Does Mike Evans deal make DeSean Jackson available?

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With the news of the Buccaneers extending the contract of receiver Mike Evans, the question becomes whether the Bucs would now like to escape the contract of receiver DeSean Jackson.

Jackson, signed a year ago, was largely a disappointment in 2017. He’s due to earn a base salary of $11 million this year, $7.5 million of which is fully guaranteed.

Evans already was due to make $13.258 million this year, under his fifth-year option. The $82.5 million extension — resulting in a six-year deal worth $15.9 million per year — potentially reduces his cap number for 2018. Because, however, the Bucs usually employ guaranteed salaries in future years in lieu of a signing bonus, the cap number could be the same or higher this year.

Whatever the precise number (it will be known soon enough), it could mean that the Bucs will look to unload Jackson. Given that the Eagles will trade their current deep threat (Torrey Smith) to Carolina next week, maybe the next power move for Howie Roseman will include bringing home another one of the guys Chip Kelly ran off.

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  1. Thats dumb thinking. Bucs made the investment in Desean. They would be dumb to trade him. Bucs can easily afford both. Year 2 with Jameis cant be worse than Year 1 for Desean. This just sounds like irrational thoughts. #SiegeTheDay

  2. Big problem with DSJ is he’s a devastating deep ball WR who’s deadly on go routes, and, while Jameis Winston does a lot of things really well, he’s absolutely TERRIBLE on go routes. Winston can’t throw the deep sideline route to save his life, and that’s really something DSJ specializes in.

    I’m a Bucs fan and was hopeful DSJ showing up would mean Winston would really work at being able to throw that route, but he was still awful at it (and it’s really that one route; he can throw every ball well except that one). Didn’t happen. I don’t really care whether or not they keep DSJ at this point, as rookie Chris Godwin showed some promise last year and they’ve got a variety of solid options to throw to.

  3. DSJs disappointing season resulted more from his quarterback and playcaller than anything he did or didn’t do. He’ll be back, though it’s worth noting they do have enough depth to deal him and still be fine. Chris Godwin has a bright future, Adam Humphries is a reliable slot receiver, and that’s not even mentioning their young playmakers at TE.

  4. He’s not a bad player, but I don’t think he was a good fit in Tampa. I wouldn’t mind seeing a trade for draft pics, even if if is in the forth round.

  5. can’t run a route like Chad Johnson…TOTALLY Overated !!!!! he’s the guy that a Qb makes look Good..Not the Other way around…O V E R R A T E D !!!!!!!

  6. Eagles already have cap difficulty and Jackson has a relatively big cap figure. I just don’t see it, not from a trade perspective at least. If he were to be released though — I know a lot of Eagles fans who would love him back.

  7. DJax isn’t going anywhere. He and Jameis have already been working out together this offseason, and they’re not gonna shop him now.

  8. lol Jamie’s and Diaz working out together. Hate to tell you but your boy Winston is a bust and most likely will not be getting a 2nd contract with the bucs. Just an underachiever who has consistently shown he hasn’t grown up one bit.

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