’ first pick, No. 21 overall, but they could package picks together to move up and get a quarterback.

The Bills could also stay put and draft a quarterback like Louisville’s Lamar Jackson or Oklahoma State’s Mason Rudolph.

Nathan Peterman started one game for the Bills as a rookie last year, but he played so badly that it’s hard to imagine he could enter 2018 as Buffalo’s starter. Instead, the Bills are likely eyeing a draft move to acquire their starter of the future, and of the present.

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  1. They’re getting Baker Mayfield. I went to the University of Buffalo and Mayfield’s underdog, chip on the shoulder, loud-mouthed style is exactly what Buffalo needs. Buffalo fans will love the attitude he brings to the field. They have all the pieces to get the QB they want.

  2. Buffalo has a chance to close the gap some on the Pats if they use those picks wisely.

  3. They’ll be trading up somewhere into the Top 4. I hope its to the Giants because we only have 5 picks. Value chart says that the Bills would basically have to give up all 6 of their picks in the first 3 rounds to move up to #2 overall. As a Giants fan Id take that in a heartbeat.

  4. browns gm dorsey loves mayfield, and they pick before bills–tyrod, mayfield both mobile qbs just saying.

    if bills want to move up may have to be all the way up to 2nd or 3rd…

  5. Wait a minute. I thought that Peyerman was Elaine’s boss, the guy who puts out that great catalog.

  6. seabreezes51 says:
    March 9, 2018 at 6:46 pm
    They could trade for the 2018 Super Bowl MVP too.


    Who is a FA after this season and will look to be getting paid in 2019.

  7. With their draft position in the first round, why wouldn’t they be now obvious contenders for the crop of free agent QBs? AJ McCarron? Case Keenum? Maybe even a trade like Nick Foles?

    And still draft a QB, don’t get me wrong, but not be pressed to sell the farm to move up. Usually a top QB falls into the late teens or early twenties anyway.

  8. Big Petermen fan..also a Pitt an Mich State fan..Loved Cousins coming out of M.State wanted Bills to draft him !!!So Glad Bills Got Petermen ,couldn’t believe he fell to us in draft !!.. he has a good arm..good legs and Smart !!! I won’t use the word “GREAT” BECAUSE everybody over uses it..He’s not “Great but he will be Very good…he just needs the right OC ..Like Foles..Even Bret Farve threw an interception on his First Pass Ever in the NFL !!!!

  9. Getting all those picks is the easy part. Knowing how to use them is the hard part. New England has been picking last most of the time, yet they stay on top. Cleveland has been picking first most of the time, yet they stay on the bottom. Draft picks are only useful if you know how to evaluate talent, and you understand which positions are most crucial.

  10. They can be set up to make a run at the Pats but it will take them a year to get it together – if they make the right picks. Hard to screw up with that many, though.

  11. oh joe Toronto so Many id’s !!! if it wasn,t for Mr. Wilson(BILLS ) loaning davis money $25 GRAND IN THE 60’s to buy raiders u would still be rooting for a curling trophy,medal..ohh by the way..The US just took Gold in that !!! how’s carr with Hugh contract Doing ???? paying a has been coach 100 mil !! that’s a Joke!!!!

  12. Not to be that guy. But Peterman started two games last season. He also started the colts snow game and did fairly well all things considered before getting hurt. Is he starting quality? Probably not. But they have the capital to move up if they fall in love with a guy.

  13. Ironic that the Bills may want to trade #21 and #22 when they could have stood pat last year and got Mahomes or Watson.Problem is there’s no guarantee they’ll find a partner to trade to get the QB they have targeted.Just as the Browns I suppose the trick is you have to have good scouts and GM or else you are chasing to cover draft mistakes over and over again.

    I think too they may already have an informal (illegal) agreement with a QB free agent already in place?

  14. Peterman is better than most people think. Given some time and experience, and good coaching, I think he can be at least as good as Taylor. Probably better. Remember, Taylor had 6 years in the league and still could do nothing. And Peterman was a rookie. Yes Peterman started the Chargers game and had a terrible outing. Not all of it his fault. Let’s be real here. Taylor wasn’t going to beat the Chargers on that day either. I do think they should still be in the market for another QB.

  15. dimi1919 says:

    March 9, 2018 at 8:31 pm

    Hopefully they get Foles, so he can torch the worlds worst d again

    I love what Foles did in the SB more than anyone but NE wasn’t the D that gave up over 600 yards. Winning does tend to make fans blind with enthusiasm.

  16. Been a Bills fan for 45 years. Please don’t trade up. 6 picks in the top 96. BUILD the team the right way. Should be a perfectly good QB in first or second round. Don’t GIVE those picks away.

