Cardinals, Broncos had interest in Tyrod Taylor

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If the Browns hadn’t traded for quarterback Tyrod Taylor, the Bills had at least two other suitors.

Via Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News, the Cardinals and Broncos also were interested in Taylor. Per Carucci, however, the third-round pick offered by Cleveland “easily trumped” the offers made by the other two teams.

The timing of the deal also likely favored the Browns; they took Taylor before his $6 million roster bonus became due next week. Arizona and/or Denver may have wanted to wait to see what happens in the first phase of free agency, getting Taylor for only his $10 million salary in 2017.

Three years ago, the Broncos showed interest in Taylor, bur he opted to join the Bills in lieu of getting stuck on a depth chart behind Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler.

15 responses to “Cardinals, Broncos had interest in Tyrod Taylor

  1. Buffalo screwed this up. The free agents available outside of cousins aren’t a major step up from Tyrod. They don’t have a high draft pick. They just like 6 interception games from terrible QB’s. Good luck Buffalo!

  2. Bills did well to get a 3rd rounder. Taylor is actually a very good but never great QB. Doesn’t turn the ball over and has some legs. That makes him the best QB the Browns have had for a while. I expect he’s gonna be the bridge QB to Baker Mayfield.

  3. John Gambadoro

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    Report that the Cardinals were interested in making a trade with the Bills for Tyrod Taylor is 100% NOT TRUE

  4. In the right offense, Tyrod Taylor could be an excellent QB! The Bills had no WRs for Taylor to throw too. The play calling and the offensive scheme was a mess. The Browns will draft Barkley first overall and then their franchise QB. It will not be Baker Mayfield. Watch out for the Brownies, Tyrod, Barkley, Gordon, and Landry! WOW!!

  5. Nick Foles to Buffalo is a bad move. I hope that it is true that the Eagles will not let him go. Go Bills

  6. Foles to Buffalo is a bad move. I hope that it is true that the Eagles will not let him go. Go Bills

  7. I liked Tyrod until I watched the Jags game, where he overthrew every single pass of more than eight yards. Drew Stanton can do that for Pete’s sake. I feel like the Cards dodged a bullet there.

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