Howie Roseman now has made 15 trades since regaining power

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Eagles coach Doug Pederson got deserved kudos for his aggressiveness this season. But what of Eagles vice president of football operations Howie Roseman’s aggressiveness on the personnel side?

Roseman isn’t sitting on the Eagles’ first Lombardi Trophy. He’s gearing up for second run.

The Eagles made two trades this week, getting Michael Bennett, Daryl Worley and a seventh-round pick, while giving up Torrey Smith, Marcus Johnson and a fifth-round choice.

Those were Roseman’s 14th and 15th trades since he regained power in 2016 following Chip Kelly’s departure, via Dave Zangaro of NBC Sports Philadelphia.

Zangaro put together a list of Roseman’s 15 trades:

Panthers — Get Daryl Worley; Give up Torrey Smith.

Seahawks — Get Michael Bennett, seventh; Give up Marcus Johnson, fifth.

Dolphins — Get Jay Ajayi; Give up fourth.

Saints — Get seventh; Give up Jon Dorenbos (trade was voided when Dorenbos failed his physical).

Jets — Get Dexter McDougle; Give up Terrence Brooks.

Seahawks — Get fifth; give up Matt Tobin, seventh.

Bills — Get Ronald Darby; Give up Jordan Matthews, third.

Broncos — Get conditional pick; Give up Allen Barbre.

Ravens — Get Tim Jernigan, third; Give up third (higher pick).

Patriots — Get fourth-rounder. Give up Eric Rowe.

Vikings — Get first, fourth; Give up Sam Bradford.

Titans — Get Dorial Green-Beckham; Give up Dennis Kelly.

Broncos — Get conditional pick; Give up Mark Sanchez.

Titans — Get fourth; Give up DeMarco Murray, fourth.

Dolphins — Get No. 8 pick; Give up Kiko Alonso, Byron Maxwell, No. 13 pick.

19 responses to “Howie Roseman now has made 15 trades since regaining power

  1. The Dolphins trade is tops because it led to Carson Wentz. Number 2 would have to be the Bradford trade. Number 3 is the Jernigan trade. Number 4 is the Darby trade. Number 5 is the Ajayi trade.

  2. This is the same thing the New England Patriots do and who is in the Super Bowl every year.

  3. learned in economics that every transaction is a trade, or barter, if you will.

    therefore this list is waaay incomplete.

  4. The only trade/trades they didn’t really get the better end on was the trades to the Titans. Maybe teams should contact the Titans and ask them how to do it?

    The Patriots seem to like Rowe, so I am sure that some might reply with that one saying the Pats got the better end there, but I still think dude is a bum. He didn’t look good in the SB. Any time I have seen the Pats play, he hasn’t looked good, but the pick they got for Rowe also went to get Ajayi which is clearly better than having Rowe.

  5. The worst trade is the one you hesitate to make.

    Howie understands that. He, Joe, and Doug are all on the same page, understanding what’s needed to make the team better, and if it can be accomplished with a draft pick or a current player.

    People whine about the lack of cap space. The reality is Howie has figured the cap situation five years out, and knows how aggressive he can be.

    I love this guy!

  6. steaksandwichandsteaksandwich says:
    March 9, 2018 at 3:33 pm
    For all the talk of Howie Roseman “undoing” Chip Kelly’s roster moves, perhaps some of Kelly’s aggressive style rubbed off on him. Unless Howie was this aggressive prior to Chip’s arrival.


    No…Howie was plenty aggressive before Chip. See Team comma Dream. While it wasn’t very good work, it was several aggressive moments strung together.

    If anything, he has refined his approach, not adopted Chip’s.

  7. Howie plays Jedi mind tricks on other GMs. Howie: “These are the Kiko and Maxwell you are looking for.” Dolphins GM:”These are the Kiko and Maxwell I am looking for.”

  8. Howie was doing the cap for a lot longer then 5 years. Hes been here for like 15 years with his first 5 learning about the cap from Banner n the next doing it his self.

    I think as good as he is at trades his best feature is cap management. Every year people say o thats it the Eagles are gonna be in cap hell, then they sign a bunch of other huge contracts and everyone is flabbergasted how the Eagles do it.

    Hes a good GM but I believe he is literally a genius when it comes to working the cap. I dont think anyone is even close to him. Except Joe Banner who taught him but is out of the league. Joe was a magician at it too. It was why the Eagles were able to be so good for so long in the aughts.

  9. Hes still doing what he was doing under kelly, its just public. His problem was never trades or money, it was player evaluation. Who have you heard that Howie personally wanted? No one? Because he still doing the same things he was under kelly. Negotiating good contracts and trades. No one will trade a top for an aging RB. Didnt work out for the eagles but it was good football move at the time. We wouldnt have been able to get rid of murray, alonso and maxwell if it werent for his contract magic. Not even to mention dumping maxwell and alonso. Hes great at what he does but lets stop with this whole exiled narrative.

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