  17. arwiv says:
    March 9, 2018 at 6:44 pm
    They’ll be trading up somewhere into the Top 4. I hope its to the Giants because we only have 5 picks. Value chart says that the Bills would basically have to give up all 6 of their picks in the first 3 rounds to move up to #2 overall. As a Giants fan Id take that in a heartbeat.
    We have 9 picks in this draft not 6. ^ are in the first 3 rounds. Ever hear the adage, Know what you speak before saying it?

  18. Please Buffalo don’t mess this up somebody has got to make it a little difficult for new england to take a third ofmthe season off

  19. Head Coach McDermott was with The Eagles for 10 plus years. Shady McCoy loves Nick Foles and players do get input in a lot of organizations. Foles would fit better in Arizona but Buffalo would work really well. In fact The Bills offensive line is better the The Cardinals and that is critical to Foles. Just facts but who knows.
    Both The Bills & Cardinals want to win now. I don’t know if the price will be a 1st & some other pick or a 2nd & 3rd or a 2nd and a quality starter. Just guessing but Bills have the picks and draft picks don’t even have a 50% success rate so if you are the Bills why not/

  20. Lamar Jackson is a just a little bit faster and leaner version of Tyrod Taylor and Rudolph is another Peterman. Why would the Bills waste a pick on either? They get Foles or Keenum before the draft, or a good prospect by moving up.

  21. This could work for Buffalo. They have $35m in cap space. Overpay a free agent QB like Keenum or McCarron for 2-3 seasons to be a competent starter and spend the rest on defense. Draft a QB, WR and then go best talent available for any remaining roster needs. With the Pats dynasty near the end, now is the time to acquire as much young talent as possible and let it develop so in 2-3 years they’re ready to take over.

  22. Sean McDummy, thanks for sending T-Rod to Cleveland where a real coach, in Hue Jackson, can make further good out of T-Rod.

    You can keep your flunko QB Peterman, even though it was T-Rod who got you to post-season play.
    When the Bills become The New Laughingstock (formerly the Jaguars and Cleveland) and you are out of a job, don’t think for a minute that you should have kept T-Rod. hahaha HAHAHA!

  23. Would like to see the Bills rise up. After the Pats, I root for them. I wouldn’t put Foles in those plans though.

  24. With only Peterman, I think they need to draft AND sign or trade for a vet QB, too. Unless they can draft 2 guys that make the roster. Then maybe they can mimic the Redskins over the past 25 years and have a late round QB who eventually beats out and vanquishes the 1st-rounder.

  25. harrisonhits2 says:
    March 9, 2018 at 6:43 pm

    Buffalo has a chance to close the gap some on the Pats if they use those picks wisely.

    Maybe Roger Goodell could blame Tom Brady causing it to snow during a football game or something else that is easily explained by science. Basic science is too complicated for half of the country to understand so many people would believe that Brady did something wrong. So the NFL could then steal 2 more draft picks from the Patriots.

  26. 6 picks to get to #2? Is that what Madden says? If the Bills want to go that high, they will give a 1st a 3rd a 4th and Cordy Glenn. So, a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th round pick, basically. And, I’d be fine with that because Glenn clears another $5 mil in cap space. These are cold, calculated moves by the Beane man, I love it.

  27. “They could trade for the 2018 Super Bowl MVP too.”

    The Eagles would be fools to part with Foles. There is absolutely no guarantee Wentz will ready to start the season and then what do the Eagles do if they trade Foles?

    Nate Sudfield is the Eagles 3rd string QB. Who has played in a grand total of 1 NFL game in the 2 years he’s been in the league, week 17 last year against the Cowboys who were already finished for the season. He did play well in his garbage time appearance.

    Do the Eagles really want to depend on Sudfeld or an untested rookie if Wentz isn’t ready? Don’t think so. For anyone who “knows” Wentz will be ready for week 1, I reference Andrew Luck who several Colts fans guaranteed would be ready for week 1 last season. Wentz will barely be done with rehab by the time the season opens. They need to keep Foles

  28. “6 picks to get to #2? ”

    That might be the case on the old, dated trade value chart. But a few years ago a newer value chart was created that most teams use now and there is less value given to the highest picks to get them in trade.

  29. billswillalwayssuck says:
    March 9, 2018 at 7:22 pm
    And the jills will whiff on every one of them.
    I don’t know why I even bother posting on this site- The censorship is comical..
    another insightful observation from the toronto troll….Beane will never give up a 1st round pick for Foles….they are set on movin on up…Trust in Beane !!

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